Velocity 83 hits the FCC

We've always had a soft spot in our hearts for Velocity Mobile. As far as black-slab phones go, they're certainly not as popular (or as well known) as anything from HTC, Samsung and the like. But there are some interesting details that have piqued our interest. And as Dieter pointed out, Dell has used them for its Pharos line.

Enter the Velocity 83, which Engadget Mobile just spotted getting the what-for from the FCC.

Dieter got a good look at the Velocity 83 back at CTIA (video and photo gallery). And what it lacks in screen resolution (240x320) and data speed (EDGE only), it makes up for with a pair of microSD slots, an accelerometer, and a cool little interface called Odyssey.

So if you're looking for a WinMo alternative, this could well become an option for you in the United States. Now if only a major carrier would give Velocity a shot. ...

WC Staff