Dell Pharos 117 and 127 -- Brought to you by Velocity Mobile

A week ago today we posted up this story about the Dell Pharos, confirming longstanding rumors that Dell was finally going to get back into the Windows Mobile game. Then, as Malatesta and I were discussing it during the WMExperts podcast last week, yours truly did a double-take.

See that there Velocity 117 on the left? Looks a might bit like the Velocity 111 on the right that we did a brief hands-on with at CTIA, don't it? Heck, some Engadget commenters suspect that the Pharos 127 is a prettified version of the Velocity 103 (though our money is on it being a prettified Velocity 301).

Either way, it's nice to see Velocity finally get some marketing oomph and it's equally nice to see Dell find a way to jump-start it's entry back into the WinMo landscape. All that being said, these devices don't exactly project the aura of absolute power that used to come with the Axim line.

WC Staff
  • Surely you mean Velocity Mobile's ODM Inventec?
  • Unless Dell is going to price these very aggressive I don't really seem them selling too many of these things at all.
  • Is that WM Standard or Pro on there? Looks like Pro, although likely with a 320x240 screen, yes?
    With a 320x320 it would be killer. I love the keyboard and the trackball. Can't do the Treo Pro with the crappy keyboard and can't do the Epix with the obnoxious optical pad. This looks to solve both problems.