The Microsoft, Verizon drama appears to be continuing as the Verizon Wireless website has evidently pulled all Nokia Lumias from their website. The HTC One (M8) for Windows and Samsung ATIV SE are still available, so Verizon does not appear to be targeting Windows Phone in particular.

Verizon has not said anything publicly about its strained relationship with Microsoft over the Lumia line. Lumia Icon owners have grown increasingly incensed at the long delay for the Lumia Cyan and Denim updates.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore did reiterate that the update was due in "early 2015", although that is of little solace for those waiting.

The Lumia 822 and Lumia 928 are rather old devices, although both have recently received OS updates through Verizon and Microsoft. Still, it was always a bit odd that Verizon pulled the Lumia Icon from sales channels but left its predecessor the Lumia 928 as an option. Now, Verizon appears to have rectified that but not in the way people expected.

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Oddly enough, Verizon is still selling the BlackBerry Q10, which seems to be a higher priority than a flagship Lumia Windows Phone in 2015.

We have reached out to Verizon for comment to see if this is just an error on the website or an official end-of-life policy change for the aforementioned Lumias.

Thanks, Jesse S. and NOLATechy, for the tips!