Starting at 1 PM ET today, Verizon Wireless has started rolling out the previous 1028.3566.1417.0047 firmware for their Lumia Icon owners. The update is not Lumia Cyan. Instead, this update came out in May for those running Windows Phone 8.0, but for customers who opted into the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, they did not receive the bug fixing firmware. Instead, they either had to downgrade and get the update or wait.

Now, Verizon is letting those on the 8.1 Preview update as well.

The Lumia Icon 1028.3566.1417.0047 firmware contains two central components, including:

  • Improvements to Wi-Fi Connectivity to ensure a more consistent experience
  • Roaming enhancements when traveling internationally

Furthermore, users should see a new all-red Verizon boot screen in addition to some other minor changes (the power-on bug is still present for those on 8.1). The Wi-Fi Connectivity fix addresses some issues users had in connecting up to various wireless networks, including failed attempts or slow connections.

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To check to see if you have an update, head into the phone settings (Settings > Phone Update > check for update) to force a server check. Only those using the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers should receive the update as those still on Windows Phone 8.0 should already have this firmware. Details of the software update can be found on Verizon's support pages ( PDF.

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