We've heard that the Verizon HTC Trophy is on the cusp of release--we know it's in tester hands, has a NoDo update (though not the latest, whatever that means) and we've heard that "end of March" was the time frame for release. Of course we also heard, though we expressed skepticism, that June may be the date as well.

Well good news, as things look to be sliding towards the end of March, specifically Thursday the 24th. Yes, in just under two-weeks time, Verizon will reportedly begin stocking and selling their first Windows Phone device, which is a global phone to boot. Featuring a 3.8" screen, 16GB of memory and a 5MP camera, the phone should be more than adequate for Verizon users.

The email above comes from our sister site Android Central, who got their hands evidently on a Verizon/third party vendor email. It is noted that "Launch Dates Are subject to change", so anything is possible. But we think Verizon will have more to say at CTIA in Orlando in a few weeks (yes, we'll have people there for coverage). We also expect more info to start pouring out about this phone about....now?

Source: Android Central