Verizon HTC Trophy is close, but it won't be the 24th

Not too shocking here that hopeful Verizon customers won't be getting the HTC Trophy this week. The rumored date was the 24th or rather, that was the goal. So that's the bad news.

The good news is it is very close to release. We can share this bit of info regarding big red's first Windows Phone:

  • Testing is going well
  • The device is being evaluated for standards certification right now
  • Still waiting to announce a launch date but "it will be very soon"

We can say with confidence that the above information is from Verizon internal and very recent. So while folk will have to wait just a little while longer, Verizon looks to be dotting the i's and crossing the t's for launch, meaning we're in the final lap.

Thanks, Eric M., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I seriously....don't understand my life right now.
  • This makes absolutely no sense in context with this article, but I feel the same way ):
  • Well I guess I can wait one more week. I was really hoping for that announcement either today or tomorrow, but oh well.
  • Dude.. do you have any idea.. how long we've been hearing.. ITS CLOSE ? GIve a FARKIN date.. or never freaking mind... Please.. they get til Thursday to say something.. then I'm buying an eyePhone.FARK already... this is silly.. I'm done with it. BYE WP7.. see you in two years !
  • This phone better be worth it. There are so many great phones on Verizon right now, but i've been holding out for WP7 for so long....
  • I've been waiting for a vzw wp7 since wp7 was announced last feb and am currently using an old BB 8330 world edition - i need this phone now! I'm so desperate I even debated switching to AT&T last week...
  • They do have a great selection of WP7 devices. The HD7S looks fantastic. Hopefully the Trophy might have a Super LCD screen.
  • yes they do but its more of an issue with the network and that i'm used to vzw. and everything i've seen on the trophy hasnt mentioned the SLCD but we can hope i guess...and hopefully we'll know soon
  • It will have SLCD. The Euro model launched with a standard but after a bit they switched. There's no reason for them to switch back now especially since they're improving other elements of it anyway like bumping the storage capacity
  • Soon soon soon blah blah...I can't believe any of this any more until there's an official announcement. Come on Verizon, you're the last carrier. I'd really love to upgrade from my feature phone and give you more money, if you'd only give me the chance!But I'll wait, because I'm stuck with Verizon until December.
  • are you aware of Sprint's deal for switching to them and buying a smarphone? THey will credit you, i think, 125 dollars per line/phone.. Could be off on specifics, but it should cover all/or most of early termination fees by switching.. Sprint may be my carrier if Verizon doesn't announce/release. I will give them april 10th-the deal w/ sprint ends the 16th. :)
  • I didn't know about that...I'll look into it. But the thing is, I actually think the Trophy is a pretty nice looking phone. From what I've read S-LCDs are pretty nice and I'd prefer not to have the physical keyboard.Still, if Sprint can cover at least part of the ETF then that is tempting. Thanks for the tip.
  • The $125 credit from Sprint might not be so good for certain phones. Buying the HTC Arrive from Amazon gets you $150 off. So be sure to shop around, particularly Amazon.
  • I was excited for Verizon to get a WP7 but the Trophy is about as generic as they come. Is there anything unique about it?
  • No, but it also doesn't have any glaring weaknesses. The focus has a good screen but less than great build. The mozart has great build, but is smaller. The HD7 has battery issues etc. I'd give the Trophy the benefit of being the most well rounded if nothing else.
  • hah!True true.
  • I want it now !
  • So now I pin my hopes that April 1st is the launch date! Well, I waited this long, I can wait another week.
  • I talked to a number of people at Verizon and kept hearing we are close. No one was willing to give me a date. After the comments their CTO made about WP7, and the lack of ANY official information I made the switch to AT&T. I was a customer on Verizon for 10 years and early this week i moved my family 4 lines to AT&T. We all have Samsung Focus phones and we love them.AT&T continues to announce new phones and seems to support the platform. Verizon is offering 1 phone and refused to make any official commitment, with a phone that is likely to be 2x as expensive as AT&T($200 vs $100). I could not be happier with my decision.
  • If AT&T could deliver more than zero bars at my home, I would have made the switch, but they can't and I haven't. I'm not thrilled about the phone itself, but my self flashed Omnia w/6.5.3 is getting long in tooth and I'm going to need something very soon. Biggest issue for me is if my 'very soon' and vzw's 'very soon' match up or not.
  • The perceived lack of commitment from Verizon for WP7 does make you scratch one's head. However, I do believe they are taking the wait-and-see approach. Regardless of what the CEO was quoted, once the Nokia phones come out, I see Verizon's CEO backtrack on his comments!
  • It was Verizon's CTO that said those comments. Verizon's CEO said they were excited for WP7.
  • This is terrible. I will be switching to another carrier on March 25, when my contract is up. Telling us "it's very close" is basically the same thing as telling us "we have no idea when you can get a Verizon WP7."I won't be sticking around for 1 phone. Plus, after moving to a new place, I completely miss calls. My phone doesn't ring and calls go straight to voicemail. Verizon's draw was their superior coverage. But if its not the case in my own home, then why stick around?Verizon is consistently behind on phone models and is almost always the last to get new models. I don't see this trend stopping anytime soon, especially after AT&T and T-mobile merge to become the largest carrier in the US.
  • So, here is my question.. Yesterday Verizon announced the deal for MS employees that stated if they bought the phone by APRIL 1st, 2011 they could get the extra gear, 100 off the bill, and MS would refund them what they paid verizon for the phones. The date was BY April 1st, a week away. SO, why would it not be released A) at least a week before that deal expires B)if it released next week, it would only allow a couple days, or less, to get in on the deal, or C) the phones released AFTER the Verizon deal for MS employees?? Makes ZERO sense. None. MS employees have to buy the phone through Verizon, and the phone needs to be released for them to do just that. Does anyone or can anyone make sense of this??????? I know I am in denial.. I want the phone.. Badly.. I tried TMOBILE but there were zero bars at home and at work-the coverage is horrible in my area, so Verizon is who I had to go back to after switching for a week. Sprint is looking more promising-with the 125 dollar credit for switching to them-which would almost cover the early termination fee. Verizon has seriously pissed me off...again..
  • A company can take presale orders months in advance of product availabitlity. So while I previously stated that I was pinning my hopes on April 1st for launch, I now think that this date is just the end date for the presale orders for Microsoft employees, no more, no less. Personally, I believe an announcement will be made within the next two weeks.
  • its all very shady and makes little sense!my workplace only uses Verizon, so I'm also stuck waiting... My wife and my parents are on T-mobile, i got them HD7 back in November... everyone is happy except ME!!!CMON VZW.... (*long string of cursing....*)
  • You are right. Makes zero sense. i would set a date. How much testing is needed?? really.. Sprint released a phone last week. No advertising, nothing. Sprint is looking very good in my eyes, and they have a deal to cover cancelation costs.
  • you guys should know what you getting into....this phone will come out with the nodo update.... and they will promise to update it to mango later this year...NOT TRUE...IM AN hd7 owner.. and i have been lied 5 times about the update already...beware...the nokia phones are coming out early next year..and they will have the mango update with ie9, multitasking....the reason im warning you guys is because i dont want people buying the phone then talk **** about it....go to any sprint store play with the arrive...currrent windows phone has the copy n paste.. no task switcher, then you pay 14.99 a month for zune unlimited music.check or amazon for better pricing... this phone is not worth 199.99 trust me.good luck
  • The offer is not to buy the phone, but rather renew your 2 year contract by April 1st and recieve a $100 per line credit (ie Lock youself in for two years while we d**k around teasing you to death, just those numpties who believed the verizon iphone rumors we put out in 2008,2009 and 2010). When we decide that the hardware is obsolete enough we will release it to you. Charging top dollar for bargin basement hardware with all the "free" goodies.
  • waiting.... waiting.... waiting....
  • I'm sure there's an April fools joke here somewhere....Except the joke's on us....
  • AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!Come on Verizon!!! I want my W7 Phone! =)
  • Once again... waiting..... not even an announcement!
  • Still waiting here...can't phucking wait any longer... **** verizon for making us wait
  • My Tour is dying a slow and painful death that is only being prolonged by the cruelty of Verizon.
  • more weeks, ugh. At least it's more 'news'.