Verizon Omnia II outed on Samsung site

Whoopsie. It appears Samsung just spilled a few more beans as to the existence of the Omnia II on Verizon.

We'd already seen an inventory sheet from Best Buy showing the phone on the Big V. The Boy Genius Report now says the Aug. 23 date listed there is an in-stock date and not an actual launch date. But BGR also has spied the Omnia II on Samsung's Web site. And at the time of this writing, the site now lists "We apologize but we are currently doing maintenance. Please try back in a few minutes."

"Maintenance," as we all know, is code for "All right. ... Who screwed the pooch?"

So, look for the Omnia II any time now, most likely.

Update: OK, so the peanut gallery, er, folks in the comments are saying this page actually had been up for a few days. And to that we respond thusly.

Phil Nickinson

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