Verizon Omnia software update released

Verizon has released a software update for the Samsung Omnia (SCH-I910) that addresses some performance issues the Windows Phone has been experiencing. They include a Qualcomm patch to improve call quality; updates/fixes to the Opera browser; updating the XT9 keyboard; a correction in the algorithm codec used in attaching full resolution images to MMS messages; and a few other assorted tweaks and fixes.

You can download the software update at Samsung's support website (opens in new tab).


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  • For 64-bit Vista users, it seems like this update can only be done on 32-bit systems (like the previous update). Another update that I will not be able to install...
  • You'll be able to upgrade by switching the installer to Windows Vista compatibility mode.
  • By using the compatibility mode, which version of the update should I use: Vista 32 or XP? And what are the settings used for the compatibility mode?
  • I contacted Samsung's support about the Vista 64-bits, and here is their answer:
    "The software updates CF03 and DC22 are not compatible with any 64 bit OS. Samsung is currently developing a software update tool that will work on 64 bit OS. Until that tool is available you must use a 32 bit OS to perform the update."
  • Wow...This news is frisky and unexpected.I will surly apply for this.Actually,I was wondering how do we know when a new official ROM is released.Great to know about this news.Thanks.
  • You really don't know unless a site like this announces it or you go to samsung website on a daily basis. Don't expect a call from Verizon telling you the update is available.
    If you do the update let us know how it goes and what is different and you notice anything different that wasn't in the description above.
  • The cell phone manufacturer has officially released software update CF03, which unlocks the smartphone's GPS for use with other location-based services. Previously,The new firmware update is said to have been released for the owners of a Samsung Omnia II on Verizon so as to fix some connectivity issues the handset experiences.
  • CF03 was released for the Omnia in June or July of 2009.
  • It appears that an update for the Verizon Omnia II has been released by Samsung. The explanation claims that the upgrade involves numerous software additions, establishments, corrections but this seems to be nothing more than marketing lingo.
  • I am using Samsung Omnia (SCH-I910). Since last months i am waiting for its updates. Finally i got it. This upgrade is very helpful and it also includes numerous software additions, new enhancements, and some corrections also.
  • What a waste of software engineering resources. Why waste effort supporting dead mobile platform, that never worked (unless you appreciate frequent crashes, lockups, cryptic error messages and illogical programming steps.) WM 6.5 is available with 7.0 available soon. These are the upgrades needed, but Samsung says that I might get confused if my phone actually worked.
  • Ron, I agree with your point, but since there is not update available from WM 6.1 to 6.5, the most affordable solution for those of us who still have older OS's is to get these small updates rather than buying a brand new phone or cooking the ROM with some firmware that may not work. I have to say though, I am very pleased with my Omnia i910 (customized, of course).
  • I installed the upgrade at the time it was announced here and have had nothing but problems with the following: 1) Battery wear. I used to be able to go most of the day without the battery needing to be recharged, now I need to plug in around 11 AM. 2)Someone decided that it was a great idea to put pop up alerts when the phone is connecting or looking for a network connection - waste of battery life. 3) I have four e-mail accounts running including an exchange account. Occasionally I get unable to download email check to see if connected to the network (getting to see a pattern here). 4) Kinoma player freezes when searching the phone for media. Fix's don't seen to be worth the hassle. May go back to the first ROM upgrade.
  • I upgraded my Omnia to DC22. This was a mistake!! My battery requires charging every day even when it sits there idle with no running apps. Something totally drains the battery :( I have not added any new apps other than the ones I had before- Google maps, Bing, Skyfire, Facebook & moTweets. The other thing is that I have Skyfire on the Today menu (like before the upgrade) for convenience searching. This time the XT9 keyboard does not work!!!!!!!! I can't type anything even when I switch to Bing. Hopefully, Samsung has a nothing upgrade to finally fix this mess. I wish I had not upgraded to the most recent. Anyway to switch back to the old ROM CF03 ?