Rejoice people, we have word that not only is the Lumia 920 (global, not AT&T) getting the double punch of Amber and GDR2 (OS build 10327/8) today, but it is being joined by the Verizon Lumia 928. This follows just 24 hours after the update was spotted on Nokia's servers.

The update brings the new camera functions, FM radio support, Glance settings and the Other storage fix to the Verizon flagship Lumia.

We just checked on our Lumia 928 via Settings > Phone update and sure enough, we have begun downloading the new OS and firmware. Rumor has it that this update will also finally enable group messaging, something that has irritated Verizon customers for some time now.

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But you can stop reading this now and fire up your Lumia 928 (makes sure you’re on Wi-Fi) and grab that new OS. The over-the-air update will not wipe any information and it should take about 20 minutes to process.

Thanks, Tyler M., for the tip!