GDR2 update for Verizon's Lumia 928 available on Nokia servers; ready for flashing

Nokia and Microsoft are slowly (but surely) looking to roll the GDR2 + Amber update out to consumers with a Lumia Windows Phone. Those with a Lumia 928 and who are anxious to get the update will be able to get dirty by manually applying it to their device. Windows Phone Central member tungha has published some links on the forum that contain files for the Nokia Amber update.

Fancy some flashing? You can now update your Lumia 928 manually, should you know what you're doing of course.

Just like the update published for the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, the files can be downloaded and flashed directly to the Lumia 928. This brings its own problems since this will mean the device will be wiped and all data lost. This is why we'd never recommend anyone to go down this route, unless you truly know what you're messing with and aren't bothered about losing saved games and app settings. 

Lumia 928 GDR2

Should you require reminding, Windows Phone 10327 (GDR2) is a minor OS update that brings FM radio, some enhancements to Xbox Music, WAV file playback for voicemail, fixed Other storage, and other minor bug fixes in addition to enabling the new hardware found in the Lumia 1020.

Nokia’s bundled Amber update, which is what is causing the delays for release, allows the new Glance screen, flip to silence, Lumia Color Profile and an improved camera experience, making the combo of an update quite interesting for consumers. 

If you're not prepared to go down the manual update route, fear not as mobile operators are expected to roll out this rather important update this month. Head on over to our community forum for more details, some instructions on flashing through Nokia's Care Suite and the general discussion. Screenshots via Imgur, thanks to Trevor for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I want to do this so bad....think I'll wait for the OTA though
  • Its just taking way way too long
  • I'm with you but I have apps that are no longer in the store.
  • What apps ??
  • two are for F1 and one is a product margin calculator and one other that I can’t think of right now. I have my 8X with me today.
  • Mmmm get a Lumia it will only help you with htc going full android :P
  • I have two phones 8X & 928 problem solved. The problem is I have apps on my 928 that are no longer on the store.
  • HTC hasn't official said that. I doubt they will be dropping WP. A version of the One for WP would be nice.
  • I hear you.  Original MS Youtube App. ;)
  • It's probably a good idea to download the update today and put it aside. Just in case Nokia removes it from their servers and Verizon decides to skip it.
  • Good point. Downloading now.
  • I would leave Verizon if they "skip it". They won't. I have the 822, which is the best selling WP in the US. I hope they push the update soon.
  • Wrong, Lumia 520/521 is.
  • Wrong. In the US, the Lumia 822 us the best selling WP8.
  • Maybe now, but the sales numbers haven't confirmed that yet.  Through last quarter, the 822 had over 20% of the WP Market in the US.
  • No way that the 520 has already taken over, maybe in a couple of months.
  • 822 user here. I want GRD2, but I don't think I will be able to install it because of 8.5gb other storage.
  • There are two ways you can remove those other storage. Either factory reset, or record in HD video until your phone memory goes low. Then erase your video and enjoy your 1.5gb of other storage.
  • Could you elaborate how the 2nd way would lower the Other storage?
  • The concept is as your phone gets less memory, your phone will delete the other storage memory. The quickest way to do this is by recording a video in HD. So just keep record until you have no memories left, then uninstall the video you just took and you will only have about 1.5gb left of other storage;)
  • I just got the GDR3 to my Lumia 920, my screen becomes 5.2", nice update
  • I was about go the manual route, but decided that I can wait for the OTA
  • Can't wait for the Amber update for my 822.
  • Same here
  • +822
  • Any day now!!!!  Hopefully!
  • Me too, hope that Verizon doesn't skip it on the 822.
  • Probably be ready for the 822 on 8/22!
  • Wouldn't that be convenient.
    8/20 is a date I've head for over a month as being the big rollout for GDR2 everywhere, but who knows if that means when Nokia releases it to all carriers, carriers start releasing it... or if it's just hog wash.
  • Why the F is it taking so long
  • Calm down Francis.
    These things take time and have to pass testing from at 3 different companies.
  • Waiting so I can keep my data, and fear of bricking my phone.
  • I agree with that
  • Likewise.
  • NL920 have a chance of bricking off a hard reset... Hope data sense is enabled without the need to do so. And a fix if possible for the Hard reset bug
  • My NL920 was bricked, took me several hours to fix
  • I have had 4 920's that I have had to send back to ATT and every one of them has bricked on the reset.  It is crazy that you have to be scared to hard reset your phone. 
  • I bet I've done a hard reset on my 822 a dozen times, never frozen. Must be a 920 issue.
  • I agree. I did a hard reset on my 920 twice and both times it 'bricked' but I managed to recover by flashing after following the instructions posted in the forum. This past time I just flashed without doing a hard reset first and it worked fine. So I'm thinking the best 'fix' for the bug is to simply reflash instead of performing a hard reset on the phone. OTA updates, if available, seem to work fine as well.
    I'd like to flash GDR2 but want to wait for the AT&T version or at least an unbrand RM-820 version as I have some concerns about using RM-821.
  • Same.. I miss Windows Phone 7 where one could force an update safely with Zune desktop...
  • +928.
    Desktop App Preview and Metro App are both horrible. I'd like to be able to sync my download music from my Phone to my PC easily. Right now the current application does not support it :(
  • Still waiting GDR2 for my unlocked Lumia 820.It's mid August already and nothing yet :(
  • +820
    Does anyone have a rough idea when the update would come to an 820 which is not associated with a carrier???
  • Same here fella. Nothing for 820 in the UK.
  • Same here, 920 bought from and imported in Belgium but nothing yet, i hardly can't wait! 
  • Updated my L820 three days ago via flash with a German unbranded rom and then a French unbranded rom just to see if there was a difference but didn't notice any but "other storage" on my phone halved and glance is working perfectly although I did have to re-download the last touch and display update to get the peek setting to activate. My L820 is running so smooooooth now with a class 10 sdhc card.
  • Yeah but think if we'd gotten GDR2 in May when Microsoft was finished with it then we'd have had too long a wait for GDR3...
  • I'll just wait for the official release, less hassle.
  • Groouuupp messaaggiingg
  • Bingo!
  • I don't understand this group messaging issue. It appears to work well with iPhone friends, but not android friends. So the question is, is this a WP issue or android?
  • Neither. It was a Verizon issue specific to wp8's. It appears they've decided to give us group messaging again!
  • It's an Android issue most likely. It didn't get group messaging until Android 4.2 while WP has had it since launch.
  • Actually it was an issue with Windows Phone 8. Maybe an overseight when they built the OS. WP8 Does not support CDMA group messaging until GDR2. I don't know why it took so long, nor can I tell you how I know that. ;-)
  • Its good to know Verizon's not being left out! I think I'll wait for the OTA though. I'm still trying to complete the challenges on Halo!
  • 822!!! ....822!!! ....822!!! ....822!!! ....822!!! .... ASAP, please.
  • Sadly we have to wait for them to first roll the update to the 92x first. :/
  • Were your info ?? No hate please
  • Its just likely due to past updates
  • Plus this update applies more to the 9xx series of Lumias.
  • Because of the camera that's why i hope they focus on all you guys more but really the hate is not cool
  • Untrue, only the camera features that came with the 1020 are for the 920+. Everything else in Amber will be on the 822... and GDR2 has nothing to do with the 92x.
  • At least we know that Verizon has it. Good update.
  • Oh my gosh, SUCH good news
  • Can anyone confirm if this enables group mms?
  • for that I would do the flash and lose my apps that are no longer in the store.
  • The masses must know
  • Group messaging is included!
  • You don't have group MMS? I do on my 928.
  • On VZW you can send group texts, but receiving them come into individual threads. When "group by with MMS" is enabled, you can stash it all in one thread. Like a chat room.
  • Not on my Lumia 928. It works just like it did on my 920 on AT&T. I can have a conversation with a group of people and it's all in the same thread.
    You don't have this?
  • No, we dont really have it.  Now i've noticed inconsistent results, though.  Somes times it does group them, sometimes not.
    I actaully think the inconsistency depends on the grou memebers' phones and carriers....
  • The reason you had them is because you had the option set on your 920, and it got saved on your settings backup. When you restored your settings from the backup on your 920, the group messaging option was still enabled.
  • I think I set my 928 up as a new device.
  • Negative. I'm confused as to how you have it set up. Did you pre-define your groups within the people app? That is one way to accomplish it, but if the group dynamically changes you're boned.
  • The other day I got a message from someone (iPhone on AT&T) and she had sent it to 5 or 6 other people. When everyone else replied, I got them in the same thread.
  • Now I'd really like to know how you got that. Are you using the 928 on VZW or another carrier?
  • Yep, 928 on VZW. Have you ever tired group messaging on the 928?
  • We all have. Every single person on Verizon can tell you we don't have it. There isn;t even an option for it in the settings.
    The only people on Verizon who have it working are people who switched to Verizon from another carrier and previously had a Windows Phone on their old carrier, like you an your AT&T 920.
    Trust me. lol
  • That is interesting. Was the group already set up in your backup. So when you restored your phone was that group saved in your Messages. That is my only guess as to how that would be possible.
  • I own a 928, and haven't been able to accomplish your claim. Please help!
  • I wish I could help you, but I don't know exactly what I did! lol
  • Understood. I should mention, I too had an experience similar to yours. My girl sent out a group message using her iPhone, and whenever one of the recipients replied I would received the message as well. So your claim is valid in respect to group messages created by iPhones. 
  • You must've booted up a backup. It didn't work for me initially (L928 VZW) but after resetting and loading up my L810-T-Mo backup, I was able to successfully do so. The Group messaging option still doesn't show up in Text Message settings though.
  • I can "confirm", check the pics associated with article. It shows the option under Messaging.
  • On my hd7 and 925, group messaging works with iPhone friends but not android friends. Android messages come through as unique messages instead of through the original thread. I have a feeling this is googles doing.
  • The default messaging app in Android does not support Group MMS so unless they are using a phone that has replaced the default app or they have replaced the default app their messages will split out of the group.
  • This should NOT matter.  If the person is in the group that you sent to, the phone recognizes it as a REPLY from the original group and places it accordingly.  It should have nothing to do with the other end unless THEY started the message.
    The 928 user manual (downloaded from Verizon) states group messages can be sent, but does not say that they will be returned inside a common message.  It states groups need to be created first in the People Hub.
    "If you have contact groups such as family or colleagues, you can send messages to a group."
    "Send a message to a group of people. Need to send a message to a group of people? Create a group in the People hub, and you can reach them all with a single message or email. On the start screen, tap People. Tap the group and text or send email, and write and send your message. For more information on how to create a group, see “Add a new contact group” on page 28."
  • Incorrect. Group messaging is handled by mms so if the other phone does not support it it will only send back an SMS which is not properly grouped. Other replies to the group will also show up funny on the non supporting phone.
  • Definitely flashing my phone
  • Can you let us know if there are options to change mms setting after you update. Thanks.
  • And when on the 8X?
  • I never should have read this... Now im extra thirsty!!!
  • Haha +820
  • Verizon, don't treat us 822 owners like red headed step children. For a change, step up and be the first to give your customers the service and consideration they're paying you for. Why do I hear crickets?
  • Considering ATT hasn't pushed it yet, and Nokia's Amber is what's causing the holdup, I wouldn't start yelling at Verizon yet. I got tired of waiting so I flashed my 920 last night, worked like a charm.
  • There's no amber for the 8X, so we should of revived GDR2 already :P
  • *receive
  • Thanks :)
  • If I remember correctly, wasn't there an issue with updating the 8X with either GDR1 or GDR2?
  • GDR2 was bricking some unlocked 8x's for some reason or another :(
  • So its worth it to me!
  • What's with all these 8x replies to a comment about the Lumia 822?
  • I am waiting for the 920 ota update
  • +920!
  • If u dont want to lose ur apps ... It will be fine .... But ill rather wait for thr ota ...
  • 822! 822! 822.........
  • ....823
  • Ability to play wav files! YES!
  • Nooo ! This is a shame im sorry but i may be wp fanboy but this is ridiculous even though gdr 2 has alot of improvements but still no gif support -.-
  • Its just not hugely requested feature.
  • Trying to download, servers are HAMMERED.
  • I contacted O2 in uk about my Lumia 820, there response was "We're working on the PR 1.17 update for the Lumia 820 which will bring improvements to it's 4G performance & stability." no timescale was given at all excellent.
  • Im from México, do u guys know the release date for my country. I'm with telcel
  • Sweet!  My 928 is hungry for the
    OTA update!
  • I thought this was the official ota..*sigh*
  • Lol yea misleading title
  • I dont understand what's so misleading, it says "ready for flashing" right in the title.
  • In general for AT&T when the update shows up on the Nokia servers we get the OTA in a few days. So this is a valid article showing that the release is very close and the update is complete. I check to see if the 920 update is on the servers everyday.
  • This method works on unlocked phones
  • GDR= Great delay in release ;)
  • So it's gonna happen for GDR3, oh man!
  • this is truth
  • Not really... some people are just too impatient.
  • When will this come to t mobile with HTC 8x if ever??
  • Hahahah. Good luck
  • Does the 925 comes with this already or no? T mo version
  • The 925 came preloaded with Amber and GDR2.
  • GODD@%$!T Rich! You had to set my friend's hopes up high only to knock them down! He read the article and thought the update was available from Verizon. Luckily we read the article and he's bawling like Pil-Z from a Foamy episode.
  • Or Cartman crying?
  • Yesss!
  • Please nokia ota update open... :'(
  • Sitting quietly waiting for OTA update.
  • Nokia 'Amber' is checking Lumia costumer's *temper*...
  • I got really excited....then I actually read the article. I'll wait for OTA release.
  • Think i might die before EE release the update for the 920. #TakinAges
  • lol.... Good luck buddy! Live long and prosper!!!
  • Good for the 928, but what about the 822? Seems it would be ready first.
    Verizon/Nokia cannot fathom the wrath I will bring if GDR2/Amber doesn't come to my 822.
  • Still waiting for my NL920
  • Soon September, wtf is the problem? Push out the d**n updates!
  • Don't mind me, I'll just go sit in this corner with my 810, waiting... forever waiting....
  • I'll wait with you, but I'm not holding my breath. There is no incentive for either Nokia or Tmobile (dunno your carrier) to care about us anymore. Easier to just screw us over then pretend they can't hear us.
  • Can someone provide the link. I apologize if I am missing it. thanks, -Jeff
  • Is the 920 on Nokia servers? I'm on AT&T.
  • Not yet, just checked there
  • When for lower memory devices? Late October?
  • Does anyone know if this now gives you the option to adjust mms setting for other carriers such as att or tmobile?
  • This update has orientation lock or the next ones? Just wondering.
  • I believe it's the next one.
  • Nope, that would most likely be Windows Phone 8.1, due sometime Q1 2014.
  • Nope, GDR3 (according to this site)
  • If anyone does it, I need to know if group messaging is included
  • It is, check the link in the article.
  • Which link lol
  • On your phone, in this article, swipe to the right, select 'view links', scroll down to 'external', select link, scroll down until you see the 'Messaging' screenshot.
    Or just take my word for it.
  • Woooooooo!!!! I have a Nokia Lumia 928!!! Yay for me :-)
  • I like to call it the "Nokimia" haha.
  • a silly question here...
    im planing to flash my L920 but im scare that i wont be able to do futures oficial updates
    any help¿? thanks
  • This is official update but not OTA this risk is u lose all the downloaded apps
  • Perhaps I am overly excited and confused myself. Is it GDR2 + Amber that you install if you flash it?
  • Updated my L820 three days ago via flash with a German unbranded rom and then a French unbranded rom just to see if there was a difference but didn't notice any but "other storage" on my phone halved and glance is working perfectly although I did have to re-download the last touch and display update to get the peek setting to activate. My L820 is running so smooooooth now with a class 10 sdhc card.
  • Taking way to long. Somebody needs to fired for this. Some heads need to roll
  • Patience.
  • Anyone else get the feeling that we are going to see a bunch more of these popping up soon? I smell a rollout coming.
  • Was about to flash my phone... But I use Swapchat way too much.
  • That works for you? It never did for me...
  • It works 100%. What problem were you having??
  • Hey whatever happened to the update for T-Moble HTC 8x devices? And we were SUPPOSE to be the first to receive it.
  • Who told you that?
  • Reported since last month. Tmo 8x receiving GDR2 but customers reported bricking or something. Never heard of that update again after few short days. You can't even find anyone talking about it.
  • Someone just tell me if this fixes the group messaging issue? If it does, I'm going to go download the update.
  • It does
  • Control + F: Search before you ask, I have answered this already multiple times lol.
    It does fix group messaging
  • Rich, any news on Verizon's 8X receiving an update?
  • If I do it manually and have the ability to remove the forced VZW software that ruins my 928 I don't care if I lose data. I'd pay Nokia directly to give me a clean ROM. Anyone done this yet? Can you confirm if the Backup assistant crapware is still forcibly installed?
  • Backup assistant works fine on my phone.
    What's the problem with Verizon software?
  • The problem is that WP is not supposed to have carrier locked info. The iPhone certainly doesn't. All of the poorly written apps that Verizon has for iPhone can be uninstalled on a whim. It used to be that way for WP7 with the Trophy, which i loved and supported Group SMS forever ago. But Verizon has to stick their hands in places they don't need them to be. Make it an app in the marketplace and allow users to download it. Don't force load that garbage and then make it not removeable. This isn't android, this is a computer based OS and just like Sony got yelled at for trying to make users apy to remove their bloat from the computers running windows, Verizon should not have been able to bully MS and the OEMs to force their BS on the phone.
    Backup assist caused my wife's data to stop working completely. I have been a WM 2003 forward user and abuser since 2005 on phones and hacked the hell out of my Trophy countless times over just for fun. But for the life of me I couldn't fix it. I tried access the DIAG wiht ##778# to manually input the settings but vzw locks that down, too. So the only way to fix it was a factory reset, which, like other users have mention, causes you to lose apps that you had downloaded, and in some case paid for, that are no longer in the market.
    All it does is hurt the brand and destroy the backend of the OS, garbage coded incorrectly with access to root file systems is a bad idea and we as users shouldn't have to tolerate this kind of big brother abuse. If I wanted to have a weak OS, with 10000000 malware threats and boat loads of my internal memory taken up with force loaded, non-uninstallable and pointless apps I would buy whatever garbage android phone is on the market these days with VZW branding all over it.
    I purchased a Windows Phone for stability, use, reliability, Microsoft services, and less crap in the market, et a la iOS appstore and Android.
  • Before the 920??
  • I think Microsoft that shows slowing give update, why don't give GDR update on August 10, 2013 for all Windows Phone 8 including 520, 620, 720, 820, 920 and all countries will be available on August 10, 2013. And customers wait till that date, it is true, not delay again? I read too, the Bluetooth version will be v4.0. Why don't try to give more important features like Office can read documents from SD card, attach multiple files, attach can be done via email for documents (not from Office where the documents should be in phone memory first)? That's more important than Bluetooth v4.0.
  • huh?
  • Is there something wromg? If you read news from, you will read that they give Amber update for high end Lumia first (820 and 920). What I meant here, why didn't they release Amber update for all Windows Phone 8 devices previously, say on August 1, August 5, etc. If Lumia 920 users got Amber update from their device, Lumia 520, 620 and 720 got Amber update too in the same date and for all countries.
  • Verizon is faster with an update than unlocked/unbranded? That's new to me!
  • Ull living in cave if u dont know this
  • When do we get OTA?
  • Some time in 2015.... is when it'll even be considered for release.
  • The change info is on so any day
  • What about the 920 on At&t?
  • Josh Harman... What will your next phone be?
  • Is anyone else with the 928 going to do it now, I'm contemplating on doing it because my "other" is continually rising. But I don't want to brick my phone.
  • For some releif with your other storage.... make sure all your pics and vids are synced to SkyDrive and delete them from the phone.  I had about 6GB of pics and vids that I took and that equated to about 4.5GB of other.  Once I deleted them my other storage was down to 1.3GB.  Then if you are nervous about losing app data and settings you can hold out for the OTA.
  • Updating was the best decision I could make.
    Group messaging, Glance, color profiles, pro cam, smart cam (use fiddler for those)
    So goood!
  • 822!! 822!! 822!! 822!! 822!! 822!!
  •    Cool. This means that the 822 version can't be too far behind. *fingers crossed*
  • done flashing my lumia 620 and it works!
  • They're expected to roll it out this month. I could be mistaken, but wasn't that the case, oh, say a month ago?
  • Installed it last night. Fairly simple and straightforward process. Your phone does get wiped. Glance makes it worth it
  • So much for ATT being the premiere US WP8 carrier... (+920)
  • If Verizon updates the Lumia 928 as fast as they updated my old BlackBerrys, then this update won't be out until Thanksgiving...
  • Did a manual OTA update yesterday on my 928.  Very disappointed the FM-radio appears to not have made the trek.  That was one of the updates I was looking forward to.  The new Nokia camera apps and the glance screen are nice to have though.
  • No update for lumia 800?
  • OTA is the 15th
  • Waiting!!! =)
  • When will this update come to the Verizon 8x??
  • Its fun to go back and read old submittals and read about how something is going to (or not going to) happen, knowing the actual outcome. Its nice to know that the 822 did get the updates, even quicker than expected. And knowing that the 822 has sold so well in the US, I suspect that may have had something to do with it. A sort of 'strength in numbers' sort of thing. For whatever reason, I am loving the updates with the added features. As for the 928, my co-worker just got his and it did not come with the Amber Update and also did not show up after a check for updates. Interesting.
  • you can check the complete specifications of all mobiles at any time on