Verizon Touch Pro 2 gets Maintenance Release (MR3) ROM update

While the rest of us have moved on to Windows Phone 7, there once was a killer device (sans CPU) called the Touch Pro 2 running Windows Mobile 6.5. And although some of us have forgotten it, it looks like Verizon and HTC have not as they just released a maintenance package, MR3, on November 30th. It's last update was in June.

Unfortunately, no change log is present though we may get some feedback from fellow readers on any changes. Good on Verizon and HTC for keeping with those updates.

Source PCD; Thanks, Matt H. ,for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Wow, the beginning of this article is so out of touch with most of your readers. While I happily have more than one carrier, most people that are on Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular or any other CDMA carrier for that matter do not really have the option to get a Windows Phone 7 phone. This is of course if there is a CDMA Windows Phone 7 phone that is available that your site has not featured.
  • It was tongue in cheek. All of us here have a Touch Pro 2 and if it only had a 1GHz CPU, would be the ultimate wm6.5 device. It wasn't meant to slight CDMA users (I'm a 10+ year Sprint customer).
  • I was about to post this to the forums last night when I d/led and installed it (and I was going to use the same tongue-in-cheek :-p). The Word help-ish doc that was in the zip only listed "Qualcomm security update" or whatever as the contents of the update and I haven't noticed anything really different yet. Although, the initial Bing install sent me to, apparently, a specialized "Bing for VZW" (before the update, the one I was using said beta; they look the same, but maybe it's more stable). Office 2010 also still isn't replaced by default. ClearType is still disable in landscape mode. I still can't change the LED notification for new e-mail messages. Other than that, I can't think of anything else to note. EDIT: Why can't I line break in the comments?
  • Cool, thanks for the info. I dunno about linebreaks either, it's annoying, right? lol Will look into it asap.
  • I installed it before lunch. It was one of the quickest MR installations I can recall. I had high hopes for this thing to contain Office 2010 (including the new-ish Outlook for the HD2) but heck, nothing. I could not see any difference whatsoever until I started Bluetooth. The icon on the top of the screen is different, now the BT icon has a small eye next to it when you have your device in Discoverable mode (I don't think that happened before). Still looking for more differences but I wonder if it was only a minor Radio modification...
  • also shows new MR's for the Imagio and the Ozone on the same date.
  • I've had this update for a few weeks now as it came on one of my many TP2 replacements. It's still pretty buggy but definitely more stable than the previous version. I have yet to see any noticeable difference as far as features/UI is concerned.