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Verizon Trophy getting firmware update for radio

Verizon is getting ready to roll out a firmware update for their HTC Trophy.  The rollout upgrades the radio to provide "improved data connectivity in certain scenarios when Connection Setup application is installed."  Little other detail is provided, nor a date in which the update will be made available.  The instructions simply note that users will receive a notification on their handsets.  You can see the update details here and keep an eye on the source link to see if further information gets added. 

Source: Verizon; Thanks for tip, Dave!

  • I was loosing hope in Verizon, but I guess they still have WP in their after thoughts
  • Maybe, but I certainly wouldn't go further than to say "after" thoughts.
    WP is so much better than Android or iOS, but when you're locked into Verizon for two years and all you've got for WP is the Trophy, what are you to do?
  • You'll also have the Lumia 710 in April.
  • 1)  I'll believe that when Verizon announces it (did you hear Nokia last night?).
    2) 710 is okay, certainly better than the Trophy, but I'd like choices or at least a single "good" WP phone.  Verizon is fine picking up six more Android phones, but nothing for WP?  Nokia and Windows are already putting in the ad money for WP, Big Red just needs to piggyback.
  • This update is supposed to fix the issue of the Trophy losing the ability to connect to the CDMA network after returning to the States from an international trip.  The Mango update caused this to happen, but fingers had been pointed from Verizon to HTC to Microsoft.  We have had numerous people have to wipe their phone to get network connectivity back, which is the only way now to get the connectivity back.  Couple that with the Trophy being the only Windows Phone device on Verizon and it has certainly hurt our chances of going to Windows Phones exclusively. 
  • This is to patch a bug that has been discussed ever since Mango was first released. This was being discussed back in September (see here)and it only took Verizon four months to patch it.
  • Based on the info I got from both Microsoft and Verizon's twitter supports, it's firmware and only firmware, so no 8107 included, and if this does have to do with the global bug just now getting fixed I'm not holding my breath for 8107 anytime soon.
  • Don't wait, go ahead and manually update. I did last week without any issues. It definitely fixed the keyboard issue.
  • Just did this on my Verizon Trophy and went from 7720 to 7740 just to fix the Exchange issue.  Super easy to do!  I'll probably do an upgrade to 8107 later but just wanted a fix for the Exchange 2003 issue for now.
  • Great, forgot to mention that you'll have to upgrade to 7740 first. Same process, super easy.
  • This is why I am switching my entire family back to AT&T ... Verizon may have a better network but I am sick and tired of the lack of Phones. AT&T does it right by offering such a varity of phones for all OS's but Verizon is so stuck on Android they put too much focus on those "droid" phones and leave those of us who are in the market for a good windows phone to look else where. So if they do not care about my business, I am more than happy to give my money to a company who does. My contract has been up for some time and I was holding out for a good Nokia phone on Verizon but that does not seem to be happening anytime soon, so good bye Verizon.
  • Agree, my contract is up in June. Hope to see a premium WP device, but most likely will be supporting AT&T
  • +1 for you.  Not for leaving Verizon soon, but for the idea of leaving due to lack of choice.  I really like Big Red as a company, but there is a need for choice.  I like a lot of Androids, they are great options.  But AT&T offers great options in Android, WP, BlackBerry, and every iPhone version.  And lots of price points as well.  AT&T has its disadvantages, but at least you can feel secure in your phone choices being there.  You can make the argument T-Mpbile has better selections than Verizon or Sprint. 
  • Don't forget how long it took android to be adopted by all carriers thanks to Verizon.  As awesome as wp7 is, it is still relatively young os. Trust and believe, Verizon will be carrying  more wp7 handsets in 2012.
  • I wonder if LG will ever fix the broken compass...
  • No pos wow.
  • Finally!! Maybe a 5th hard reset since July isn't in this phones future. All 4 times were either caused from being most of a day out reception and coming back to no data service or it was at&t's Alltel tower work in northeast Utah.
  • Seth,
    Any idea on when the update will be released - Verizon's version of soon might be 3 months.
    Thanks for the heads-up, in any case.
  • DO NOT INSTALL: Connection Setup application
    I did and regret it! Even after a factory reset I have no cellular data connection. Big Red tech support is replacing my phone.
    Stupid me....... should have researched this more.
  • I'm 95% sure this is what it the update fixes....
    Maybe I can use registry files on my phone again.
    To those who got their phone updated to 740, did you get Internet Sharing ?
  • Just a heads up for people with the lost 3G on Verizon....
    When your installing a update like mango or one of those that Connection Setup runs, you can buy pass it so you dont lose the 3G settings. I tried this today, knowing that it would lose my 3G settings running Connection setup for the reg edits for a test make sure it works before posting.
    Before installing any update.
    go to Settings>Cellular and set Mode to GSM. Exit back to main screen and wait for data connection to go away (there will be a little box with the crossed circle in the upper left where connection status is shown).
    After this, install your update, then run connection setup to get your reg settings done(select your correct country&provider), after that, then go into Cell settings and enable CDMA, you'll see 3G working again in a few.
    Just remember to do this every time you need to run connection setup. And if Connection setup runs automaticly every reboot or install, got to
    and download (from the first post) Repair HTC CS.xap and install/run it on your device, it works.
    BTW, you need to be unlocked to the the last part (AKA side load)
    BTW #2, There is a Verizon HTC Tropyhy Mango rom around on XDA, it would fix your problem and get you up and running again.
  • They DO care!! Oh wait...
  • This came down tonight for me...