Verizon Trophy page goes live (but you still can't order)

Yeah, you still can't actually order or even pre-order the darn thing, but it's nice to see Verizon throwing up a big ol' splash screen, pimping their first Windows Phone.

Gosh, you read that thing and it almost sounds like Verizon is excited about this launch. Almost. Though we do have to credit angling the whole Xbox theme is probably the smarter way of selling Windows Phone to the masses. So kudos on that strategy, Big Red.

Source: Verizon Wireless; Thanks, DavidinCT, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • i'm so ready to get a WP7 in my hands.
  • Im going to have my girlfriend get this phone. She is on verizon and is due for an upgrade in june and I have a Surround on AT&T. It will be the 5th successful referral to get one.
  • I like the tile effect they did.
  • Microsoft just needs some more killer games and they will be good to go with WP7...How about a Halo FPS with online multiplayer, how about a Fable type RPG, maybe even an MMORPG...Get some awesome exclusive games and the people will come to the platform.
  • *Almost* is very apt in this case. Verizon is a trip! This ad isn't even on Verizon's front page; lets see..Verizon's front page: 4 day web sale, Xperia Play, Droid X2, but no HTC Trophy. Get this thing some exposure already, Verizon! Oh well, at least you guys will be able to order it soon.
  • where is this ad, I checked Verizon and I did not see no trophy page...
  • can't wait to see a detailed review on this baby. getting a demo unit soon?
  • I can't wait for review, I am just going to do my own and come Thursday, I am bying it.
  • Thanks for the credit if you have not already seen it...I'm still waiting for the off contract price on this phone. For people looking for reviews, look for the Engadget review on the Trophy, it's the same phone that is CDMA based with a Verizon logo on it. The only other changes from that review is "claimed" S-LCD vs the first models had the LCD.
  • And the increase in storage from 8gb to 16gb.
  • Yep, your right. SLCD and the 16gb on the USA Verizon version a few days...
  • notice how SLCD is crossed out and LCD has been put in?