Verizon XV6900, the Touch, Hits April 16th

Engadget Mobile has the word: The Verizon XV6900, aka the Touch, is landing on Verizon's (electronic) shelves on April 16th and the brick-and-mortar ones by the end of the month. You're looking at $349.99 with contract, which smells a little overpriced to us. It's also going to come in white. Or Arctic Blast. Or Snowy Frozentime-color. Or whatever they decide to call it.

On a completely unrelated note, we missed our chance go “go magenta” in support of Engadget Mobile while we were at CTIA. They were inexplicably sued by Deutsche Telekom (owners of T-Mobile) because the used magenta in their logo. Yeah. Crazy. Sometimes you gotta wonder if lawyers at these giant corporations just get bored sometimes. Fight the power, guys.

WC Staff