Vevo is the latest app to 'retire' from Windows Phone (update)

For some reason, Windows Phone just cannot catch a break lately. Over the weekend, a few reports have come in noting that Vevo, used for watching "premium official music videos", is no longer available for Windows Phone.

Vevo ( was last updated in June of last year after getting a major overhaul in May to version 3.5. We gave the app and service high marks for design and fluidity in our review at the time.

That is not to say there weren't complaints. Some reviews noted frequent app closures. Still, the app did maintain a solid 4.1 stars (out of 5) from nearly six thousand reviews. Vevo went on later that year to release an app for the Xbox One.

As to why the app has been pulled, it is not yet evident. The app was working for most people and seemed to enjoy relatively high ratings. The notion that Vevo would remove this app in anticipation of Windows 10 is extremely odd.There is no technical reason for doing so (developers can just re-upload to their existing accounts to maintain Store presence and their past ratings/reviews).

On accident?

However, we should caution that Vevo may have pulled accidentally. A similar situation happened to the TeamViewer app a few weeks ago, which later returned. Likewise, Microsoft's own Extras + Info system app was unavailable for about ten days presumably due to a significant bug or issue.

Update: As noted on their official support page, the app indeed has been "retired":

"The Vevo app for Windows Phone has been permanently retired. However, there are two ways that you can continue enjoying Vevo content on your Windows phone:"

  1. Use the mobile web version of on your phone's browser.
  2. Use YouTube's app to view Vevo videos.

"The app will still be available on Windows 8.1 for tablets and PCs. Thank you for using Vevo."

We've reached out to Vevo for comment. For now, if you have the app on your phone it is best to not delete it.

Thanks, Eric W. and Maaz M., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Hurt comments incoming. !
  • nail in WP coffin :)
  • Haha! The scratching noises just got fainter.
  • Never care for such not so imp app .!!! There are better alternates to this
  • Never care for such not so imp app .!!! There are better alternates to this
  • That's not the point. Way too many apps are being pulled (Bank of America, Chase...)
  • I counted 3.  A little dramatic are you?
  • What a total of 5-6 this year..... Way too many.... Stu
  • Lol❗ .... With all due respect,, you guys will use that lame excuse until there's only one app left in the store... Then, when we're sitting on that last app, what will you say❓... Lol. That's funny.
  • Lol, and they say Apple fanboys are in denial. WP is dead.
  • Hmmm. I just finished making a call less than a couple minutes ago, my windows phone seems to still work.
  • That it does still do very well....
  • Lol... Now, don't start that WP is dead stuff... There's still hope....
    I guess my only hope comes from seeing what MS was able to accomplish with Surface in just 3 versions..... I just hope they seriously apply that amount of effort into every aspect of W10... That's all we have left, as far as mobile is concerned...
  • You are right, Windows 10 for Phone will live on. But I have to ask, if you do not use WP and think it is dying...why you on a Windows site commenting.
  • Who is that comment meant for❓❓
  • WP is dead cos Vevo pull an app....and we're deluded. Wow, some people's desire to see WP fail is far greater than their IQ....
  • its not dead ... but its slowly dying
  • Stagnant... Stagnant is more accurate.... Get an app, loose an app... That's breaking even....
    I guess stagnant is better than dying..
  • Yeah, my bad lol
  • You really think because of this ONE app I say this? No, it's because of ALL these apps pulling out. Even the title says "vemo is the LATEST app to 'retire' from Windows Phone". Latest means this has been going on for awhile now, and a ton of major apps have already been pulled. Plus, even the apps you do have, aren't even updated. And if you don't get an app, like Snapchat, you'll just make up some stupid excuse and say it is a stupid app for "idiotic teenagers", am I right?
  • I'm normally with your on everything but this one, not yet but I'm watching. If it really gets out of control, I'm with you!
  • Cal me when we get to that last app, but at this rate I will be dead.
  • With 600k it's gonna be a long time.....
  • Such a rhetoric response here. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Vevo is a company invested in by Google. So this is not surpirsing in Googles dirty war.
  • Phone version is retired, but desktop and tablet still working. Why don't they unify it for Windows 10?
  • This is the logical path.
  • Because WP is not worth to develop with
  • No. Out of respect for the dying no one will make any hurtful comments.
  • Lol
  • NO WAY!!!!!!!!
  • Now that WP is dying my hope was that Microsoft would inverst in Cyanogenmod and maybe get an Android version of that OS without any scroogleware baked in. Obviously that ship has sailed now that Microsoft has decided to definitely not invest in Cyanogenmod.   As someone who dislikes iOS and would never ever use anything with scroogleware in it I'm going to be in a bit of a mess when WP finally dies.
  • WP is not dying it's evolving into W10
  • Shouldn't Windows 10 use same appstore so this app for windows 10 PCs will work on phone too?
  • Same about wp 7 to 7.5 Same about wp 7.5 to 7.8 Same about wp 7.8 to 8.0 Same about wp 8.0 to 8.1   You get the point? As for myself, i say fuck it and i got an android tablet, i still used wp as phone, but in terms of funtionality, wp has nothing to do agains android, even cortana is coming to android, so in fact wp doesn't do anything better than android, and before you come telling me about lagging android, let me remind you, that you can't even open 2 apps at the same time in wp, nor do background downloads without an external client, and no torrent in the background. The hell, not IE 11 can't not even render some webpages correctly(see bank of america for an example), even all MS apps are better in android than in wp, so yes, WP is dying. Developers can already develop universal apps for wp and pc windows, furthermore, the fact the Vevo app will continue to be available in windows 8.1 but not in windows phones proves that is not  the platform capabilities but the market share that developers are deeming wp as an unworthy platform.
  • You do all that on your phone? Get SP3 a use your phone as a phone ffs.
  • ha, my LG G2 has the snapdragon 800 processor and it still lags compared to L920 could fly compared to my G2. If my L920 didn't give my battery issues, I would have kept it....a lot of it is preference, I feel WP is way easier to manage and use, I wasn't worried about apps, because I have downloaded apps on my android that I haven't even opened.
  • Nah, I switched to iOS because I couldn't hold onto my dying 920 much longer, and got the iPhone 6. It is wonderful, and best part is that all the Microsoft services are on iOS, and sometimes the Microsoft apps on iOS are better. There is not ONE advantage WP has over other platforms.
  • How about:
    Live Tiles
    Universal Apps
    Windows 10
    App integration like Cortana
    More secure OS Just saying?
  • As much as I love windows. IOS has universal apps for tablets and phone, pick up where you left off on another device, secure os, and im pretty sure if Reuters are correct then Cortana will be on android and IOS this year
  • Yes, Cortana will come to android and apple but will not have the deep system integration and functionality. That will remain unique to Windows.
  • I get what you saying but the average user wont come to windows just for cortana, neither will developers. Nothing else stands out. Microsoft needs to make windows the one stop shop for choice choice choice like android, beauty like IOS, and uniqueness
  • But it won't be integrated. It will be an app you have to launch. Will you really use cortana if you have to launch an app every time?  On android, it may be possible it integrate cortana. We will see.
  • Integrate in Android, lol. Guess you will know what I mean when you get to use it on android.
  • But I don't care about Cortana if I can do everything it does on my phone. Depends what MSFT does though.
  • How many lies in this forum, MS Outlook on android is allmost unusable, slow and crash each now and then Ms apps on android are sh.t
  • Agreed. This "apps are better on other platforms" is a total BS nonsense. I have an iPad (I even had an iPad 6 for a few weeks) the iPhone offered nothing over my Lumia 735 (bar the nifty fingerprint reader which I can live without). Nice device, just not worth the additional cost. I much prefer the integrated experience on Windows with my Microsoft services, whether its Xbox Music, my Outlook accounts, my outlook authenticator for extra protection, OneDrive, OneNote - add in my email for work from Office 365 and my calendars all integrated including my GF on Outlook. Life is simple, elegeant and high quality. Vevo is a company invested in by people like Google, and Sony who are in direct competition with MS, this is just competition - not an indictment on the platform or the health of its ecosystem. American banks aren't investing as America has an issue with Windows Phone market share, not so outside of the US where 10% is OK not stellar but a decent userbase. Windows 10 is shaping up to be a great OS, if they get the app store full of apps that also work on phone things could look very different in a years time.
  • +1020
  • Oh, come on.  Have you seen Facebook on iOS and compared it to whatever it is Windows Phone "gets"?  Trust me...I LOVE Windows Phone.  I have owned and used every version so far.  But anyone who claims that there isn't a very real chasm between the quality of apps on Windows Phone and iOS?  You simply cannot trust those folks in a conversation of a/the better mobile platform.
  • I know Android and Apple very well through family, friends and work. I have previously owned Apple and Android devices but still choose Windows Phone. I am waiting for the new flagship to be released with W10 and will continue to use WP along with my Surface Pro 3 and Surface 2 LTE. Android is still a fail for many reasons and Apple products, like the new MacBook (netbook) and watches, are ridiculously over rated and over priced. So W10 FTW.
  • I'm with you. Overpriced and over prised.
  • @Vonbrick. There are some apps that are better on either platform. I don't subscribe to this myth that there is some massive quality gap. App gap yes, quality app no.  Yes there are some better app on iOS - I blinkin have an iPad, I'm not some Apple hater.   No there is no real chasm. 
    I don't trust people who use the word "better", as like all things - it depends on your use case and what is important to the individual. This isn't religeon, there is no one truth.
  • "Total BS nonsense"? LOL, best joke I heard all day. Microsoft Office (like the Word, Powerpoint, Excel apps, not Office Mobile) is FAR SUPERIOR to Office on WP8.1. I'm not going to explain why, because it's pretty damn obvious. And many apps, including OneNote and eTrade, also support Touch ID, so it's VERY helpful. Apple apps have great integrated experience too, so it isn't like Microsoft is superior in that way. And if I ever need my Microsoft stuff, I can use it just like I could on WP. Auto camera backup to OneDrive? I can do that on the iPhone. Lol, you WP fanboys just make a stupid excuse for everything bad happening to Windows Phone. You always think Google is out to get you and destroy WP. They just don't care about WP, it's marketshare isn't significant.
  • Actually joke of the day is: ....... Apple need Microsoft Office as they have nothing to offer of the same standard. Like they had to allow Google Maps after their attempt at maps lol. ......... The more Microsoft are all over Apple with services and apps, the more money Microsoft make and the more vulnerable Apple are to competition. iPhone has 19% of the smartphone market and a tiny, tiny PC share. Now, remember Nokia and Blackberry had large market shares once. Where are they now. So your boasting about Microsoft products on Apple is showing Apples weakness.
  • Maybe on Android, but the Outlook app on my iPhone is AMAZING! I love it, much better than Apple Mail.
  • Live tiles: I have that in my notification center. Once I'm there I just press "Today". I don't need stupid animations flipping if I can get the info straight away. Plus, I can access this from my lock screen. Universal apps: REALLY? Apple was the first to incorporate universal apps, with iPhone and iPad. And yes, I know it isn't universal with the Mac, but VERY FEW apps on iOS I use on my Mac. Just the OneNote app. Windows 10: So what? It isn't very special on the phone. Plus, if I ever want it, I can just install it on my Mac. :) App integration like Cortana: You mean Cortana integrating into apps? Not following you there, please explain what you mean. More secure OS: iOS is very secure. And if you really want to get into the "secure" talk, Windows PCs are the LEAST secure out of them all, so I wouldn't even go there if I were you.
  • You are obviously an iSheep that denies facts. First, the worst OS for viruses is APPLE... Read the facts before believing Apple Marketing. ............ Cortana integration into the system in android or apple will never match that of Windows ......... Apple icons are mostly dead, they don't do anything. They don't have any information like live tiles, they don't look as good as live tiles. ....... Apple the first to incorporate universal apps, but they are not universal with Mac, right!
  • Universal does not mean between the same mobile form factor.  Universal in the MS sense means, desktop, mobile and even gaming (with Xbox) In fact now, much of the code can be re-used across VS projects that target Android and iOS. That is way more universal than simply 1 OS type (iOS is iOS on tablet or phone, only on phone with er.. the phone part :) )  
  • Do you really like the IPhone user interface? I didn't I'm off my IPhone 6s Plus and back on my windows phone for good....I would be very sorry if Windows phone should disappear and I'm also looking forward to a Surface phone... 
  • Lol... It's not dying.... It's just getting kicked down a few notches, which in no doubt is the wrong direction to go..... But, this is mostly US stuff.. And, with marketing, and devices, pretty horrible in the US what can we expect❓❓❓❓❓
    MS just needs to fix those two things..
  • Get an Android, flash a custom ROM and don't install the Gapps package.
  • Now that WP is dying my hope was that Microsoft would inverst in Cyanogenmod and maybe get an Android version of that OS without any scroogleware baked in. 
    You're in luck! By default, all roms downloaded from CM aren't allowed to include the gapps packages. Get any android phone, install Cyanogenmod from one of their official sources and be free of Google proprietary apps. Even a nexus can be de-Googled this way.
  • Cyanogenmod doesn't have ANY Google software in it. You can already put CM on any supported phone and have exactly what you want. Their are plenty of other app stores you can install such as Amazon's. Google's software is independent from CM and must be added in separately.
  • And Microsoft is throwing away all its services to other platforms.... shame...
  • "Use YouTube's app..."
    Effing morons don't even know their own product lines.
  • Again ? Why ?
  • Well, as noted this could be by accident too. Seems dumb, but it happened to TeamViewer. Even Microsoft's Extras + Info was temporarily pulled due to a bug.
  • its never an accident ... 
  • So why was TeamViewer removed? Their official response was that it was in error. I get it that you purposefully need to change the listing in the Store, but still, sometimes app updates go bad, resulting in errors/apps being made unavailable. Huyn does it often enough.
  • its all marketing gimmick ... how can one unpublish app ? I have apps too ... any market place such as WP, android gives big flashy warning you are about to remove app. If they cant read the warning of removing app, then sorry to say these companies need to hire developers who can read and write
  • Lol❗❗❗ We make up a lot of unproductive excuses around here... MS needs more bold, and demanding fans... This relentless loyalty is one of their biggest downfalls lately..... It's not necessary in the sense that iFans loyalty is to Apple... At least not right not.... MS needs a foot in the ass....
  • It was officially removed.
  • But Here they(VEVO) clearly mentioned that The app has been retired......
  • Yet it was not an accident.
  • Daniel... plz don't publish these type of bad newses... i'll cry
  • So you can remain in denial?
  • Even after you are given examples where it was? Still "never"? Wtf
  • daniel its not an accident. the support team has replied that they are retiring the windows phone app permanently and recommend us to use youtube for accessing their content. they mentioned that windows 8.1 version wont be taken down though.
  • It's sad when the chief editor of one of the most popular Windows sites is in denial about the state of the platform... It's no wonder so many fans can't handle to hear the truth about the situation Windows(Mobile) is in.... SMH.
    "For some reason, WP just cannot catch a break lately"...... Really❓ For some unknown reason❓
    Can anyone out there please give me your thoughts on why this keeps happening❓
    1-2-3 GO❗
  • dude Rodney ... get an android my friend :)
  • No... I love my 1520. I've had a Focus, and still use my 920.. I don't think I would like Android based on what I've used, and the myriad of inconsistency that I see everyday..
    Nobody ever said that WP was bad, it's actually pretty damn good, it's just the app situation... Personally, I'm not dying for a lot if apps, and games... I have pretty much what I need, with the exception of the obvious ones... But, even the apps that I do have are far less superior than their iDroid counterparts.... My beef is marketing, and it's really all about self preservation on my behalf... If market share increases then other users will get the apps they long for, and it'll also increase competition within the entire WP market, leaving us all with better devices in the end... That's my ultimate "goal" for WP.... But, I'm ready to even start thinking about leaving,,,,, yet..
  • Please tell us what MS needs to do that will appease you. ?
  • To appease me❓ ..... Your priorities are not in the right place, son... Ask me a serious question.
  • No Dad, I'm serious. What can MS do to not get blamed for every App that gets pulled. This is a serious question...
  • *dad lol
  • Lol... Alright, partna... Even though I shouldn't entertain questions that I know you already know the awnswer to, and just to hear you say that you don't agree, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time....
    Simple answer❓ Marketing... Everything that happens, or should happen, after the device leaves the factory.
    But, a lot of these issues are issues that evolved here in the US.. US based apps, poor US market share... Unfortunately the US drives a lot of popularity for products,, especially US based products, which in a way isn't entirely true, but just for shitz & giggles marketing is nothing less than horrible here....
    It consists of
    1 devices type strategies (high end devices)
    2 carrier support
    3 OEM support (we've seen great progress here)
    4 product placement
    5 advertising
    And, anything that marketing can be indirectly related to, and factors that can be affected, like perception, or popularity.... These things obviously haven't been done anywhere near their fullest here in America....
    Lets look at Surface, and Xbox... That's the kind of attention WP has never had..
    But, I didn't just say anything you haven't heard before, nothing ground breaking... MS just has not yet done it, and developers are not going to be satisfied until they do.. Simple concept.
    I did my part, now you do yours❗....... You asked for my opinion, now respect it... Feel free to disagree, but respect it, and I'll hear you out.
  • HaHa, my dear chap! I wasnt going to disrespect your take on this. Although I think it's the hate Microsoft love Apple mentality being conveyed by the drooling tech media that impeding WP growth more than anything. I've been trying to get friends, family and coworkers to at least try WP for the last almost 2 years, to this day most don't even look at mine if they do they will look at the start screen and hand it back. so my friend, I must kindly disagree that marketing would have a signifcant impact. Maybe flood the schools with free Lumias to get a generation hooked? Honestly I have no solution for blind fanboyism.
  • Oh well.... I guess MS is gonna just have to keep trying, and maybe they'll get back on track with the incremental market share increases.. It was a lot better when WP's US market share was on a slow, but steady, rise... Remember❓ That's what actually gave faith to a lot of developers to actually bring their apps to WP in the first place... If they could've just kept that tiny momentum up then we wouldn't be having this problem right now...... So, I guess that's not too hard to fix.... But, this stagnancy is making people loose faint quick....
  • Using Windows 7 have fun with 8
  • I hope those Microsofties are reading this thread
  • This has been my attitude, and message for a long time... Good to see that people are finally beginning to see how critical the situation is...
    And, I'm with you.... I hope MS does see this..
  • I just did something that is really a "kick in the pants".  For the first time in years I decided to browse the "Google Play" store a bit.  That's really all it takes to make you understand what you are missing out on.  Even the Microsoft Apps one would assume should keep you tied to Windows phone are all there and probably better.  It's a very sad situation that wishful thinking is not going to change.  It's not getting better, it's getting worse and sooner or later you have to face the music. 
  • Yeah MS apps are pretty much on par with the WP versions now. They weren't 3 months ago when I started using Android. Some people say the Xbox music app is better on WP. I'm not sure I feel the same way. If it worked like it was supposed to, I guess I'd consider it better. As for all the others, when you compare, there's no comparison. The one I currently use now that I didn't have on WP, is the Walmart app. It's pretty awesome if you shop there. It allows you to scan your receipt and if the items on your receipt have a better price advertised somewhere else, you get the difference. The other one I use is Picturesque by MS. It kinda fills the gap of not having a WP.
  • I had to buy my wife a cheap Android tablet because the app she needed for work isn't on Win or WP. For$50 on Amazon I got her a quad core 9" touch screen tablet. ALL the Microsoft apps are in the store. I've got Xbox Music, OneDrive, OneNote, Bing is set as the default search engine, Office... Any damn MS app you want is in the store. Hell you can even install the live tile WP skin with live transparent tiles. It's basically a MS tablet. Plus access to everything's else in the store. You could literally turn a Samsung Galaxy into a Windows phone, for free. And the tiles and animations are dead on.... With a color picker. MS is just putting no effort at all in their own platform or they are so focused on W10 that they are way out of tune on mobile to the point where Elop comes out and pledges that more love will come to Windows Phone. Really? That needs to be announced??
    I will add that she loves her Surface.
  • Yep.. People need to wakeup❗
  • Right on the money Kevin. I finally gave up waiting for Microsoft to do something to convince me to stay and moved to Android. Not only are there way more apps, they possess better functionality than their available counterparts on Windows Phone. Shazam: better. MLB AtBat: Better. News Apps: better. Plus, all the MS Apps I use are available and work fantastic on Android. I held out for 3 years believing the platform would improve but not even Windows Phone 10 could lure me back.
    If one still loves the platform, great. I'm convinced they will never obtain a respectable market share and therefore the developer attention required to really take windows phone over the top. Apps really do matter when it comes to quality of development. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yep, yet here you are.  hmmm
  • Reality check❗❗ We have serious work to do.
  • Gotta admit, even i've been taking a casual glance in the direction of Android lately, as a Plan B. Combined with the numerous Shells, two wireless Chargers, a Nokia Bluetooth speaker, and my 820, i've invested a serious amount of cash into Windows Phone. But lately....sheesh. I'll probably stick with WP until the bitter end, but whereas i would have recommended one to others a couple years ago, i certainly wouldn't now. 
  • Yet another great point added today... Man you guys are on a roll.....
    You're right... I would only suggest WP on a "try at your own risk" basis..... Hopefully MS will be able to regain enthusiasm with W10.
  • The biggest issues here all stem from MS being late to the start of the game. iOS and Android both hit in the 2007.2008 time frame. WP7 didn't release until 2010, and by then iOS and Android had a head start. MS then reworked it into Windows Phone 8 in 2012. In comparison, My 1520 (and my 920 & Win HD) phones give me a cleaner platform to do everything without as much futzing around as iOS or Android to get the same level of ease of use. I certainly hope this is all some hush-hush around Windows 10 because the UA platform means tremendous gains for those who get on board early. Yes, the apps are the single biggest failure point. MS needs to go after the popular apps and get them on board. And make sure they are feature-for-feature equals of the same app on other platforms. And then start promoting the heck out of it - TV, Radio, events, etc. Many know it's out there, but don't know what WP devices are capable of. Many don't think it's 'natural', but that goes back to my one biggest beef: Apple won big on the iPhone because of one simple thing - Go back and look at the original ad from 2007 - the entire ad is showing how to use the phone! Tap, swipe, pinch, home button. They were indirectly training people before it ever came out! They showed the phone, they showed the apps, they showed how to use it in a simple 30-second spot. MS can learn from this, and even go beyond with a series to show the features you just can't get on iOS or Android. Show users how it's a better platform. Make the apps they want. Drive consumer interest,and it will also grow into Enterprise adoption.
  • I agree with your first paragraph and disagree with the second. The ship has sailed at this point. When Microsoft missed the window in late '09 (launch of the Droid on Verizon) it was done. They just didn't know it yet. The only way Windows Phone can be a major player at this point is if the other platfforms drop the ball, much like Windows itself dropped the ball in 2005 and was wide open for Apple to swoop in and wow people with OS X. Other phones are "good enough" as is, and offer their users far more functionality for their phones than Windows Phone ever could.   It's actually a good thing that MSFT is merging Windows and Windows Phone. That means they actually won't have to drop the mobile platform due to profitability issues since it's development is done in tandem with desktop Windows. That way if there is ever a reason for people to look for Windows on their phones (for example if MSFT invents the Next Big Thing and it acts as a halo product for Windows Phone) then they'll have a product to sell them. Otherwise if Windows Phone isn't good enough for you right now, I'd advice jumping ship. I'd be shocked if things got appreciably better.
  • Nice, productive comment.. Makes a lot of sense..
  • Unfortunately I had to move on to an LG G3 Android phone. My bank deposits are going away on WP like Bank of America and Chase. Also I couldnt get the Microsoft Band and wanted a smartband. I will come back once this gets resolved.
  • It seems Windows Phone.... Or... Microsoft.... Lumia.... Windows for phone or what the heck ever the official name is, won't be the 3rd mobile OS in the long run after all... :( here's hoping I'm wrong!
  • you might be right ... I have all the services on android ... such as onedrive outlook etc. I dont see a need to use WP anymore. rather msft has better quality apps on android than WP. Soon we will have cortana as well :) 
  • I hate to support this frame if thought, but as far as design MS is also making the OS more "Androidish"...... That I seriously hate.
  • I don't think anyone here on these Forums is happy to see WP die. My sense is that they are mostly Fans of the O/S that have sadly seen the light of day. Where do you want to invest your $$? A shrinking and slowly dying platform or one that continues to grow?
  • Exactly....
  • Who are you replying to❓ Who's happy it's dying❓ What's wrong with you❓
  • Go on to Google play and search for Microsoft Apps. Maybe this is why our WP apps are so crappy. Looks like they have been spending all their time over there. The screenshots show things that look so much nicer. Sad :-(
  • No need to visit.... Stupid Phone Arena does the best apps for a three platforms, and iOS, and Android make WP look entirely sad every week...
    Now, PA doesn't do WP justice, but you can basically see that the situation over here is critical... SMDH.
  • ... And who do you think will surpass it? BlackBerry at 0.1%?
  • I would place my bets on Samsung and Tizen, they have the two most important factors needed to bring a 3rd mobile ecosystem off the ground, deep market penetration through global