VLC app updated for Windows 10 with revamped UI, new mini-player and more

It's been over two months since the popular VLC media player for Windows received an update, but now the app has got a major new version available to download in the Windows Store. Not surprisingly, it supports Windows 10 and has a number of improvements and new features.

VLC Video Player

The app's main developer, Thomas Nigro, posted what's new with the app on his personal blog. One thing that has changes is the app's official name. While its app website has not been updated, Nigro says it will be called VLC for Windows Store from now on, instead of VLC for Windows 8.

VLC Windows 10

The user interface now offers music recommendations, and Nigro adds:

"The UI has been updated to match the new Windows 10 style. It's also faster on the low-end devices like a Surface RT and Lumia 520,620. We added some pretty animations, and also a beta version of a Win2D component (thanks for the move to MIT license!) for the background slideshow. We get the metadata from TagLib, which are more precise, and we know the difference between Artist and AlbumArtist. There's a new option "Add to current playlist", to add an album or a track the playlist you're currently playing. Videos should resume where you left (was working with low success score on the previous version). We also use TagLib to get the metadatas of your videos, as requested by our users.""We rewrote the Search engine from scratch and it should be faster. It's still a work in progress and we would like to hear your feedback. Several users asked for more control. We're giving you more control like the ability to change the default home page, user rich animations in the app, etc. The Settings user interface has been simplified during the process. I hope you like it!"

VLC Windows 10 Mini-Player

The biggest new feature is the mini-player that's been included in the VLC app. Nigro says, "Click the button on the right of the repeat button. Works best on Windows 10, of course." As far as a new Windows Phone VLC update, Nigro says, "Coming at the end of next week if Microsoft releases a new build to the Windows Insiders."

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback on VLC, please use the following board to register them:

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Source: Thomas Nigro

John Callaham