VLC app updated for Windows 10 with revamped UI, new mini-player and more

It's been over two months since the popular VLC media player for Windows received an update, but now the app has got a major new version available to download in the Windows Store. Not surprisingly, it supports Windows 10 and has a number of improvements and new features.

VLC Video Player

The app's main developer, Thomas Nigro, posted what's new with the app on his personal blog. One thing that has changes is the app's official name. While its app website has not been updated, Nigro says it will be called VLC for Windows Store from now on, instead of VLC for Windows 8.

VLC Windows 10

The user interface now offers music recommendations, and Nigro adds:

"The UI has been updated to match the new Windows 10 style. It's also faster on the low-end devices like a Surface RT and Lumia 520,620. We added some pretty animations, and also a beta version of a Win2D component (thanks for the move to MIT license!) for the background slideshow. We get the metadata from TagLib, which are more precise, and we know the difference between Artist and AlbumArtist. There's a new option "Add to current playlist", to add an album or a track the playlist you're currently playing. Videos should resume where you left (was working with low success score on the previous version). We also use TagLib to get the metadatas of your videos, as requested by our users.""We rewrote the Search engine from scratch and it should be faster. It's still a work in progress and we would like to hear your feedback. Several users asked for more control. We're giving you more control like the ability to change the default home page, user rich animations in the app, etc. The Settings user interface has been simplified during the process. I hope you like it!"

VLC Windows 10 Mini-Player

The biggest new feature is the mini-player that's been included in the VLC app. Nigro says, "Click the button on the right of the repeat button. Works best on Windows 10, of course." As far as a new Windows Phone VLC update, Nigro says, "Coming at the end of next week if Microsoft releases a new build to the Windows Insiders."

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback on VLC, please use the following board to register them:

Report bugs and give feedback for VLC for Windows Store

Download VLC from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) (Free)

Source: Thomas Nigro

  • I don't get why you'd have an x86 device and use the Microsoft store? Just open Chrome and download VLC Desktop, it's much better, just like all Desktop PROGRAMS are. Because everyone is using Chrome since it's the best Browser out there and the new Edge browser manages to be worse than IE. I don't care if you think Chrome uses too much ram, you should have gotten more ram, 16GB is the norm these days, it costs peanuts and if you're buying a machine with only 4GB of ram, you're being conned. I much prefer every tab having it's own process, it's wayyyyyyyyyy better than them all sharing. 
  • Touch devices, dude. Surface Pro 3? Surface 3? This app makes sense for those machines. I even have a Lenovo ThinkPad 8 (8-inch) tablet and it has an Atom processor with a Full HD display. I'd take this app over the desktop one any day. Try using an app with mouse controls at 8-inches. It's terrible. You need to be more forward thinking here. Desktops and laptops are not so dominate anymore. Also, this app will be on Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) in the future, cause you know, universal Windows app ;)
  • Yeah, pretty much it only makes sense on Windows Tablet and Windows mobile which account for a tiny tiny market share. The majority of touch people use Android phone/tablet, iphone and ipad though.
  • "The majority of touch people use Android phone/tablet, iphone and ipad though."
    I'm not sure what the point is here, though. We shouldn't use touch-friendly apps for tablets because why bother competing? This is how Microsoft can win back markt share. Desktop app performance but on a tablet form factor. Android and iPads wish they could do these things.
  • Microsoft's strategy, as I understand, is to get as many people to use Windows 10 as possible. Then if the users start using apps in the app store, it will attract developers and more apps. The problem here is that, desktop windows 10 users will probabily just keep using desktop apps, so the demand for store apps will comes only from touch users. And because the number of touch Windows 10 users is so small, it won't increase the demand for store apps, thus making Microsoft's strategy a failure. I hope I'm wrong about this but at this point, it is what I think will happen.
  • There exist tons of users like myself that has many apps like instagram for starters that can't do much on the website and has no desktop version. So apps on the desktop makes complete sense and that is where Microsoft will win
  • It can go many ways and I think you are assuming a lot. Windows 10 desktop users could also see Windows 10 laptops and tablets and say "oh yeah, I want the same experience". Or they see the promise of Continuum. You say "desktop users" but Store apps begin to make more sense the smaller the display, including laptops. This is where it blurs between the two systems. Also, the Surface line is making significant inroads, so it's not like MS is helpless in this market. We have a long road yet to go, not sure it's worth making predictions on user behavior and what will happen.
  • Not just that, but Windows apps sync between devices and work well together, don't have maleware, you don't need to manually update them, they are exactly to the point doing what they are supost to do and they aren't over complicated, they can all be found in one place, with user rating and they integrat with your action center. In a world where simplicity and convenience is King, those apps shine and will shine more and more as things go on. I'm baffled by people that go on with the argument 'Hey man, why are you using this app if you can have this one that does ALL that and another thousand things on top of it?' To what I normally ask, 'Of those thousand extra things, how many do you use?' -'Well I use those features you're actually using on your app right now and not much more.'
  • Also Windows10 isn't a finished product, it seems faster also as they say, the possibilities really are endless. It's a bloody good product / service. People will take to it, it's interesting intriguing.
  • And are there touch apps for everything? VLC is an exception. What about other apps which do not have desktop equivalents? Wont people start using apps like flipboard if they are available through windows store, even on a desktop computer?
  • Or play candy crush saga at work on the other desktop... Lol :)
  • Well we have yet to see if Windows 10 within next year or two will able to improve its app ecosystem status. I can see your point and its indeed a problem as of now and even next year. The issue is that Windows 8.X didn't get good reception which affects Metro/Universal apps development and the Windows Store, the two essential things needed to succeed. Since the adoption of Windows 8.X isn't that great, and even most of its userbase doesn't know how to use Modern apps and what to do with Windows Store, you got a problem of low userbase of actually using apps, even though most casual users are actually will be fine with those apps (Power users like us obviously will not be satisfied with many of the Modern Apps). Also to add since the perception of users that those apps are only for touch, and few people have Windows 8.X tablets. We all hope that Windows 10 will break the issue, since so far the perception on Windows 10 is quite good and welcoming. There is a good chance users (at least number of them) will give a chance and take advantage of Windows Store and download apps they need and want. Its now up to Microsoft how to market well about Windows Store, Universal Apps and attract more developers to build apps to the platform. Unfortunately the current problem we have is current apps aren't all that good, and even Microsoft bundled apps in Windows 10 are underwhelming (some are abysmal). Which all at the moment hurt the Windows Store and Universal App concept even more.
  • I'm using store apps on my desktop computer, as well as my tablets. The VLC app is much nicer to look at than the desktop version. Not sure if it runs any better, as I do not use VLC. 10 apps should be better for any mobile battery life than x86 app.
  • In this case, I use the VLC desktop app more as it can play DVDs, and my understanding is the app cannot. But generally, your comment seems to be written by some android/ios fan. Made me laugh.
  • Touch apps will be available and usable on desktop, Xbox or TV-attached computing-sticks, phones, tablets, watches, other IoT-devices and Hololens. Nothing of this is being accomplished by Win32 apps. Btw, VLC desktop is a working all-around player, so is touch VLC. But UI-wise, the desktop version is a pile of crap, you cannot attach a .m3u-file as a channel, and the DLNA-client simply crashes.
  • you have a very limited mindset. if microsoft was run by you then it must be a total failure.
  • Hello Daniel, I disagree with your statement. I think there should be a good balance with multimodal input methods. I think that is the power of windows and also what Nadella stated. Dismissing touch friendly apps in my view is like stating "We shouldn't support the mouse/touchpad because why bother compteing." It sounds to me like an argument that justify's going back to the good old days that ms-dos on a good old 386 device. That's fine, its okay, but that would sound like your passionate and evangelistic investment with windows central just burned up into smoke. I know you mean well, and that's why I would like to share another argument. In my view touch and touch friendliness is still part of the windows game (if you will). Nadella clearly stated in his build speech this year that windows 10 would support all input features, the power of the keyboard, mouse, touch AND pen. The keyobard asks for a keyboard friendly experience (great typing, keyboard shortcuts), the mouse for a mouse friendly experience (as less clicks as possible to reach your goal, clickable elements, contextual menu's for right click), touch (natural and touchfriendly experience with the UI. With that comes off course a thought for deisgn that supports this method of input: touch friendl), pen (natural handwriting and drawing experience, the experience of natural pen and paper experience on a digital screen, a great ink-to-text recogntion experience form words to sentences, to whole paragraphs across the whole OS and in apps). I think it is a poor business model if there is not equal attention paid to a good touch experience with touch friendliness of apps. It would be comparable to typing a document where for example the "e" key would not work because of a software glitch. That wouold be a frustraing experience. Bringing in an input as part of the tablet experience should also encompass a "touch friendly" experience. A tablet by design was built with touch and pen in mind, certainly with a touch screen. It needs touch friendly apps to complement for the way tis designed, just like a desktop with a mouse and keyboard needs a mouse and keyboard friendly design to support these input methods. The fact that here the focus is markethare and google's and apple jelousy over dekstop perfomance has little to do with it. You won't get a better marketshare if the end user experience is poor.Needing touch friendly apps does not synonymously mean the desktop app performance is comprimsed. It could even be enhanced!
  • I think developers should bring their apps on to the Windows Store. That way people will be easier to find apps they want and also confirm the apps are safe to install. And as if majority of people use Android and iOS devices, they know what an app store is - where we can find app, then they should have the sort of thinking when they use Windows Store. These apps don't really need to be all touch supports, for instance microsoft native apps like mail, calender do a good job on support both desktop and touch devices. Though to be honest, the desktop version of the apps normally have more feature than the touch ones. Hope more apps coming to the store + UPDATE more frequently.
  • What about 2in1? I would prefer a touch friendly version to use with hands or mouse... and there's the end end users... A trusted store to download apps is better than download from any site risking get a virus...(or getting the correct program but install a few more programs with the "offers" from installer)    
  • Not really, I user the desktop app on a tablet device. That being said, in relation to the original post, 16GB is not even close to being the norm, the norm is what is readily available and to be honest, that's 4GB still. 8GB machines would be catching up but the vast majority generally go for 4GB because its within their budget.
  • Exactly. 16 GB is top-end. 2-8 GB is the norm, depending on when the PC was bought
  • You say 4Gb average memory is the norm for people who play games on PC? When was the last time you bought a gaming PC? My 2004 Desktop PC has 4Gb memory, ,,,,,,,,,and my 2007 laptop has 4Gb memory, but my 2009 laptop has 8Gb, (that was bought 6 years ago) and my two Gaming PC`s have 16Gb. And I have had these two Haswell rigs 2 years.   What you are saying is that most Microsoft gamers have a PC dated around 2007 (EIGHT YEARS OLD). If you are correct, then Microsoft will not sell much to those people.      
  • You might be right, except nobody mentioned "people who play games on PC", gamers, or even gaming PC's. Miffywiffy said "16 GB was the norm" implying that's true for ALL PC's, not just gaming-level PC's. He was talking about memory for a browser, not games. He suggested that anyone who buys a PC, from young teens to grandparents are "conned" if they don't have 16 GB, which is wildly inaccurate. For example, my 2015 Surface Pro 3 has 4GB RAM - you can argue otherwise but that is the "norm" for PC's being sold this year. I obviously have more on my gaming PC, but that simply isn't what the OP was referring to.
  • What this guy said.
  • Touch. Nuff said
  • Well said Daniel.   Btw, wore the Ninja cat shirt i bought from you guys an rocked it at the Insider Win10 events.  I was at both.  MS loved it!  Totally geeked out for it!
  • hah, nice! Thanks and glad you liked it.
  • The thing is, it's all about choice. Different strokes eh? This is what Windows offers.
  • Couldn't have said it better myself!
  • Yeah but on Win10 tablets VLC app is easier to use than desktop version
  • Started the weekend early, have we?
  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
  • "Chrome since it's the best Browser out there" That's just your opinion. "the new Edge browser manages to be worse than IE." That too. "16GB is the norm these days" Except it isn't on laptops, where increasingly often it is hard to upgrade RAM or other components. I think 8 GB is enough for all normal users these days. I wouldn't want to go below anymore but I'm perfectly fine with 8 GB.
  • Yup, 8 GB is fine. I can even use 4 without breaking a sweat. Sure, 16 is nice. It is also only in machines $1600 and higher.
  • my windows 10 pc runs smoothly in just 2 GB RAM and im not forcing you to believe me.
  • I second you. I got windows 10 running on my ten years old pc with 2gb Ram. And it works even better on my lappie with 8 gb ram. With apps from the store ms is trying to achieve that much more because not everything that is on store is available on desktop.
    Talk about photo editors: Not everyone can use Photoshop.
    Games: Good games on desktop require hell high config but I can easily download apps from store and rock on my deserted pc.
  • I use an develop machine with 6gb and it's running softly. I also have a desktop with only 4gb ram and is going well too. :)
  • Edge is definitely better than IE, although it can't play embedded videos in Facebook, which is kind of annoying.
  • sorry, but my edge plays all videos in my facebook page. though i did a clean install after hitches in my 8.1 upgrade
  • It plays the videos, but for some reason for me it opens in an overlay, like when you click on an image, rather than just playing in the feed. This has only started since switching to 10/Edge.
  • Make sure flash is enabled.
  • 16GB of ram is standard in enthusiast machines... standard is still 4 or 8GB on the average machine. on the low end, 1 or 2GB still. Makes sense too as if you are buying the machine with that extra machine, you are being conned! on most occasions, it would be cheaper to upgrade the memory after :) Also, I think Chrome is crap :) so not everyone is using it. but on topic... try using the desktop vlc on a small screen then get back to me. I just updated to Windows 10 on an 8" Nuvision tablet (2GB ram) and I would NEVER pop the desktop version of VLC on that. I keep both versions on my Surface Pro 2, for when I'm docked (force of habit)
  • @miffywiffy If that is how you really think, than the future will really disappoint you. Windows Universal apps are the future. And they actually work fantastic, plus they don't gum up your computer like desktop apps can. Maybe you are a tech savvy person and that doesn't effect you, but for the average person who can't understand why their computer gets slower and slower, the transition to getting apps from the windows store will be a welcome change. And not all computers are going to be able to have 16 gb ram. I don't have a single computer with more than 4 and yet I still enjoy using my computer and its faster on 10 with windows apps than it ever was on Windows 7. Granted your opinion is valid and makes sense for you, but I think you're the old school, tech savvy exception and not the norm. 
  • We are X86/Chrome Master Race. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
  • guys onenote is updated.........
  • so is the mail app and a few others.
  • Duuude, you craaazy.... if you are running a browser which needs 16 GB of RAM to run smoothly or on par with a browser who runs great on 4, 6 or 8 GB of RAM and try to arguement this with something like "...16GB is the norm these days... ....and if you're buying a machine with only 4GBGB of ram, you're being conned. ..." you definitely haven't seen the not much of the world around you.... but hey, you are still welcome to do so.
  • okay but chill....
  • Also, scaling. All modern apps scale beautifully with Windows 10. Chrome scaling sucks.
  • Thanks for speaking for "everyone"......not. First off chrome I a memory hog which drains battery even on the best of devices. Plus I use Firefox which with a few tweaks is even faster, smaller footprint, and use less memory. Although not as powerful as a desktop app, modern apps like vlc has advantages as universal support which a huge plus for windows phone users
  • On top of everything that's already been said, Store apps are completely sandboxed, DPI aware, and can do things like sync your settings with your Microsoft account.
  • You lost my interest at "Just open Chrome".
  • It's more convenient. There are ppl out there that have no idea if downloading apps out on the web is safe. Apple changed that with the App Store. They trust a "consolidated" store. That's why this will work if it catches on.
  • Guys i need to tellyou something weird in a computer! Does typing "sfs /scannow" in the command prompt running in administrator mode increases the RAM?
  • RAM is a physical property of your device. A scan will not increase it unless, perhaps, you installed more ram and the computer hasn't recognized it yet. I am also unsure what exactly your command does, but I'm sure a which Bing search would reveal that. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • Agree, apps and app stores are the future. Maybe there are power users who need more, but they will be the minority.
  • Store apps are 1) Safer (no viruses) 2) Easier to maintain 3) Look better 4) More efficient      
  • Certain programs I prefer to use a store app. Easy to install and uninstall without registry edits, and as Daniel mentioned, pc's are not the majority sold now. 2in1's and tabs will be dominating for awhile. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because I am unfortunately with Sprint
  • Spoken like a person that doesn't know what they're talking about :)
  • Yeah, Chrome sucks. Apps rock. 16GB is not the "norm" for a tablet.
  • But it's a must for anybody wanting to run stuff from Google :) Google knows sh*t about optimisation. Look how many times they've tried to fix Android and it's still a horrible lagfest on octocores.
  • Not sure what you're talking about.  My G3 runs just fine on a quadcore.  
  • You're a dick. Chrome is shit.
  • I agree with you on the ram specs. If you look on NBR thats one of the things thats listed that while its okay to go with minimum dont expect it to work well. Now unfortunately with tablets/2 in 1's you have to make the decisions like ram, hdd space upfront or be stuck with an underpowered device
  • I personally prefer to use the Store because I know that it is Safe.
  • I use store apps on my laptop, they are better than desktop apps.
  • And why I will open chrome, for me IE is better than that scroogle shit. Edge is best.
    Now, don't tell me am fan boy, you are a Scroogle paid troll.
  • VLC for Windows Store uses native rendering, whereas you're stuck with GStreamer/Linux with VLC Desktop. Could install Media Player Classic?  Seriously, VLC for Win32?? Chrome was good in 2009.  Get with the times, Edge or Firefox 64bit.
  • Chrome ko, krokro ni! I hope Google dies a very painful death. A once good company that has become evil. Google, go and die jare.
  • Still, why would I waste my RAM if there are browsers out there that are as fast as Chrome and do not use as much RAM and are not as prone to freezing ... I bought my RAM to use it, not to waste it.
  • Modern VLC for Store has better video rendering support available(doesn't know if implemented that way) for most video formats than its desktop counterpart.
  • It's really funny to see everyone try to discuss with troll :)
  • 1st, 16gb ram is not the norm. the norm is what computers in store have preinstalled. not what gamers or technerds put in their rigs. period. 2nd, even if a got 16 gb ram, i would like to be me the one who uses them, not a stupid browser. but untill edge matures a little bit(extensions included), yep..im still stuck with the stupid and ugly chrome. 3rd, desktop programs will become old sooner or later. store apps have serious advantages(at least for users), even right now. the difference? store apps will eventually get all the things desktop apps have....but the desktop apps would never get what store apps already have: notifications, good administration of permissions(inside the settings), easy update system through store, etc and thats just to name a few.
  • You all people are using .mkv file Piracy HEHE Still many bugs for W10 app of VLC but they will fix it the best for Desktop ap is the 200% Volume. FTW
  • Could you be any more wrong? That's a question for the ages. There are many instances where an app from the store can be, and should be, preferred. Hell, myTube forinstance is a much nicer experience than opening Chrome and going to YouTube to watch videos. Many of the games found in the store have an enhanced experience by adding a mouse to the mix. Also "just add more RAM" is literally the worst excuse for a fix there ever has been. A) many devices that need to be on a budget can't just add the extra RAM (like when a company buys 1000 thin clients and B) it's the same as instead of fixing a leak, you just buy a bigger pot to catch the water.
  • Not everyone in this world can't afford what you can..so mind your tongue please
  • You miss one Point that makes your statements non sense: IE has more than twice the market share of chrome. Now don't start to cry little Google boy, it won't help anyway.
  • I think chrome is worse now.. After using edge I removed chrome from my pc..
  • My battery was lasting way too long, my page loads were way too fast, and my SP3 was running way too cool, so I installed Chrome. Problem solved.
  • lol 16gb the norm... Truckin kids with their parents just tossing money away... The norm is certainly not needing 16gb of uslessness. 8Gb is closer to the avg standard still. Hell even 4gb prob lol.
  • It looks great. Pretty neat.
    I think he wants to pressure MS for a new more stable build with better performance. My phone with latest build started to have that start screen resuming problem... I hate it.
  • Looks good. Hopefully they got rid of the white border on full screen videos. Also, the sound wasn't working just for vlc when I extended it via Miracast to my Xbox one last time I tried.
  • For most apps all I get when I try to install  is "try again".
  • Me too. Most of the time!
  • Same here there are still bugs with the store which isn't a good thing for something that isn't a pre release anymore
  • I get this constantly in windows phone 8.1
  • yeah me too~ I need to use vpn to make it works.. It might my connection problem, but everything's just fine when I try watch youtube and access other websites~
  • Great app, thanks for updating it. If anyone chooses not to use it, that's fine with me but don't act like a miffywiffyspliffy child about it...
  • This dude is crazy, chrome is now a dog browser, and as a tech users, we love to try new things..... go Edge!
  • Now I want to go watch Neon Genesis
  • :P So good...
  • Hehe... I come to comment on that :) the tv series or the movie though? Cause the image is from the movie.
  • *Cicadas chirping*
  • this might be my headache, but this is for pcs and not phones correct? because when I click the store, it shows for windows 8 in the title.
  • We mentioned that. The store listing is not yet up to date. Just grab the app and you'll see. And yes, for PC.
  • Article says he hasn't updated the name. Although, I think he should just call it VLC for Windows. I realize that could possibly be confused with the normal VLC Player. I don't know. Maybe VLC app or VLC Universal?
  • It's name has been changed. Just not yet been changed in the store listing.
  • I love VLC. Thanks for the continued support Thomas!
  • Also much love and big ups from germany for the continued support!!!! ...much appreciated....
  • Kollega, du ich möge es. Wir kaufen Thomas gutes Deutsches Bier. Du zahlest.
  • Yep, anyone hard work on building app is much appreciated :) after the demand it has
  • Its looking good! :)
  • I love the swipe gestures for scrubbing, brightness, and volume on the Android app, the same way moliplayer works on WP. Would be nice if the Win VLC app did that as well. Or does it?
  • Well I appreciate the effort but the ability to play audio in the background still doesn't work (for video AND music files) and makes it unusable as I don't want to have vlc be the only app I can use. Maybe the next update?
  • So is this a Windows Universal app or a Windows 8.1 apps that looks like a Windows Universal app?
  • It's not a Sony Pictures nor a universal studios. Stop operating illegally or I'd report you to uncle Dan, and you'll be devinely lectured.
  • Dude, lay off the drugs.
  • Very well done
  • Promising but, a couple complants -Volume slider does not work with video -You can't get out of full screen using mouse and keyboard -Video pauses when using another window
  • Use the feedback forums posted above, thanks!
  • Awesome!
  • Can I play DVDs with this?
  • And why would I want this over the stock video player app besides DVD support? Serious question... Thanks
  • Looks great!
  • looks really Nice and they did good job with artists backgrounds every single artist in my library have been identified unlike Microsoft groove music.     
  • Thumbs up to VLC development team specially Thomas Negro.
  • Wow! This new look reminds me alot of Zune especially that the home page looks like Quick Play section. Though the general layout is quite a mess though and it doesn't look good on some areas. The video playback seems getting better now, some of my mkv finally work but with some RGB glitches and occassional crashers. Activating Hardware Decoding makes some of the video playable but some doesn't work at all, it even makes the app suspectible to crash and subtitles doesn't work. Still great effort and kuds to the developer! :D
  • Looks great but they need to fix full screen not going full screen, that border on top is little annoying​
  • Thank you VLC.
  • Just noticed volume slider does nothing. You've to control sound via winows volume button.
  • Wasn't an update suppose to bring automatic DVD and movie cover retrieval?
  • I just upgraded to Windows 10 and there's a storm in the comment section. What a time to be alive!
  • After all this they forgot to CHANGE THE NAME 
  • Nice looking app, finally something to give Zune desktop a run for its money. Meanwhile, every MS music app since Zune has been an embarrassment. Also couldnt help but notice that Google's using pivots in its apps now. Just waiting for MS to backtrack yet again.... [rolls eyes]
  • So true.
  • Hey Wetworker...where are you in Facebook? I was thinking the worst happened to you.
  • SEXY!!!
  • ...and I know it!
  • Music player is okay, but video player doesn't work right on my PC. Lower and right thirds of the screen have a green-hued box. Rest of the screen looks extremely washed out. Also, player pauses when switching to another window. I see great potential, but it still seems to be in the beta stage for Windows 10.
  • Use the dedicated forum!
  • ??? Why are you yelling at me? I am commenting on this article. What "dedicated forum" are you referring too? Crawl back under you rock and leave me alone.  
  • @john callaham please share that wallpaper
  • The most major drawback for me to use any windows store apps(including native windows apps) is the lack support for drag-and-drop. Is there any plan to add this feature? it is very basic and necessary for some apps like Microsoft Edge, VLC, and so on.
  • Needs an option to disable music search. I only want to use it for watching series and movies, I don't need the power consuming music features. 
  • When in fullscreen you have a bar up top
  • They should change the name...
  • Still not available for download in the Widows 10 store...
  • And yet, they did not rename the app.
  • I think the store will see a huge boost in usage after win32 apps can be submitted next year. This will again blur the lines of win32 apps and universal apps. I've already seen a large increase in downloads of my apps since win 10 release. I think it will only continue to get better as more win 10 features and app store enhancements evolve.
  • Excellent. I was hoping VideoLAN would do just this. The Windows 8 version needed a tune up and I'm tired of using the x86 version, whose UI is still as primitive as ever. I understand that the Universal version doesn't have all the capabilities, but I believe that will change over time (DVD playback?). And as those capabilities come to the Universal program, the x86 program will become obselete. Now that we run Universal programs in the desktopn environment, I think we'll see programs besides VLC make a similar transition from ugly but functional x86 versions to sleek *and* functional Universal versions.
  • VLC didn't find any albums, just each song as an album in itself. All wma. All metadata configured as MS would have it. Strange.
  • Yeah that is strange. It found all my folders where my music and videos live.
  • Looks good.
  • I'd use it as my main app for music and videos if that didn't happen. It's far better than VLC desktop app for jukebox use. OTOH, I've seen lots of updates for this app, so there's hope.
  • Going forward, Microsoft wants all apps and programs to be made as universal apps. Just imagine if video game companies made their blockbuster titles as universal apps that worked on Xbox, PC, and with scaled down graphics, tablets.
  • Since Windows 10 doesn't have a player as standard and you have to pay USD $15.99 To download it from the AP store, THEN the best alternative is VLC which is free and plays any format and performs better than Microsoft's version.
  • The name should be changed from vlc for windows store to vlc.
  • "The UI has been updated to match the new Windows 10 style. It's also faster on the low-end devices like a Surface RT" Just my 100$ question: if the app becomes "universal" (sometime in 2050...) how will it work on Windows RT / Surface RT that is not going the Windows 10 road?
  • No response... typical.