VMWare lays off U.S. team for Fusion and Workstation virtualization products

It seems that VMWare, the company behind the Fusion virtualization software, has laid off the entire U.S.-based development staff for both Fusion and Workstation. The future of those products is currently uncertain, but seems that VMWare is focusing more on network and storage virtualization products at this time.

News of the layoffs popped up around the web, including team member Jason Kasper on Twitter:

@that_shaman I (and the entire VMware Fusion and Workstation teams) just got laid off today. What does your change look like?

Christian Hammond, who left VMWare several years ago, also posted a about the layoffs, paying tribute to the Fusion and Workstation teams.

Both Fusion and Workstation allow users to run other operating systems inside virtual machines running on their computer's existing OS. The latest release of Fusion, version 8, features support for Windows 10, DirectX 10, and Cortana.

Source: Jason Kasper (Twitter), Christian Hammond; Via: The Register

Joseph Keller