Vodafone group to roll Mango out tomorrow

Nearly a week ago we saw Vodafone Australia announce that they've completed testing of the Mango update (opens in new tab) and are awaiting Microsoft's green light to roll it out to customers. We now have a report over at Windows Smartphones in Germany that puts September 21st (that's tomorrow) as the planned roll-out day for the Vodafone Group, according to a credible source.

It's almost the fall that Joe Belfiore so graciously reminded us is the time of Mango (opens in new tab), so will we see the update heading to Vodafone customers within the next few days? Hopefully so. 

Source: Windows Smartphones (opens in new tab) (Bing Translate (opens in new tab)), thanks Matthias for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Verizon is technically part of Vodaphone Group.I can dream, right?
  • Verizon HTC Trophy ROM is already on XDA if you want the update that badly.
  • I'm dreaming to! Come on verizon!
  • Check on XDA.
  • That's not a substitute. Some of us chose this platform because you don't need to be a hacker to get it to work properly. I've probably got enough savvy to install the ROM, but I don't really have the time. And I'm not keen on voided warranties.There's no real substitute for an official rollout.
  • And tomorrow the Belfiorejerk will say: "Isn't Fail, ops, Fall yet guys"
  • With all due respect, JB can not be held accountable for rumours, so why attack him when he dismisses them.
  • I agree, and from comments from those who have read the page it seems like its this site that is creating a new rumour, citing a "credible source". Probably the same sources that claimed the 1st, 15th, The Age of Apocalypse, etc. If its not from the carrier itself its a rumour, but this story states it as fact. Misleading.
  • here we go again,another rumor for people to get upset about
  • I'm not upset because Belfiore is creating rumours, I'm pissed because the lack of respect and transparency from Microsoft (Belfiori included) regarding any WP7 update. A lot of carriers are reporting this Mango update as "ready" and there's nothing coming from MS, just "Isn't fall yet". Come on, there's no child here. I've paid a premium price on a phone with an incomplete OS as the WP7 pre-NoDo was, mostly because I believed on that "Painless Update Process directly from MS" b.s. and needed to do a workaround to get the NoDo, and now this "Isn't Fall yet" thing.I am just asking for transparency. Is that too much?
  • There is nothing in common between Nodo and Mango updates - Nodo update ran into (limited) problems AFTER it was officially released, but Mango isn't released yet.And how come nobody is expecting any transparency from say Apple or Google, yet Microsoft is held to a different account. Suspense with release dates is a marketing tool, end of it!
  • Because Apple has a history of successfully updating their phones. Microsoft does not. to say that NoDo ran into (limited) problems AFTER it was officially release is understating things a bit. Not only was NoDo botched, but the following update was botched as well.I agree with everyone about not believing the rumors, but I also agree with those upset with Belfiore. Belfiore should not address this rumor or any other rumor. Not now and not at 5pm on the 21st.
  • Stop talking bullshit. NoDo may had problems with the Samsung Focus or Omnia 7 but it did great on other devices.
  • Maybe because Microsoft used the "Painless Update directly from us" as a selling point???
  • And...? Unlike Android phone users, I'm not worrying about whether I'll get Mango without needing to root and install a ROM. I know I'm getting Mango when it starts rolling out. I've received an update through Zune quick and painless when the phone let me know one was available.
  • Yeah, maybe 1 week to 3 months after the update's initial availability, but if you're ok with that, good for you.
  • I am; I wouldn't have bought a WP otherwise.
  • They have been transparent to the degree they say there isn't a confirmed launch date. Go blame these sources for citing reliable sources for getting your hopes up. The only confirmed source I will believe is when my carrier is listed on the Where's My Update page.
  • oh wow... shut up!First Bielfiore isn't creating any rumors... or what rumor is he "creating"?and second stop that **** about "respect and transparency"they have right to say whatever they want, to mention or not to mention what they want. don't like it? then go get something else, if you are so naive believing every rumor and then get upset about not being true... then i bet you are the ones who click those emails that someone left money for you and that person is from nigeria.i have an unbranded phone and i want mango, BUT i want more this update to be as equal as possible. again.. don't like it? then get something else, there are more alternatives. only because i got an unbranded phone, should i have priority???... every phone is a windows phone, it should be like Windows Updates, where everyone gets updates the same.. of course carriers make it hard, but thats better.and seriously, its not like Belfiore is reading every blog in the world to see what has a new rumor, its not like he just sits in his **** doing nothing... of course he had to answer to people asking about the 15th rumor. but don't like it? want transparency, then go to iphone or android. maybe you will find better "transparency" there
  • When one rolls out, the magnificent folks at XDA will figure out how to get to the rest of us.I'll even take that janky remote connection method.
  • The XDA already did.
  • No they haven't. There's only been HTC ROM leaks and one Samsung ROM leak. That's not a worldwide roll out. There are no LG rom leaks.I'd also not like to lose my personal data in the process.
  • make sure to back up everything or move it off phone
  • So, unbranded phones will be pushed today??.......... guess not..... :D :D
  • several c arriers have said they are ready to roll the update for unbranded phones will come from MS or the phone manufacturer nothing to do with carriers
  • It's like Microsoft wants Mango to be lost in the flood of publicity for iPhone 5... you could have released it a MONTH before iPhone 5, but noooo - you just have to wait to do it at the same time (and get ignored by every Apple-loving media outlet out there).
  • Nobody here cares about other phones. WP7 will be big, so shut up.
  • ??I don't care about other phones either, except for negative impact they can make on WP7.5
  • @futurix...There STILL aren't any new Mango handsets to be had, so releasing Mango last month, yesterday, or today, is only going to benefit current users (not that that's a bad thing); but Mango will definitely be sweeter if there's is 'new and shiny' released as well.As it relates to the iPhone - does the release of Mango really matter? Apple and the iPhone are going to drown out EVERYTHING when the invites are sent out, not to mention when the phone actually gets released, and you know it. I love WP and I am definitely on board, but the blogs, national, local, and worldwide media outlets are going to be covering the new iphone, no matter how awesome Mango is. I'd wager to say that even WP-centric and/or Android-centric sites will also give a 'mention' to the new iPhone, at least from a comparison standpoint. Sad, but true.
  • Well, if Mango was to be released a month before iPhone 5 - it would give it a month of iPhone-free publicity. But as it stands now, it will only have a couple of days (if any) and then it will be forgotten because media will start group **** over "innovative" iPhone 5 / 4S, etc.
  • After reading the sourced article, it sounds like Vodafone is updating their stock with Mango starting tomorrow with a launch for next week. Sounds like next week is Mango launch week!
  • No way
  • HA... HA... HAHAHAHAH, tomorrow Vodafone Group is getting Mango?! :D. Then the whole Germany, Verizon USA and imported phones are getting Mango...?! CHRISTMAS TIMEEE!! :DWell, I can dream too right...
  • Actually I think the original article says "end of the last week of September" - which would mean end of the *next* week. 21st is probably the day of internal roll-out in stores.
  • It actually says tomorrow they're allowed to roll out, and Vodafone Germany expects the update to have reached all their branded phones by the end of next week. Starting tomorrow, we could see updates coming. And being neighbours of Germany, I think Holland should get their update as well tomorrow.Yes, I'm from Holland, isn't that weird?
  • Weird? As an ignorant Brit I thought you are all the same nation anyway (continentals) :-P
  • I hope MS thinks the same, so they give us Mango tomorrow :)
  • ishint that veird! I'm from Hooooland!
  • lol, schmoke ana pancake?
  • I really hope we see Mango soon. Nodo people aren't getting any more app updates until it happens, which makes things pretty boring in the Nodo world.
  • What happened to Microsoft updating their "Where's my update?" page?
  • They won't start updating it until Mango will be released and the countdown starts, don't you think?
  • The "Where's my update?" page just seems to get people mad. I think after the NoDo fiasco MS wants to be like "Suprise! Mango Day!" Fiasco would be a Great update name to follow the naming convention. lol.
  • Soooooo....is Belfiore going to show up soon and belch the "rumour" excuse out his breath box?
  • Jesus Christ, people.Go buy another phone and stop your whining. My god.
  • Such fantastic advice! Go spend money to purchase an update! Hey everyone, you want Mango!? Go spend your hard earned cash on a new phone instead of waiting for the update! Celhalcyon for President 2011! Anyways, I can wait for the update, I just cannot stand the apparent miscommunications between MS and the carriers. Its pretty darn laughable.
  • I think we're all getting pretty upset that Mango is being released here and there but not everywhere. MS really should have done one large roll out.
  • **according to a credible source.**How about we wait until companies OFFICIALLY announce when they're going to release the update. "It's true because I saw it on a napkin sheet" style of reporting has gripped the media and is getting out of hand.
  • I'm going to agree here. So much so that I have to admit to spending less time perusing tech sites, including WPCentral. Sorry, but I'm tired of the rumor mill. Yes, I know, it's kind of your [WPCentral, general tech media] job. But no need to feed the rumor mill. It does nothing but hurt the WP7 universe.
  • Vodafone Spain hasn't said any word about Mango… And I have been stalking them via Twitter
  • I wonder when sprints HTC Arrive will get the update. Will Verizon get it first?
  • I can tell you that's not true. I'm in Australia and with Vodafone AU. its the 21st. No mango :)
  • so...no mango today? thats not good :( how can VF push it without MS pressing the button...no wonder it was another rumour