Vodafone UK launching HTC HD2 on Nov. 13?

Good news for our friends overseas. A little birdie just dropped us the above shot of the HTC HD2 in Vodafone UK's internal system, and it clearly points to a Nov. 13 launch. Frustrating, sure, that you have to wait seven more days for 4.3 inches of high-res, capacitive goodness (and we've mentioned the 1GHz Snapdragon processor once or twice, right?), but if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. Now, who's ready for some Windows Mobile 6.5 and Sense UI?

Phil Nickinson

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  • sometimes i believe i live in the wrong side of the world!!!
  • yep!
  • How do you know this a Vodafone listing? I do not see Vodafone named or any branding from Vodafone - I want this phon and am waiting to see if Vodafone gets it...
  • guaranteed that is a vf page, just go into store and ask to look at their devices page cos ya wanna check summat!
  • I can confirm this is a vodafone page i have had a in depth look at this today instore in cheltenham and am waiting for this mother of all phones
  • Having rang vodafone about an upgrade they stated the phone this model will be in stock on Friday 13/11/09. If you order it on 13/11 you will have it in your hand on Monday 26/11/09.