Volt Link pulled due to cease and desist request, no longer supported

We don't enjoy relaying news such as this, but it appears as though Volt Link, an app enabling Windows Phone owners who are OnStar subscribers (www.onstar.com) to access actions and functionality using the handset, will no longer be supported or available on Windows Phone.

The developer has revealed to a Windows Phone Central reader that a cease and desist letter was sent by GM/OnStar, requesting the immediate withdrawal of the app from the Store.

We covered Volt Link when it appeared on the Store, but we noted it wasn't officially affiliated by OnStar. Functionality available in the app included the ability to send Bing results directly to a supported vehicle, while those who drive Chevy Volts were able to find EV charging stations. It was a useful app that sported a number of features.

The following is an automated response from the developer of Volt Link:

"Thank you for contacting Volt Link support. This is an automatedreply, I don't just have ninja-like e-mail reflexes.GM/OnStar has sent a cease-and-desist letter to me related to thedistribution and support of Volt Link. Because of this, theapplication is no longer available from the Windows Phone marketplace,and I'm not allowed to support it in any form.I don't have any expectation that this situation will change in the future."

Attempting to locate the app on the Store yields no results, so we can only assume the app has already been pulled and will not be making a return for the foreseeable future. We hope a solution is available in due course, but for now those who wish to make use of their OnStar subscription will be stuck until an official app is released.

There's a thread over on OnStar Connections that's calling for Windows Phone support (started in May 2012), but be sure to press further to build momentum and demand.

Thanks, Edwin, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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