Volvo will add Cortana voice control support to its Windows Phone app in June

Owners of Windows Phone devices and Volvo cars will soon be able to control aspects of the car via Cortana. The car maker announced plans to update its Windows Phone app, Volvo on Call, in late June to include voice control support via Microsoft's digital assistant.

Details about what exactly Volvo owners will be able to control via Cortana have yet to be revealed. The company did say that the app update will include "enhanced 'send-to-car' capabilities for navigation purposes". Volvo also plans to update their apps for Android and iOS that will allow owners to control aspects of their car via Android Wear smartwatches and the Apple Watch.

Volvo on Call is currently available in 21 markets and is a standard for Volvo car buyers in Brazil, the US and Canada. The company says it currently has around 230,000 active subscribers for Volvo on Call worldwide. The Windows Phone version of the app already allows users to locate their Volvo car on a map, along with remote locking or unlocking of their vehicle and getting help from roadside assistance, among other things.

Download Volvo on Call from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

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Source: Volvo

John Callaham
  • Cool
  • Too bad they're bringing a Chinese made car to the US soon. Though I guess that's a wait and see as Volvo is known for being extra safe... Hopefully that can hold with a Chinese made Volvo.
  • Chinese owner, Swedish designed
  • Made in China.
  • Like almost everything. Volvo stays 'Swedish'. Don't worry about that.
  • There are almost no cars sold in the U.S. made in China. Most are made in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or Japan. I'm not worried about Volvo staying Swedish, and I even believe they'll still be good quality, but I personally wouldn't want a car made in China.
  • That is a really stupid statement. GTFO.
  • Me? Can't tell who you're replying to through the app, but have you seen the Chinese car knock offs, read QA reports, seen the crash tests? Read up on automakers troubles in Mexico to see what they will likely face in China, but tenfold.
  • If I buy a Volvo with Cortana, I want it to speak Dutch to me and I want to speak Dutch to it. No English.
  • ^dit
  • ^This for non Dutch speaking audience.
  • LOL I thought he meant "ditto". Learned something new today... But it worked both ways :)
  • Good!
  • Way to go Volvo
  • Yes
  • Volvo will be my next car! Hahahaha
  • 可惜!我没有Volvo!
  • My next car is Volvo!
  • Cortana start my car, set internal temprature to 21 degrees, display my route to work on the navigation device and tune the radio to X station.
  • That would be cool ;)
  • That would be nice, but over reliance on voice activation would not be recommended - what happens when you cant speak due to tonsillitis or lose your voice completely lol or forget to speak English like Dexter lol...
  • Awesome, all I need now is a Volvo :P
  • This sort of thing is the kinda stuff not available on ios and android versions of cortana.
  • Right
  • Nice
  • I would like Cortana to be able to launch my AT&T security app on my phone and ask me to provide my password. That would be Boss.
  • Why do you have a security app for a windows phone? You don't need one.
  • Jazmac, is not talking about an anti virus or firewall lol....
  • ROTFL. Thanks TechFreak1. I figured I should be a little more clear about this security app.  @Richard, I'm talking about AT&T Digital Life Home Security.  They actually have an app on all platforms but works better on Windows Phone than does android believe it or not.
  • Wait, if someone gets your phone, they can access your car through this app? (assuming that the phone does not have a password)
  • If you don't have a password on your phone you have bigger problems.
  • Yup.
  • Would not be "security" if it were that easy.  One, you have to get past my phone's password. Then two, you have to provide a password in the app itself to disable the security system. What I want Cortana to do is launch the app on command, then ask for my credentials/password. If it hears the right password (FROM ME), go on and disarm. If after the 3rd incorrect attempt, assume criminal activity and launch a few drone strikes at the location of my phone.
  • Nice work
  • Lets just hope it's better than Sync. Sync is a joke.
  • I'll take a V70.
  • Please give me a v70R. Turbo awd wagon. :)
  • Not bad
  • This is what I'm talking about take note car makers
  • Noice
  • For the past month or two, I've been researching aftermarket car stereos, and let me tell you, there is NOTHING that I have found that caters to Windows Phones.  It's all very frustrating.  They have CarPlay for iPhones, they have Android Auto, and a slew of aftermarket android stereos... but when it comes to Windows Phone, most flat out do not even support it, let alone advertise for it.  So kudos to Volvo for being the first that I know of.  If anyone knows of any good aftermarket car stereos that work well with Windows Phone and enables voice control and great hands free phone calls... LET ME KNOW!  
  • Can't download this app in Australia? Is this a US only app?
  • Just in time for my new XC90
  • There's a Volvo app on my phone, man come on! Downloading! S60 T5