Volvo will add Cortana voice control support to its Windows Phone app in June

Owners of Windows Phone devices and Volvo cars will soon be able to control aspects of the car via Cortana. The car maker announced plans to update its Windows Phone app, Volvo on Call, in late June to include voice control support via Microsoft's digital assistant.

Details about what exactly Volvo owners will be able to control via Cortana have yet to be revealed. The company did say that the app update will include "enhanced 'send-to-car' capabilities for navigation purposes". Volvo also plans to update their apps for Android and iOS that will allow owners to control aspects of their car via Android Wear smartwatches and the Apple Watch.

Volvo on Call is currently available in 21 markets and is a standard for Volvo car buyers in Brazil, the US and Canada. The company says it currently has around 230,000 active subscribers for Volvo on Call worldwide. The Windows Phone version of the app already allows users to locate their Volvo car on a map, along with remote locking or unlocking of their vehicle and getting help from roadside assistance, among other things.

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Source: Volvo

John Callaham