Poll: Vote for the best podcast app on Windows Phone!

Last week we asked you to nominate your choice for best podcast app on Windows Phone. That post received nearly three hundred comments with many suggestions. We went through the comments to pull out some of the popular suggestions into a poll that you're going to take today. Go ahead and cast your vote for best podcast app on Windows Phone!

We were familiar with most of the suggestions, but a few were new to us. Before voting try out some podcast apps, you might not be familiar with and then cast that vote. Later this week we'll crown winner!

  • Built-in "Podcasts" app on Windows Phone 8.1
  • Podcast Lounge [Download] [$1.99/Trial]
  • PODCASTS! [Download] [Free]
  • BringCast [Download] [$0.99/Trial]
  • WPodder [Download] [$0.99/Trial]
  • Podcast Picker [Download] [$1.99/Trial]
  • i Podcast [Download] [Free]
  • Podcast Critter [Download] [$0.99/Trial]

The above apps are a solid selection and some of the best podcast apps on Windows Phone. Try them out and vote for the best!

*Not seeing the poll above? You're probably reading this in our app. Head to Internet Explorer (or your favorite browser) to view the poll and cast your vote! *

Sam Sabri