What's your favorite podcast app on Windows Phone?

What's the best podcast app on Windows Phone? That's the question we're asking you today. Daniel Rubino recently sat down for episode six of The Tech Informist podcast and popular podcast app Podcast Critter recently received a nice update. That made us start thinking about podcasts on Windows Phone. Which app is your go-to for podcasts?

Like that time we asked you to pick the best Xbox game on Windows Phone, today is all about nominating. In the comments below, list off your favorite Windows Phone app for podcasts. In a few days, we'll gather up the popular suggestions and run a poll. Then after that poll, we'll know which podcasts apps are the best on Windows Phone.

Let us know which podcast app is your favorite and why!

Sam Sabri
  • The built in one works just fine for me
  • Agreed
  • Agreed
  • Same here
  • I want to like the built in one but if you have anything with 512MB like my Lumia 521 then it kills the process and loses your spot all of the time. It's a lot more feature complete than before but unfortunately more buggy.
  • Ditto.
  • I still don't know why they split it out of the music app, I was fine with it before.
  • If you're talking about the wp7 music hub, I can see your argument, but the wp8.0 version was horrendous. It only worked in the US, and you couldn't subscribe to any podcast URL, only the ones in the store (which was FAR from complete). The standalone app is much better for that. Also, the music hub version never allowed changes in speed like the new podcast app does.
  • It works but updates on it would be highly appreciated.
  • Yep, I just wished it synced with the Windows 8.1 version (which does not exist, mind).
  • This is one of those things that kinda makes me scratch my head sometimes. It's almost as if MSFT employees don't actually use their own products. It would make great sense to have sync'd podcast feeds, sync'd position stamps etc. But like so many shortfalls in MSFTs past it kinda comes down to that old "that would make too much sense" It's sickening to me how much the podcast app crashes, and how unstable it is. I sincerely think the culture at MSFT still needs changing if a buggy app like that can continue to persist unupdated for about half a year now...
  • I think MSFT does follow the user voice site a lot... it would be great of everyone headed over there and filled in the things that they would like to see improved.  
  • if i were in charge, employees would be forced to use the products, and be tested weekly on their knowledge of all products.
  • So you would force them to use Windows phone off of work? You know that's illegal right"?
  • It's never crashed on me once.
  • The built in one doesnt seem to support adding manual feeds. I live in Australia and quite a few of our alternative comedy podcasts are not in the listing.  I use Podcast Lounge. 
  • Under "Get Podcasts," the search box supports a manual URL entry.
  • That doesn't work for me.  I try to sub to 2 ForceCast podcasts and it only ever allows me to sub to their overall feed which includes a bunch of stuff I don't care about.  Searching via URL or the specific name of the podcast just brings up the main feed.  I like the inbuilt app, but if I can find something else that handles subs and allows me to better manage storage of old podcasts, I will use it.
  • I don't use any
  • Yup. I've been happy with the default so I've never bothered to look elsewhere.
  • Same
  • The built in app can't remember the listening position of more than one podcast, which makes it nearly completely useless to me. Go for Podcast Lounge.
  • Another vote for Podcast Lounge. Been using it solidly for 2 years now. Great app.
  • +1 big fan of Podcast Lounge. I tried to stick with the built-in app when I upgraded to 8.1, but the functionality is crap.   Podcast Lounge takes me directly to the episodes list when I tap on a channel, allows me to create custom playlists (so I can stack up enough short episodes to fill my drive to work), allows me to delete all episodes if I want (the built-in forces you to keep at least one), and lets me count an episode as finished with just a couple of taps (rather than pausing, back, tap on subscription, slide over to episodes, long press, delete... then it downloads another one to take up the minimum again). I think Podcast Lounge just makes sooooo much more sense design-wise!
  • I use PL, but it's utterly riddled with bugs, and does everything in its power to get inbetween me and what I want to listen to.  
  • I switched to Podcast Lounge from the XBOX app.  I wanted so bad to just stay with the XBOX app but it was buggy and problematic for me. I'm willing to take a look again someday but here are some of the problems I had... - Podcasts would not play properly toward it was more than 30 minutes long.  The longer the episode ran the more it would drop out.  Every 30 seconds or so it would drop out and it got progressively worse as the episode went on.  It made listening intolerable. I waited for updates to correct this but they never did.  This could be an encoding problem with certain shows but I experienced it across different podcasts - maybe it is an OS thing?  I don't have this experience with Podcast Lounge so to me it appears it was the app.
    - An episode would be downloaded but the app would stream it and use the data plan.  I always set my phone to show only things on the device in the display and prevent me from picking something wrong but it would still stream it.  I had the HD version of windows weekly and on several occasions I'd burn through my whole months allotment because of this.
    - Even if my phone was 100% charged and on WI-FI it wouldn't update my feeds.
    - Sometimes different feeds just wouldn't update. No matter what I do, even deleting feeds and re-subscribing would not resolve the problem.
    There were a few other things but this was enough. As for Podcast Lounge, I have no complaints and I can't speak of encountering any bugs. 
    - I like the way it indicates a file is offline - very hard to mistake playing something that could use your data plan the way the UI works which is a good thing.
    - I like that it tells me info about the files downloaded - how big, how long the episode is, and when it was released.
    - I like that I can pin individual podcasts to my start screen - very desirable feature for me.
    - I appreciate, but don't use that much, the smart playlists - though sometimes they come in handy
    - I appreciate the ability to review the pre-formatted collections, this is a nice touch too. and most of all I appreciate that it simply works.  I produce a podcast (beekeeper's corner podcast) so i'm in a podcast app just about every day.
  • @WillSullivan: "Riddled with bugs"??  Would love to see a list of these bugs.  I use it a lot and it works fantastic.  I'm not saying it's 100% bug free, but I haven't encountered any in a very long time.  It's a very mature product.  (I don't use auto downloads so I can't speak to that portion)
  • +1520 for Podcast Lounge.  I am an expert-level podcast app user with high expectations.  I have been uber frustrated with the 8.1 app.  A couple of people in these here forums recommended Podcast Lounge a month ago.  I like it.  I paid for it.  You should too.
  • Am I the only one that is having problem downloading podcasts in the background? Sometimes I have to open the app to get the podcasts to start downloading?
  • Same for me! Really annoying cause I almost always forger to do it while I have wifi and then I'm stuck without podcasts :/
  • happens all the time too had to set the screen time to 10m+ several times to finish downloading :/
  • Ah, I bet this is more common than people are reporting. Microsoft needs to get on this: their rivals are always looking for something to point to negatively.  While podcasts means nothing to the company, their app should.
  • True man.
  • Dave Ramsey anyone?
  • Really? Wow, I have so many issues with it, it's hard to figure out where to begin... 1) As far as I can tell, it can't be uninstalled.
    2) It won't work with bluetooth music controls (fast forward, specifically).
    3) It doesn't support playlists or even a 'play all new in order by release date'..
    4) It takes two swipes and a click to get to a list of all (audio) podcasts just to find out if there are any new ones.
    5) It loses track of already listened to episodes for one of my podcasts (MLS Extra Time Radio).
    6) The icons for half of my podcasts are all jacked and I can't fix them (deleting and re-adding the podcast doesn't help).
    7) It crashes about half the time when opening.
    8) It insists on updating as soon as it's opened, making the GUI unresponsive for quite a while.
    9) It doesn't update in the background like it should...sometimes (even when charging and on wifi for hours).
    10) Adding podcasts it doesn't have in the library is hit or miss...I tried six ways to Sunday to add one podcast until I finally found a URL it would accept. And most damning of all, in my book: 11) There is nowhere to review or leave comments like this one. If you search on windowsphone.com, for example, the built-in app doesn't even show up. My phone is a Lumia 520 (eagerly awaiting an updated Lumia flagship on AT&T), so maybe that has something to do with some of these, but even so, the app is pretty lousy in my opinion. Unfortunately, my sense of economy won't let me install a duplicate app, so I guess it's 'barely acceptable' for me...well, that, or I just haven't found a better (free) app (I'm also cheap).
  • Omg... #2 totally... Why have the universal drop down rewind and FF controls stopped working for podcasts since the app was split out? Drives me crazy as I've gotten so used to calling up those controls to ff commercials since wp7. I can't believe they haven't fixed this. Having said that, pause/play DOES work for me either by BT or the onscreen drop down controls.
  • I was mystified by #11, too - especially because the app actually has lots of reviews - how did they get there???   One way I found to do it was to find the app in the Apps list, and long-press it - that brings up a "Rate and review" option, where you can give all the feedback you like. I agree with all 10 of your other points, and would offer this to replace #11:  It loses my place in half-listened-to podcast episodes ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  After about the tenth time I had to scroll around in a podcast to manually find the place where I left off, I abandoned that train wreck and investigated replacements.  (iPodcast, two thumbs up!)  
  • TV Ad tonight of Scandal, I think I spotted a Lumia Icon. Saw the classic red tiles/black backround, seems to be the right size too. *Off topic*
  • +me2
  • Agreed.
  • Same here
  • +620
  • Built in is the one.
  • Agreed
  • It absolute DOES NOT work for me. Almost every podcast I want to get is grayed out and has a "We can't open this result" message beneath it. It's incredibly frustrating.
  • Disagreed!  It never seems faster.  It always seems slower.
  • The built-in podcast app in Windows Phone 8.1 is broken in so many ways.  For a list of my own problems with it plus a whole bunch of comments from others with issues, see my UserVoice post on it: https://windowsphone.uservoice.com/forums/101801-feature-suggestions/suggestions/5832370-fix-the-broken-windows-phone-8-1-podcast-app
  • Oh and for the record, I use Podcast Lounge, which is a great alternative.  It still has its niggling issues, but it's the best 3rd party podcast app I've tried (and I've tried quite a few of them).
  • The build-in App is fine for me. Btw is the WPCentral podcast dead?
  • There was one... Months ago.
  • The last episode was in March. I've long since given up. Seems like a really big wasted opportunity... I can't find any Windows Phone podcasts that are decent.
  • We should start a Hashtag to raise awareness like #BringBackWPcentralpodcast ;)
  • The only decent one left, is the 'All About Windows Phone' Podcast with Steve Litchfield and Rafe Blandford. They put out episodes consistently. Of the others... Glance and Go Radio - Kinda amateurish but okay, seems to have died. WPCentral Podcast - Dead. The Windows Phone Developer Show - Obviously developer focused, but used to be a really Phone based and funny show. Now that the hosts work at Microsoft, it seems to be more about Microsoft in general, and interviews with people who work there.
  • Great, thanks... I'll give AAWP a try. I used to listen to Glance and Go from time to time, but got really frustrated every five minutes or so when I would find myself talking back to the podcast trying to correct all the inaccuracies and mistakes they would make. Just a constant stream of jumbled information that I already knew much better. WP dev show was certainly good while it was on. I really liked the WPCentral one, but as I said I have long since given up on that ever come back on a regular basis. Even when they did release them it was very frustrating because they would do the live video and not put up the audio feed for another two weeks, which meant it was all old news by the time I could listen to it anyway.
  • Have you tried Windows Weekly on the TWIT network in my view it is the best podcast but includes Windows and Xbox information and news not just Windows Phone. Daniel Rubino is sometimes a guest on their also...  The Pocketnow Podcast also includes Windows Phone along with other Smartphone news.
  • Thanks! Trying AAWP now! I'm already a TWIT and Windows Weekly listener.
  • It used to be Xbox Music for me then they went and destroyed that feature. So now I really don't know.
    I have one called Podcasts that crashes on opening. Fun stuff.
  • That app should be removed from the store.
  • Probably need to hard reset your phone. It never worked for me either until I had to do a full reset one day. Then it started working.
  • Built in
  • The built in one works for me :)
  • PODCAST PICKER! I'm yelling because its great! Love how it does unplayed and only that. I used podcast critter but had too many issues
  • +1 on Podcast Picker (Lumia 625) Regular podcasts: The PC Pro Podcast (every Wednesday) BBC Radio 4 Monet Box (Wed and Sat)
  • I use the built in one on the phone and PODCASTS! on the PC/Tablet.
  • Built in
  • I want to add I loved Zune on Windows phone 7....
  • I really miss the Zune... and even the built-in Music+Videos.
  • Yep, Zune on my Trophy since the headphone jack on my 928 is too delicate and my 928 isn't getting Cyan. What good podcast apps are
  • This. Hate to be that Zune guy but it was great back then with wireless sync. I greatly prefer first party stuff for media like podcasts, and the current standalone app is okay. Hopefully it gets a lot better soon, but it's good enough to keep me from dealing with mom and pop apps for podcasts.
  • Agreed - miss zune
  • I don't usually watch podcasts but when I do I use the built in one.
  • Dos Squis?
  • I use Microsoft's own podcast app. Does everything I want it to, really. Speaking of podcasts: It's been ages since the last WPCentral podcast. Do you guys have any plans to make it at least monthly? If iMore can churn one out weekly, I'm pretty sure you guys can make it a more frequent thing as well.
  • It was the Podcast2Go, but since it stopped auto-refreshing I changed for the Podcast Lounge (that lost all its data last week). I like the WPodder too, it's simple but very functional. 
  • Using the build in one, but somehow "Drive to Work" podcast doesn't show up, why is that?
  • That is one of the reasons I prefer Podcast Lounge. The default app is great if it can find your favorite podcasts. If you can locate the RSS feed for your favorite show, enter it in the manual search box. That is how people have to get The Tech Informist even though I have submitted it to Microsoft time and again. Enter http://techinformist.libsyn.com/rss in the box and our show pops up right away and pulls in new episodes with no issue.
  • Also use Podcast Lounge and listen to STLTechTalk
  • Thanks!  
  • It was WP central, but you stopped recording. I like Windows weekly with Leo, Paul and Mary Jo.
  • Favorite podcast APP for Windows Phone :)
  • Agree, love that one....
  • I use Podcast Lounge on my Lumia 521. It works with all podcasts and has search feautures in it. It also has it's own lists's in it. WPCentral is included in that list.
  • I want to use the built in one, but can't never get the damn thing to work
  • I use iPodcast because it had some very nice features and much better control of podcasts. Background downloading and being able to sort podcasts into a playlist. I listen to 19 podcasts so trying to keep track of them can be interesting. If you pay to unlock the features it also had cloud sycing to Onedrive which saved me a lot of time when switching phones. 
  • Yep, despite some issues it's the best. The built in is half useless here in Russia.
  • I've been using iPodcast for about a year and really like it - tried them all, and the thing that iPodcast did that the others didn't was to have a playlist of all podcasts where after listening to one it automatically started playing the next.  I listen in the car and can't be fiddling.  Sure it's a little buggy, but it backs up to the cloud so all the podcasts are there when you get a new phone.  Again, most importantly, I take the 7 podcasts I listen to and sort them all by date and listen to them through.  I almost never have to touch my phone during playback.
  • Yup, I have tried so many of them but keep going back to iPodcast.  The built in one is trash, playlist, no auto delete and is never going to be updated. Podcast+ pro is also worth trying
  • After Xbox Music, Video, and Game hub took a shot, its nice to see the native podcast app actually got better. Agreed. Its the only one I can count on to automatically download every time.
  • Podcast Lounge is the best for me, love the sleep timer feature so can listen to my favorite podcast while going to sleep and looks great.
  • Yes this is mine too, the built in one is too basic.
  • Podcast Lounge is my favorite as well. The best features for me along with the sleep timer are excellent podcast search, streams well, downloads are quick, plus it has a good looking and easy to use interface.
  • Yes, I think I have tried them all and Podcast Lounge is the best. Easily add URLs, RSS, and password protected podcasts which is a must for me. Also has cloud backup of your setup. I still really miss Zune with its awesome interface, WiFi sync with my computer, and its seamless audio/video cataloguing. It's never gonna be totally replaced I don't think but Podcast Lounge still blows the default app out of the water as far as functionality goes.
  • Agreed
  • +1020
  • +920
  • I'll have to try this one out. Thanks, man.
  • Windows weekly and the Jalen and Jacoby show
  • I was listening to Windows Weekly but noticed that Leo Laporte was pretty neutral or negative about Microsoft in a sly kind of way.
    Out of interest I recently listened to the TWIT Before You Buy review of the iPhone 6.
    Leo wasn't neutral there. It was clearly paid for marketing spin. The phone had been out about 2 days but Leo was absolutely gushing. He was CATEGORICAL that it had the best camera on any phone, and tried to justify this through referral to the website dxo. I did some digging and whilst this is their assertion, they haven't reviewed any of the recent Lumia phones. Their 1020 review was on the original release firmware which Nokia quickly fixed, but they have refused to update their review.
    Leo also went on to say the iPhone has the best in class security etc.
    Frankly it was disgusting to listen to blatant PR parceled up in the form of impartial advice.
    For the avoidance of doubt, it is clear to me that TWIT as a brand cannot be trusted.
    It is a shame I think that Paul Thurott and Mary Jo Foley legitimize the brand through Windows Weekly, especially because they are quite balanced, often negative about Microsoft. This would be fine but with Leo across the table it is a dangerous mix. No wonder Microsoft battle with PR and brand perception. PT and MJF are great, but Leo and TWIT are a joke. I can't listen anymore now I know it's just PR propaganda clearly paid for in the background.
    I so wish Paul and Mary Jo would stop supporting TWIT. I'd happily support them by paying for an unbiased Microsoft/ Windows show.
    Anyone else agree?
    Ps. Podcast Lounge.
  • Totally agree.
  • Yes indeed, can't stand listening to Leo Laporte as he is so biased and I do believe, even though he is trying to pretend to be fair in his calm thoughtful way, that it's so blatant that he is an apple paid tool.
  • I don't think its fair to say that Leo is paid for by anyone. He really isn't an Apple fan either (apart from Macs), but he is rather fond of Android. I listen to quite a lot of Twit Podcasts and if you want to hear sickening Apple sycophancy try Mac Break Weekly. As much as I admire Andy Inatko's wit it really gets a bit much. Windows Weekly on the other hand is far more balanced. It's even better when Daniel Rubino is on. I also sometimes listen to the actual "This Week in Tech" podcast which can be either good or terrible depending on the guests. Last week was a new low with John C Dvorak and Nilay Patel from the Verge. Despite one fun part where it was plain that neither could stand each other it became obvious that Patel is very, very anti Microsoft and appears to have a particularly obnoxious personality and excessive self belief. No wonder the Verge articles (apart from Tom Warren's) are such a bunch of tripe. About the only thing that Dvorak and Patel could agree on was that they both hated Microsoft. I didn't bother listening to the whole thing. Some guests like Ed Bott are good. As for Podcasts ... I like Podcast lounge ... does just about anything I want.
  • Will,
    You need to listen to TWIT Before you Buy podcast on iPhone 6 from 24th Sept.
    It is like an info-mercial. Excruciating.
    Leo is ridiculous.
  • You might want to try "What The Tech".
  • I think Leo is pretty fair on his view of Windows Phone he was using a Nokia 1520 and loved it until he bricked it trying to downgrade to Windows Phone 8 so he could get Cyan... I think it was Daniel Rubino who encouraged him to do it as its pretty easy to do :-) Suprised Microsoft support hasnt fixed it for him not too smart on their part..  
  • I don't like to have redundant apps so I've been using the built in one
  • I wish I were like you. I might have 5 podcasts apps and 4 Twitter apps. 
  • Nice Joyce Meyer!! My fav is the built in app. I hope it gets some love though.
  • Podcast Lounge for me. Great app, super responsive developers.
  • Wpodder. I tried all the rest some months back. All had major problems. However, one problem they all have, compared to when I had an iPhone is the search. I type in Name or author of a podcast I know exists, and I often wont find it.
  • The built in podcast app is the most reliable podcast app I've used. I used PODCAST! for years because the default app wasn't available in Canada for some strange reason until WP8.1. PODCAST! was/is cluncky with an ugly UI. I also used Podcast lounge and Podcast + pro and found them to be unreliable when grabbing new shows, or even having what I was looking for in their library. The default MS app auto downloads new episodes, I can speed up the podcasts and haven't had any issues finding shows. My one gripe with it would be that a discovery feature is severely lacking.
  • Was never really into podcasts(or coversations)
  • +925
  • used to use podcast critter, but now built in one is just fine for my needs
  • The built in one doesn't respect locale settings,I find that oddly unforgiveable given that it takes extra effort to force the date format.
  • WPodder - the splash/loading screen is ugly but it works in the background and I can force downloads of any size over LTE.
  • I use Podcast Lounge and it's really smooth. I was having issues finding some of my favorite podcasts with the default podcast app. I found this one and use it all the time.
  • I use Podcast Lounge but I would stick with the WP app if I could just make a playlist.
  • Which is why I use podcast lounge. Best player for making playlists.
  • Podcast Lounge all the way!
  • I would love to just settle for the built in one but I had to go with Podcast Lounge. The reason being I love Windows Weekly the video version and the built in one just does audio.
  • I'm using a Lumia 920 with the Developer Preview of Windows Phone 8.1 Update, and the built-in one does both on that. Just an FYI.
  • If you get the RSS URL for the video one, you can still use the built in app.
  • . . . What good podcast apps are on Android since Verizon and MS don't seem interested in my continuing business.
  • Podcast addict. There's a slew of others also. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Another excellent one to use is PocketCasts. It even has a web app now (for an additional fee sadly) that syncs with your account.
  • Pocketcasts
  • Podcast Lounge
  • No votes for bring cast? I've tried many and it's my favorite.
  • This is an article I look forward to. As a former iPhone owner, and WP convert, podcast apps is the thing I miss/hate the most. Closest to acceptable ones I found are Podcast Lounge (that seems to not do a very good job of downloading stuff in the background) and the Built In Podcast app, that does a good job of downloading stuff in the background but has a horrible interface. Trying i Podcast again but that seems to be one of the worse, and very buggy (refuses to start playback of downloaded podcasts, seems to not be able to realize its been paused, or is already playing, and many other bugs, on top of the ugliest UI design I seen so far.) I have not found a podcast app that can continue playing video podcasts in the background as audio the way metrotube can play youtube vids when I lock my device. In fact, thats what I would love to see, a podcast app by the guys that made Metrotube.
  • I use Podcast Lounge as it works well with Car Dash.
  • I just use the bing podcast app. Don't really need a lot of features to play podcasts
  • I liked Podcatcher and Podcast Lounge; now I use the built-in one primarily because I can backup downloaded podcasts from the music folder onto my PC when I need to reset my phone. (One of my subscription-based podcasts expires episodes after a couple of months.) And though it's not technically a podcast app, I'd like to give honorable mention to Digital Audio Book, the only app I could find where I could take mp3's from an old archived podcast, and listen to them in an app that would save my place. Easily.
  • I like podcast lounge never knew there was a built in one.
  • I like casts...nice presentation
  • PODCASTS! Pro. I also like the built-in one a lot.
  • Podcast Lounge is the best by far
  • I use the built in, and it gets the job done.
  • TuneIn Radio. Nice having all the media in one app.
  • Podcast Critter gets the job done. 
  • Built in is fine now that 8.1 improved it.. 8.0's built in did not cut it. I also still use Cast app for one of my podcast cause its the only one that goes past 2011 podcast (I have one that goes all the way back to 2007)
  • Podcast Lounge works really well.  The playlist feature puts it over the top.  I have a long commute so setting a playlist of 3-4 episodes and then just forgetting about it while I listen and drive makes for a safer ride.  The dev is very responsive with updates posted all the time.
  • Podcast Lounge.
  • Actually using the MS podcast app. I used to use Podcast Critter but had problems using it recently.
  • I've tried just about all the podcast apps out there and I prefer iPodcast. It reliably downloads my podcasts, has playlists, a sleep timer, large touch targets for when I want to hit pause/play in the car. I also love the button to skip back 15 seconds when some unexpected background noise keeps me from hearing what they said and 2 min skip forward to get past commercials instantly. It will also playback at higher speeds to get through shows a little quicker. BTW, I rarely watch video podcasts so I can't comment on that much, just audio which works great and has the best features of any other app I've seen.
  • Thanks for sharing... I'm going to check that out. I searched around and tried a few... But it came down to either choosing an app with "skip" buttons or "speed" control... Both a must... I settled back with built in for now... I was a big fan of wpodder for awhile... But preferd the ability to playback at 1.5x.. Fwiw
  • The built in app has potential, but it is not as good as it was in wp7. But i have yet to find an app that is better either. Things I'd like to see improved......
    -The interface is slow
    -it always forgets where I left off on an episode if I play something else like music or a you tube video before the episode is complete
    - if I am using 1.5x speed and get a call or other interruption it goes back to 1x speed on its own
    - I can't sort the episodes the way I want
    - I can't hide episodes I have already played.
    - option to auto delete episodes after they are completely played
  • I've tried a few and I found Podcast Lounge to be the best, especially because its automatic download function.
  • I tried MANY (And I will be honest, nothing really come close to PocketCast on android) but this is the best podcast app on Windows Phone. There are a few bugs in this (not sure if its a API limitation or what) but Downloads will sometimes "freeze" and I will need to cancel all the downloads and hit refresh again. I also wish it will do automatic updating (But that may be a WP8 API problem). Also wish I can download on LTE with a warning to make sure I want to download and use my cellular data. (Also may be a API problem). The downloads also is very slow..I have an older phone (lumia 920) so it might be a problem there, but on android's pocketcast, the download go very quick. It can take 5 minutes to download a 150MB file).   Some other podcast app that you may try out are: 1. Cast (Great simple UI that is similar to Pocketcast, but lacking some features): http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/casts/c4f42f33-b0be-4dca-999... 2. Podcast Lounge: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/podcast-lounge/83bc0329-8e02... 3. Podcast+ Pro: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/podcast-pro/8c77ae4c-803c-44... 4. Podcast2Go: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/podcast2go/2a27582c-a483-45a...
  • What's the name of the WP app you mention in the first sentence of your comment?
  • The built in app on WP8.1 is more than adequate
  • Podcasts! Although it does seem to be missing some.
  • Never used any.
  • I use Podcast Lounge..its pretty good but my fav Podcast app is Pocket Casts on Android. I really wish they would port their app to WP
  • Personally, my podcast needs aren't that big, they're rather basic. So for me, the built in one works fine. Honestly, I'm sure there are better ones, but I honestly don't know what I could be missing and I only listen to the same one every week so as long as that one works, I'm fine.
  • I use the one that comes with the phone.
  • Podcast lounge best app
  • Podcast Lounge.
  • I'm surprised only one other person said BringCast. It's great. I used to user Podcatcher but had some issues (maybe fixed by now), and switched to BringCast.
  • I never heard about BringCast, but I use Podcatcher since my old lumia 710 and now on 820, it's fine for me but need some fixes.
  • exactly. i like the interface of bringcast to a certain extent. i don't understand why i need to open the app to get the podcast to refresh. I wish it did this on their own, and them download them. basically, i want them to build in geofencing, so it knows when i'm home so it can refresh itself and sync on its own.
  • I don't think I'd put geofencing in. I'd make the background task check for new podcasts and download them anytime the phone is connected to any Wi-Fi.
  • None. Not one supports authenticated podcasts. A few support authenticated feeds, but if the podcasts themselves require it you're stuck with iTunes and desktop syncing :(
  • Bringcast supports this.
  • Podcast lounge does authenticated podcasts. Bringcast will also.
  • The built in podcast app works fine..
  • I use the built in app though I'm looking for better so this is timely. Issue with it is the awful timing of "updating your podcasts" right after it starts. I'm often stuck there for a while.
  • pardon me, but everyone here are using the built-in.   Forgive me, but what is this built-in podcast app are we talking about>?  Thanks
  • On WP 8.1, there is a separate app called"Podcasts". It was integrated with Music before.
  • Built in is very good.Free,no ads.
  • My go to on Windows Phone is Podcast Lounge as it finds every show I am looking for. Not sure why they cannot get the default Windows Phone 8.1 podcast app to catalog shows properly. Did not have this trouble when Rob Greenlee was still running the department that handles this matter.
  • Try podcast picker
  • Built in
  • Podcast lounge is by far the best podcast app.
  • Podcast Lounge
  • Every time I try to find a podcast in the built in app its grayed out.
  • I just don't understand what podcasts are for, I've never used them
  • It's like a radio show that is on whenever you want it to be and is very specifically geared to the topics you are interested in. Great for listening to in the car.
  • I see, thanks for the explanation
  • I listen to Daily Audio BIble everyday it keeps me plugged in to God's word.
  • Podcast Lounge has been my go to for a long time. I try a bunch each year and keep coming back to it. Honorable mention for BringCast, whose dev's really impressed me on the Windows Developer Show podcast. And I believe both of these apps are slated for Windows 8 at some point.
  • The Built-in app gets the job done ... It have it quirks but I don't really care since I don't listen to podcasts as much as I used to anymore.
  • Over the past month I made it my goal to try every 3 star and above podcast app in the Store. All had pros and cons for me. I ended up going with Podcast Picker with iPodcast a close 2nd. I had such high hopes for the native app but the devs have just abandoned it. Until then, ill stick with Picker.
  • Podcast Lounge is by far the best. No question. The built in app can't remember the listening position of more than one podcast, which makes it nearly completely useless to me. And they seem to have absolutely no interest in updating it, so I gave up.
  • I would argue that Podcast Critter is better then PL. It's such a fluid experience.
  • Podcast Lounge.. FTW!
  • Podcast Lounge. Been using it for about two years.
  • I use Podcast Lounge. I like the frequent updates and control it provides.
  • I used to like the Music app because it was easier to search for podcast and were classified, now is a bit hard if you don't remember the name. I don't like this one for that reason. BTW I have never tried another one and seems like every one like the podcast app.
  • Podcastplus. But the search function in Windows Phone still sucks. Typing podcast will not return all available podcast apps on the Store!
  • Winner: Zune
    Honorable Mention: Built in Podcasts App
  • Bringcast is my daily driver, tried Podcast lounge but couldn't get consistent auto downloads in the background to work. Built in app didn't even have popular Twit network shows and when it did they were only audio. I like video especially on my Lumia 1320
  • I have to agree about the Podcast Lounge auto downloads... this is definitely it's weak spot.  However, I have mostly switched to streaming at this point anyway, so thankfully that one chink in the armor doesn't affect my usage.  If I know I'm going to be in the car a while I will go through and manually download a bunch... it has great suport for doing that at least.
  • The built in one was enough for me, took I discovered that it will only access those that are in the Store. Since then I've been using a mix of the built in one and Podcast Critter
  • I use Bing Podcast. It has flaws, like specific podcast url's not able to be selected after searching ( Podcast One shows are perfect examples). I tried Podcasts! and Slapdash for syncing purposes but they were both buggy.
  • Tried Podcast Critter? With the new update its a breeze.
  • I used to use "podcast lounge" for a long time, then tried inbuilt podcast app and since then never looked back. I badly want an update for it. What's the point of separating the app if they don't ever wanna update
  • Bringcast, as soon as 4.0 comes out
  • Built in
  • Default ms podcast app !
  • I use Podcast Picker.  Works great with my car's bluetooth, easy to use, and the developer updates it pretty frequently.
  • same here. big plus of Podcast Picker is the sleep timer. I do think the interface is crappy though. Needs a rehaul.
  • Podcasts Lounge is pretty good. Didn't know there was a built in one. Anyway, Lounge is pretty good.
  • Zune was the best, but I currently use Podcast Picker to get my podcasts. Most complete selection of podcasts to subscribe to. Great memory for remembering where I left off. Scrub FF/RW. The UI appearance could be better, but it's functional.
  • Podcast Lounge for sure. Feature packed and never fails. Got tired of the 8.1 podcast app not downloading overnight, or how slow it is. Also I never realized how much I would appreciate an app that saves your progress on any podcast you've started. The only thing that bothers me is that you the downloading preferrences, as in oldest first or newest first, are not specific to te podcast, but thats alright, I just manually download things I'm binging on.
  • Bringcast is great. And it's even better in the current Beta. Hopefully the update will go out soon.
  • I'll never understand this podcast thing...
  • Built in one, but I live in The States
  • The built in one...wish it had a universal app with Windows 8.1
  • Bringcast by far, it allows larger downloads and is the only one that I've gotten auto-downloads to work.
  • I've gone back to my Zune since I replaced the battery, but otherwise, I loved Podcast Picker on my phone.  Was the best Zune replacement I had found.
  • 1. Ipodcast used to be great until a few months ago then it took a complete dump.
    2. Built in app won't remember listened to position
    3. Podcast lounge is now the best available but needs better controls for fast forward/rewind.
    4. Still nothing comes close to how well the Zune fetched, and played podcasts.
  • Built In is the best
  • I just got Podcast Lounge.  It is fricking awesome.  I liked the built in app, but it just lacked some features I got used to from when I had an Android phone.  Podcast Lounge is very powerful and flexible.
  • It's Podcast Lounge for me
  • Do any besides the built-in one support variable speed playback yet? I usually need to listen at 1.5x speed.
  • The built in podcast app allows 1.5x
  • Built in app isn't the worst, but for the love of God, let me BROWSE for podcasts. Ever since 8.1, you can only search by name, and you can't find a podcast unless you already know what you're looking for.
  • Podcast lounge is great, it lets me access premium podcasts that the built in app doesn't.
  • Agreed, there is a paid podcast I susbscribe to that only has their podcasts set up for iOS and they even claim that has to be sync'd through a computer. I put my user name and password in and Podcast Lounge goes right through. It autodownloads all my podcasts and is always ready to go. I cant say that for any of the others I've tried.
  • I use Podacsts. Easy and works every time.
  • Podcast lounge..works for me everytime..little heavy but I can live with it as long as it auto downloads new podcasts..
  • Podcast+ Pro: It lets me listen to all my podcasts ordered by date instead of having to jump from this one to that one
  • The default works fine for me. I don't really subscribe or keep downloaded podcasts on my phone anyway and just stream whatever whenever I'm bored or need to get work done.
  • Podcast Lounge.
    I want the native one(8.1 version) to be my go to, but it doesn't have to one single podcast I listen the most.
  • I am a big fan of Gobble.  Use the WP8.1 version while mobile and the Windows version on Windows and WinRT.  Sync my subscriptions, favorites, and even progress on individual podcasts.  Supports video podcasts as well.
  • I'm a huge fan of Podcast Lounge, it has an incredibly larger feature set. Its got everything under the hood you'd hope for and then some. It doesn't have playback spotted control but I've yet to find one other than the native player that can. Podcast Lounge connects to your OneDrive as well making it a very easy process to jump between devices.
  • The built in podcast works perfectly fine.
  • Podcast+ Pro
  • Podcast Lounge...mainly because of it's live tile. It allows me to pin my programs in the small tile and I can still see what program the tile is for...unlike the built in podcast app.
  • I prefer Podcast + pro better
  • The one that comes with WP8.1
  • I tried to get into podcasts recently but the podcasts I wanted to listen to are only available through iTunes. Does anyone have some recommendations on how to or would the easiest just be to download the podcasts to my laptop then copy them across?
  • Podcast Lounge!
  • i even don't know what is podcast and how to use it?
  • Agreed
  • I don't know why I am not seeing podcast in my Lumia 925???
  • I have been using Podcast Critter lately and it has been good. I can't get the built in one to work. Can't add all of the shows I listen to and won't update. I have tried a bunch that have all been listed but still can't find THE App. I really wish Pocket Casts would make a Windows Phone app. It is the best podcast app I have ever used without a doubt.
  • Podcast Picker for me.
  • Gramocast.... Im not a fan of the look of it but its the only one ive used (and ive used alot) that i haven't had issues with crashing, not downloading, not resuming playback properly etc. And really, it's a podcast app, who cares what it looks like, this one actually works.
  • I started using Podcast Lounge on Windows Phone 7 and continue to use it but the built-in wp8 one is also good enough for me.
  • Microsoft Podcast app for Windows Phone. (Previously part of Xbox Music app.)

    I encourage Microsoft to provide their Podcast app on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Podcast Critter. Only app that does it all.
  • The preinstalled one
  • Podcast Picker: it does everything and allows to customise the behaviour of the media keys on my BT headset.
    I will give Podcast Critter and Podcast Lounge another try, now that they have been updated, as they were close seconds in my shortlist.
  • I know Podcast Lounge works great and has a massive database but I use Bringcast because of the extra playing controls. Being able to seek by the touch of a finger, go back/forward 30 secs, etc. is really useful
  • I use Podcasts! for over a year now and i really like it. The benefits are: All the Podcasts i listen to are found by the search functionality. Easy scrolling forward and backward without havin to jump 30 sec ahead tons of times, can download podcasts, WIndows 8.1 version available, ability to pin podcasts to your homescreen. The negatives are that it's not the prettierst podcast app ever. I would prefer modern ui design throughout. The Windows 8.1 version isn't the best podcast app on Windows 8.1 Overall i tried a lot of podcast apps and this is the one that fits my needs the most.
  • Ex Podcast! user here. Try Podcast Critter. Looks great, more functions and cloud support.
  • Podcast Lounge. I tried the new default Podcasts app when I upgraded to WP8.1. I started searching for the podcasts I have on Podcast Lounge and the second one I tried only showed a couple of episodes, compared to the full library on PL. Stopped using it right there.
  • Podcast Lounge
  • I'm happy with the one Built in though it does need a few tweaks I have to sometimes re wind a podcast back then back to the bit I was up to
  • Not using any ... :3
  • Podcast lounge
  • Has anyone mentioned bringcast yet? Gorgeous App, constantly under development with regular Updates.
  • Built in for me, works fine. Needs sync with Windows 8.1 please MS.
  • Podcast Lounge is my go to.. The client is a tad heavy, and the auto-download in the background works sometimes. Other than that, I'm happy with it. (Ex built-in Podcast app user)
  • What is podcast?
  • I use the built in one - works fine for me - but how do you get rid of it? Everytime I change the volume it is there, until I restart the device?
  • I currently use the Microsoft podcast app since podcast critter started to crash a lot, welcome additions to the Microsoft one are OneDrive support, download on background and a better search engine because some of the podcasts I subscribed on the critter are not found on the Microsoft one...
  • Podcast Critter for me.  Its the only one, along with Podcast2Go, that allows per feed settings for things like auto download, order, number of episodes to keep etc... The app is fully skinable too and offers some usual playlist building tools. Downsides are there are some bugs, downloads sometimes stall being the main one.  Dev seems to be active on that front. Still a long way to go before any of these compete with Pocket Casts or Doggcatcher on Android mind.
  • The Critter is really friendly. :)
  • Podcast Lounge
  • iPodcast, its great... I hate the in-built Podcast app, it sucks. Non user friendly, slow & doesn't find the correct sources for the podcast... looks like its using/looking at old links that do not work anymore.
  • Honestly??? Nothing!!! LoL
  • Never used..
  • Podcast Lounge
  • Podcast Critter
  • Podcast lounge no doubt.
  • I use iPodcast :) It's really nice. The only one I've seriously tried though.
  • Podcast Lounge, great app. 
  • I love pod.ding. It has a great customizable UI and offers all features I need. Everyone should give it a try especially in comparission to the built-in app...
  • Podcast Lounge. Would love to use the built in one, as part of me feels I "should", but it just isn't as good.
  • The built in one is really nice, but I miss a global playlist merging all episodes chronologically.
  • Podcast lounge is great, and the developers support it well with frequent updates.
  • I switched to the Critter as the built in app is just dog slow even on my Lumia 1020. It was a major source of frustration. Navigation on the built in app is confusing also.
  • I love the separate app- now don't have to go looking for the podcast after switching to music.
  • Podcast Lounge.for the win
  • Podcast Lounge for me as well. Great.
  • iTunes is what I use for podcasts. Then I just sync the podcast folder to the Lumia.  Sure, they show up as 'Music', but it's better than the built in one.
  • I though there was only one. Built in works great. Could use a little love but works!
  • I don't understand using the WP Podcast app. It makes no sense to me. I use iPodcast. It is the best podcast app bar none. On any platform. Great search, really finger friendly player, easy backup to your Outlook account. Everyone using the stock player should just try iPodcast. Second runner up is Casts. Really beautiful looking app, but it's not very finger friendly. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • PodcastLounge
  • I use Podcast Lounge and have been for a couple years.  They released a big update a while back that changed some of the controls, & I was devestated.  Until I discovered you could go into the settings and choose "Legacy Controls", which re-enabled the forward/back skip functions.  Those are a must have for bluetooth devices.  Awesome touch to have that option of the "Legacy Controls".  Great touch.
  • Oddly, since this article came out yesterday, the Microsoft Podcast app had been crashing massively, on every podcast. I have used it everyday since the first day of the Preview For Developers, and this is really bugging me!
  • I use the built-in but that's simply because i haven't wanted to mess with setting up all my subscriptions through another app yet. There are plenty of things the native app could improve on, chief among them is the ability to search for a podcast episode based on search terms. Right now, search just returns podcasts that may have episodes on that term, but you have to then go through the list and hope to find the ep. Also would love to see some kind of notification of new podcasts that have been downloaded. i subscribe to several podcasts that have intermitent releases, so often times i don't remember to check if i have new eps on them or not. I have experienced the lag on startup but have not ever had it crash that i can remember (Lumia 920). I've downloaded the trial for Podcast Lounge but just haven't devoted the time to try using it yet. I would much rather just use a native app if given the choice, especially if they could integrate some kind of cross-device sync/play position feature in there.
  • I have tried many different podcatchers but Podcast Lounge is by far the best one available even though it has some problems with background downloads
  • The built in podcast app isn't even usable. I went hunting for a good one. Criteria: Ompl import and export. Available on windows & windows phone. Found two apps. Narrowcast & gobble. Narrowcast looks great on windows phone but crashes a lot. No option for podcast that need a log in. Some podcast won't work on it. IE: HBO bill Maher & Starkvillelabs flash podcast. Must be a format thing. On windows it looks UGLY. the app itself has amnesia. Constantly loses all is feeds. Gobble on windows phone looks beautiful. But when it does work, it's painfully slow. Looks great on windows but its also slow. But its more stable. I'm now using podcasts lounge on windows phone & am hoping they make a windows and Xbox app.
  • Have you tried PODCAST! It's for both Windows and Windows Phone Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Podcast Lounge is the best one I have used. Before 8.1, I used the built-in podcast functionality in the music hub. In 8.1 they decided to break up the functionality and released Music and Podcasts as stand-alone apps. Unfortunately the Podcasts app is terrible, much worse than what we had before. I quickly got frustrated using this piece of rubbish and started to look for alternatives. Why would Microsoft ruin something that was working before is beyond me, but I just couldn´t use it any longer. I tried PODCASTS!, slapDASH, iPodcast, and finally settled on Podcast Lounge. It has all the functinality that I need. You can export and import your subsciptions via OPML to OneDrive, it has a beautiful, intutive  interface, sleep timer, etc. Most importatnly, it is actively maintained and improved by its creator. I highly recommend Podcast Lounge.  
  • Podcast Lounge is my choice, i've been using it for over a year now and i'm very happy with it. it has everything you need and works perfectly.
  • I love using the built-in one. Handles all my feeds very well.
  • Another vote for podcast+ pro.  Admittedly I haven't tried others (I use the built in one for audio books only) but I have no reason to try another one as I am 100% happy with podcast+ pro.  Everytime I open it it updates my feeds and automatically downloads the new episodes.  Swipe across to up next and there are all the podcasts waiting to be listened to.  Obviously there is more to it than this but day to day this is all I need to do to obtain a great experience.
  • I use casts
  • Actually miss so much the Music+Video App in WP7.5. So beautifully designed. I really think the system has a lot to improve. Not functionally, but they should pay more attention to details. Make them better.
  • It sucks. I hate how slow it is. I wish that it would go straight to audio and video and stay there. Or anywhere and stay there. It opens on favorites and then hops to Playing. It does not save your spot if you pause a podcast and start another. Everything worked with Zune and Music(at least with podcasts) Are they trying to be bloated iTunes? I have been windows since wp7. Thinking of switching. Newest phone is an "affordable flagship?" That's what?
  • I want the best they have to great, not pretty good.
  • Podcast lounge. The built in app doesn't always like smaller podcasts. I understand why the built in windows app decided to move away from a directory only based platform, but unsure why they didn't keep the ability to pull from a directory - or include the directory results in the Bing search when looking for new podcasts.
    Shared this concern with the folks at Libsyn, 1 of the two major podcast hosting sites- they were perplexed at the way Microsoft did this as well.
    Podcast Lounge for me. -Maddy Love
    A Minnesota Trans-Atheist Podcast
  • I want Feedly integration so I don't have to set up all my podcasts afresh every time I try a new app. I commented as follows in "What is your favorite news/RSS reader for Windows Phone?" http://www.wpcentral.com/your-favorite-news-rss-reader Feed Me is the only one I've found that plays podcasts well from my feedly subscriptions. So I can overlook its other limitations (occasionally unauthenticates itself from feedly and has to be reconnected, slow sync, limited control over list format - I'd love to be able to get rid of the images on the lhs, unexciting workmanlike appearance) I periodically review the apps on this list to see if any have been updated http://feedly.com/apps.html#windowsPhone
  • I nominate i Podcast, for overall functionality.  I want an app that only downloads when I am on a Wifi connection so I can listen on the subway or anywhere else, without using my data plan.  And also automatically deletes podcasts after a certain amount of time, or a certain number has been downloaded, so I do not have to worry about my memory getting filled up.   Also, if I decide I want to keep a download longer, i Podcast has a "do not delete" setting for each downloaded episode,  so I know they will still be there whenever I am ready to listen to them.   I basically want to subscribe and forget about the whole download management process.  The ONLY app that gives me this functionality is i Podcast.  Podcast Lounge deserves an honorable mention, it comes close to i Podcast in functionality, but has a better overall user experience. I have tried all the rest, and none come even close to i Podcast or Podcast Lounge.