Vox plans to bring mobile VoIP service to Windows Phone

Vox Communications is planning to support Windows Phone with its mobile VoIP service. The company currently supports Android, but it has since revealed that plans are set to launch versions on other platforms in the future. The first platform to receive such blessing will be iOS, but we are likely to see BlackBerry and Windows Phone on the horizon thereafter.

TruTwoer reports Vox will be looking at late 2013 or early 2014 for Windows Phone as the company wants to develop its WebRTC framework before reaching out and covering other platforms. Good news is a Windows Phone app is likely and will be a solution we believe many would come to utilise and depend on. Then again, Skype isn't so bad, right?

Source: TruTower; thanks, Bilesha, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Never heard of Vox before this. I still like Skype but I'm intrigued...
  • We already have Skype and Viber which are available on all platforms already. Don't see the need for this but will gladly take it if only to bolster the platform.
  • Vox is not voxer?
  • You're welcome! :) Go WP!
  • We have mobilevoip already available. It's decent, if not the best.
  • What we need is a good sip app so I can make calls from my office number like I did on my Android.
  • We need voip clients that support free calls over wifi or with a data plan like Groove IP or Talktatone. I don't want something that consume my plan minutes. I want to be able to get a data plan only and make calls over that. Example T mobile $30 dollar plan (5gb of data ,unlimited text,100 min) and Talktatone on an Android phone.Since you are using the data to call you don't even have to worry about consuming your 100min and you can make and receive calls
  • Yep, I'm also holding out for a SIP client as well for completely free voip.
    Currently, I'm subscribed to a Skype Unlimited North America+Phone Number plan that costs $60 a year. That makes it an extra $5 a month over the $30 plan you mentioned. One good thing about it is that Skype allows you to change your caller ID to any mobile number (with code authentication), or even a google voice number. Routing your call through google voice will make incoming call on skype work. This is the only good and easy working solution for VoIP on Windows Phone 8 in the $30 plan. It'll work for other platforms too as long as Skype runs in the background.
  • Is this just as easy as placing a call with a normal cell phone? And, how's the sound quality?
  • Viber
  • Options.
  • Utilise? Is this a new word?
  • Skype is expensive, I switched to rebtel for international landline calling. They have a windows phone app.
  • I use VoX.  I love the video calling.  I call overseas once in a while, but my Vox number is what I give to people I just met.  My family and friends have my Verizon number, and then I use the mobile VoIP for guys I just met and I let that go to voice mail a lot.  I needed a phone number that could receive calls for free and not run up my voice minutes every time someone called me from God knows where.  Tango could not receive calls from everyone.  I am eager to do the video calling to iPhone friends when the iOS app comes out.
  • What is that?
  • Is that the Windows logo on the upper-right part of the picture?