Waiting for your Xbox One delivery? One lucky gamer already has his

Waiting for the Xbox One to launch? Unfortunately for those who are patient enough, it turns out that some fans have already received their deliveries. One lucky soul, who goes by the Twitter handle @moonlightswami, has published some media to the social network showing off the new console and revealing details about the launch titles.

As well as uploading numerous shots and whatnot, he was also able to confirm a 500MB day one patch, which was subsequently installed. According to the Twitter profile, the console took around 17 seconds to boot before being able to update the system. Unfortunately, we're unable to show the unboxing video as Microsoft acted quickly to have the video taken down. 

Xbox One Dash

Interestingly, here are the download sizes for upcoming titles:

  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag – 20 GB
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts – 39 GB
  • Dead Rising 3 – 19 GB
  • FIFA 14 – 8 GB
  • Forza Motorsport 5 – 31 GB
  • Just Dance 2014 – 22 GB
  • LocoCycle – 13 GB
  • Madden NFL 25 – 12 GB
  • NBA 2K14 – 43 GB
  • NBA Live 14 – 9 GB
  • Ryse: Son of Rome – 34 GB
  • Skylander SWAP Force – 15 GB
  • Zumba Fitness: World Party – 24 GB

@moonlightswami confirmed that games are indeed playable after reaching a certain download percentage (50%). The console reportedly remains cool and silent, even after hours of use. Some other details included challenges, which appear to be temporary goals set for players to complete before the deadline hits (see below).

Xbox One Challenges

This story doesn't end on a light note, however. @moonlightswami has had his account banned by Microsoft, presumably until the console officially launches. We do believe he should be handed a unique achievement for being the first account banned in the next-gen. We urge you to check out his Twitter profile for more goodies and all the details (plus more photos). Excited for the Xbox One launch?

via: GameTrailers

Rich Edmonds
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  • Should've flipped it
  • I read he tried, put it up on eBay for a $1000 with a buy it now price of $10000. But it got delisted really quickly
  • Looks like the 500gb hard drive is not so big huh???
  • about time you covered on this ....saturday aint a holiday 
  • Sounds like you're on top of all the news. Do you have your own site, if not then it seems like you should.
  • What planet do you live on that Saturday & Sunday aren't holidays? Normal people work Monday-Friday
  • Lol Monday-Friday is just a warm up. :)
  • Amen to that brother. 7 days a week here. The onl. . .*to tired to finish*
  • I work 40 hours Friday - Sunday and have Monday - Thursday off. SWEET! Especially when it comes to not having to pay for daycare.
  • Until your name is announced as managing editor, I'd suggest you shut your yapper. This is Windows Phone Central, not Xbox Central, so unless there is earth-shattering news about WP, I think they have the right to publish any f-ing time they want.
  • They did announce a while ago that they hired new staff to cover Microsoft news in general.
  • Online bullying seriously....u better run back to mommy and say I F-ING CAPS LOCKED YOU ASS HOLE
  • Pretty sure he was joking. Seriously
  • Guess it didn't do much good for him in the end.
  • They banned him just because he got it early? -_-
  • No, because he posted everything about it online and YouTube early
  • They banned him because he broke the review embargo. Right now there are hundreds of Xboxes and PlayStations that various sites have ready to review, but they can't post them because Microsoft has an embargo on it. He should get it unbanned by the 22nd
  • But he's not a reviewer so he didn't sign anything so he has no embargo.
  • MS hasn't taken the console away from him, and they have no obligation to give him the Xbox Live services until it releases officially the 22nd.
  • He signed the ToS by starting up the console and signing into LIVE, basically. That's enough.
  • did he sign a cofidentiallity agreement. the sites that get review units do and must abide by the embargo. if he just received his unit early, he doesn't have an obligation to honor the embargo.
  • Regular folks aren't subject to review embargoes. I'd think he was well within his rights to play the new Xbox and even post vids on YouTube. I'd ask for a credit on the Xbox live fees for the two weeks I'm banned if i were him.
  • Lots of people got perma banned when the Halo 4 street got got broken as well when it launched.  It's BS but nothing new for MS.  If this story hadn't gotten gotten so big this would have been perm also.  As big as his story has gotten they will probably unban him to avoid the bad press.
  • I'll just reply to myself instead of all 3 of you guys. Its a universal embargo. No one is allowed to do it, unless they have explicit permission from Microsoft. The people who sign that confidentiality agreement are just that, people with access who signed an agreement. They're no more or less prohibited than anyone else. The difference is that the people with confidentiality agreements have the consequences if they break the rules laid out in contract. This guy didn't have an agreement so they could do whatever they want to. He's lucky that Microsoft is usually nice about this sort of stuff and they just banned his console temporarily, since they could've banned him forever.
  • Hey everyone who thinks he broke some sort of embargo hello Microsoft has a big selling point on sharing your gamplay and sharing everything now someone actually does what Microsoft wants him to do and just because they screwed up and sent out shit early he gets in trouble there is no embargo fo regular citizens Microsoft is just mad that there surprises for day one got aired on youtube
  • I'm pretty sure there's something other than an "embargo" in place for stuff like this. I'm not sure what an embargo is but I get the feeling Microsoft has some rights over the console up to release. My Surface 2 was preordered and I was emailed that it was in store, when I went to pick it up I wasn't allowed because it was before release. There are legal things in place around product broadcasting before release.
  • Exactly right. Whenever people get early beta invites to games they usually have to sign a similar agreement. When those agreements are broken they nearly always get permanently banned from that game (at least until official release when they can buy a copy like everyone else). As much as we all want to see footage from the new console, we need to understand that Microsoft has given out these consoles to fans in good faith. Many of the games on there aren't released yet and therefore are probably also under NDA. Also the console software may not be finalised. There is a good reason for the console being released nov 22, and not before that, and Microsoft and game developers don't need videos on youtube showing bugs or things that aren't working right that will be fixed by launch.
  • He got it sent to him from target he did not sign up for early release program so what you saying had nothing to do with any of this
  • Everyone has to wait till Nov 22nd unless Microsoft provided the system early. We all know that. Anybody that got the system early knew something wrong happened. This is similar if you got extra money in your paycheck. You didn't steal it and it's not your fault but better believe you are going to be subject to adjustments. Second, dude broadcasted it. Maybe there was a chance that he could have enjoyed things early if he kept his mouth shut, but when he went public with his reviews what did you think was going to happen? Now all that is that is going to happen to his is *gasp* he'll have to wait till the 22nd like everyone else to play.
  • Methinks it has something to do with the embargo. ;)
  • Last time I checked you don't sign a NDA when you buy a console.
  • You do sign their terms though and that is stated in it.
  • Um, but when you sign up for an Xbox live account and live services, you DO agree to terms and conditions...
  • And his console got banned. Luckily not his gamertag
  • If they delivered it on there end wrongfully they shouldn't punish him. He should be aloud legally to do as he wishes. But if he obtained it so early illegally then that's a different story.
  • Well, it was Target who shipped it early. I imagine Microsoft is having a stern conversation with the powers that be at Target.
  • I'd like to imagine that! =D
  • Really? I'm pretty sure all stores sign an agreement with Microsoft... I think it's illegal to hand out a product before release
  • I don't think the main issue is that he got it early (though I'm sure MS isn't happy about it). Its that he went on Twitter and blabbed about it and features.
  • So what. He was shipped the product then. Not his fault. He should be aloud to go to twitter YouTube fb or what have you.
  • Allowed, not aloud.
  • Yea my way has less letters involved. It also is keeping true to phone format. Gibberish.
  • No...just, no.
  • Lol. Sense of humor?
  • Nope. It seems you have none to speak of...
  • Actually, no. There are legal things around broadcasting information about a device before release.
  • Yea if I have done nothing wrong. Placed an order and it was shipped to me then I will do as I please with said product. Companies can point fingers where ever they like I wouldn't care. He legally paid for it. It was shipped to him. It is now his product. That's the way I see it.
  • The issue is not receiving the product. It's posting information about it.
  • I'd be posting anything and anything about it now. I would have been civil until they banned my account. But I don't have to worry about it. So....
  • And in like fashion, Microsoft did nothing wrong in banning the guy until the release date. Personally, I would have used new, temporary social media accounts to blab the news, to avoid getting my regular accounts suspended.
  • Yea that would have been the smarter move for him to do.
  • Should have never told the stool pigeon known as twitter
  • Ever read the fine print? MS dies this with their stuff before launch date, assuming the clause said he can't publish anything on/to the media about the console until a certain date.
  • FIFA 14 8GB and LocoCycle 13GB? Thats crazy
  • Did you notice the difference in size for the two NBA Games? Massive.
  • 2K14 is a real next Gen game, looks amazing
  • Ever read the fine print? MS does this with their stuff before launch date, assuming the clause said he can't publish anything on/to the media about the console until a certain date.
  • Yeah but its sort of a "Richard" move on MS.
  • haha lol.. Funny stuff. So according to you guys did he win the internet today?
  • He wins in my book! Sort of akin to the lucky individual who received his Lumia 920 running WP8.1. Notification center and all. Ironically, I would feel privileged to be banned by MSFT. As Mr. Edmond stated, "He should be handed a unique achievement for being the first to get banned in the nex-Gen consoles
  • That wasn't a Lumia 920, it was a stolen internal device MS uses for development that's very similar to a 920. And it was an extremely early development build, not the finished code. Plus the phone had "property of Microsoft" or something like that engraved on it. That guy was just an idiot for posting about it. Apples and oranges.
  • Thanks for clearing that up. To be fair, the Tech blogs and enthusiasts were certainly excited when the news was made public. In fact, I would like to believe early leaks on rumored development on Microsoft builds are one of the many factors in which dedicated technology websites thrive. I for one, did not see the informant as an "idiot." As far as the "stolen device" remark, I think we can all agree that the man responsible for leaking the info is completely innocent of theft.
  • Wait, do I HAVE to download the game in order to play it, or is it just I can download it so I won't need a disc to put in every time?
  • No and no, when you put disk in you can play it right away and itll be downloading it background either you want it or not. And 2nd, thats what MS wanted to do with DRM, install the game and don't touch disk ever again, but no...if you buy disk based game you have to have in the tray unless you but that game digitally, thats what im planning on, fast switching is amazing feature I want to be able to use it
  • So I have to download the game, yet I can't use the game without the disc? What happens when my Hard drive runs out?
  • External HDD
  • I can't wait until they have the HDD available separately for purchase...then maybe at some point like 5years later they'll have a 1TB HDD? =P
  • Blu-ray is too slow to run these big games, you have to install them. Same on the PMS4.
  • Has there been any news on the feature that our phones have were we go to windowsphone.com, buy an app and then it pops up on our phone automatically?   This would be great because the box is "always on" and should be able to have the download queue up while the box is in standby mode.
  • Depends on the game. Some games make you download while others don't, but they all have the option to include it. Although, we can probably assume that every EA game that you buy will be a mandatory install.
  • As far as i am aware all games nerd to be installed which of like me and have lots of games on the go will ne wanting the option of the external usb 3 hdd option as a 3tb drive isn't that expensive
  • According to the guy on twitter, he said some, not all games require install.
  • Yeah, but only 500MB, and not the full 8GB-42GB, right?
  • He didn't specify that. To my understanding, though I could be wrong, he said that the 500mb was a mandatory install, and some game require you to download them. He didn't specify which ones, just that some did and some didn't.
  • Good to know. I will be mostly downloading but did pre-order NBA 2K14 on a disc because of a Best Buy promotion. I'd much prefer to be able to load it onto the hard drive so I don't need to get the disc every time.
  • Jelly. That is all. November 22nd can't get here fast enough. Arghgghhhg!
  • Yeah
  • Anything obtained and played before the street date is usually always banned, regardless if obtained legally or not. MN is talking with the guy now and said that it isn't permanently banned so it's probably only console banned until the 22nd.
  • game size pretty crazy . i wonder how much storage it has •~•
  • 500GB, but you can plug in a USB hard drive for more.
  • You cant as of day of purchase, but that's an option they are working on to be available in near future, better than what Sony did
  • 2TB should be more than enough for a few PS+ games.
  • 500GB I think.
  • Am I the only one who feels this guy is a hero?.... Walk over and stand in my little corner :-D
  • Hero? Go on Wiki and look a definition of that word
  • Wiki says the definition of a hero is a "sandwich." :-D
  • wow, awesome.
  • Bit surprised by the game sizes, i think that the PS4 COD box says nearly 50gb
  • Lol if COD is that much, I'd hate to see battlefield 4
  • I would assume the game being natively 1080p has a lot to do with it. 1080p content would take up more space than 720p. Then there are other factors like compression tools and ect. 360 games were always smaller than PS3 versions
  • Uncharted 3 on the ps3 was nearly 50gb
  • Oh my god. Sh!t is getting real. So excited!
  • Can't wait to grab my One :)
  • NBA 2k 14 is 43gb and NBA Live 14 is 9gb??? Guess I know which I will be getting.
  • So by how you look at it, Lococycle is better than FIFA 14 cuz its 13gb and FIFA 8gb?
  • How do you know which one he meant? ;)
  • Yeah, I did him no good, in fact it hurt him more. He should have just kept his mouth shut.
  • Wow that's 299GB right there
  • ISP's with caps are going to love the next gen gaming systems
  • So glad TWC doesn't have this "cap".
  • Very true, most people here in NZ are capped with the most popular package from both major isp's being 30gb! That said serious gamers will have larger caps but many casual gamers will blow their cap on less than a game or 2 so will need to upgrade
  • Wtf id hate to have caps on home internet.
  • Well I think that makes my decision, no digital downloads for me.
  • What's interesting is that that's a green/normal box not the black/Day One box. Unless that's just a stock picture.
  • Was banned as expected. I guarantee he'll be able to get back online on release. I see it as completely legit and understandable. The console isn't even released yet so why should their online service be available. Even major nelson asked him to pm him so he can sort it all out.
  • Lucky is the right word for that
  • Why would he be banned? He ordered an Xbox....he used what he paid for. He should be punished because they shipped him an item he bought? WTF???
  • Just in from his twitter.
    'The console ban also will be lifted prior to launch. I can't really say much more, but it is all good. Thank you all for the support!!!'
  • After about a 30 minute talk on the phone with Major Nelson he got invited to the launch event by him as Microsoft's guest. So it looks everything will turn out good for him in the end.
  • Buy PS xbox sux anyway
  • Troll spotted!
  • Dammit! Can't afford it right now. Gonna have to bug my wife, candy with sugar on top and all.
  • I knew the price 6months ago. 499/6=83.00 a month to save. I'm on my last month....
  • That's what I should've done.
  • Wait, how come that isn't the day one edition?
  • Day one you had to order specifically. Maybe he didn't. It just has a card in the box. Not visibly different.
  • And marking on the controller specifying it is Day One. I know I missed out on the Day One Edition pre-orders but I'm still getting my Standard Edition on the 22nd, so this guy may have been the same.
  • I like
  • Can't wait for Killzone SF, only two weeks left.
  • Douche