Walk Reminder for Microsoft Band can help you increase your step count

Every time I find a cool third party app for the Microsoft Band, I ask myself, "Why didn't Microsoft think of that?" For example, Walk Reminder is an app for the Microsoft Band that reminds you to take a walk when you have been sitting down for too long. This is perfect for those with desk jobs or anyone who wants to increase their step count. See it in action in our hands-on video.

Like many third-party apps for Microsoft Band, Walk Reminder has a very basic user interface. You can change how often you want to be reminded to get up and also the range of time to get those reminders. For example I've set the app to remind me to walk every hour if I don't take more than 100 steps. By default, the app only reminds you between 7AM and 9PM. An option at the bottom lets you enable or disable reminders if you're in the middle of a calendar appointment.

Walk Reminder installs a tile on your Microsoft Band. The notifications pop up on the Microsoft Band's display and get stored in the tile.

The Walk Reminder app is developed by Alex Kvenvolden. It's his first application that integrates with the Microsoft Band. There's no direct way to contact the developer through the app but you can tweet @alexkven for feedback.

According to a recent study, getting up and walking for two minutes every hour could help reverse the negative health effects from prolonged sitting. The study revealed two minutes of light-intensity activity like walking each hour lowered the risk of premature death by 33 percent. With that in mind, Walk Reminder gives you the extra nudge to get up and walk.

Walk Reminder costs 99 cents from the Windows Phone Store. If you have a Microsoft Band, we recommend getting this app. It's not pretty, but most of the third party apps for the Band aren't either. Go download it and let us know what you think!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Non-useful app and its paid!!! Ha ha ha! Microsoft Health is better!
  • Microsoft health doesn't remind you to walk
  • Band's in built app and alarm reminds me to walk, jog and workout.
  • The point is to remind you to move when you've been sedentary for a while, not at pre-set times. The built in app cannot do that.
  • I Take breaks and go on walk usually! no need to reminding me!
  • I'm pretty sure the article discusses its use.
  • Does Microsoft health remind you to get up and walk? No, so your point is moot. If I can afford to by MS Band, I am sure I can afford to pay £0.79 to support the developer.
  • Band's in built app and alarm reminds me to walk, jog and workout. How does that work out for you?
  • Good for you, but I am still buying this app and supporting the developer and I am sure that will work out great for me.
  • If you know ahead of time when you will have been sedentary for 30 minutes at any point during the day, then that would work, but not otherwise.
  • Something tells me there's no band to tell you anything..
  • Um...read, or watch the video.
  • I'm a writer. Seems pretty useful.
  • Maybe try and actually get a band first..
  • There are already more and better apps for the band than for windows phone.
  • Whaaaat?
  • I got the band because all I do is walk lol
  • lol In that case, you don't need this app. May be someone should write an app to remind you to stop walking and take a break. :)
  • Did you develop this app? You seem so biased!
  • Reading your comments its very clear the concept of the app is lost on you. And if you can't afford a buck, then maybe the street corner holding a sign asking for help is your job.
  • Please hold the sign! Maybe, I'll drop 'something'!
  • And how did you figure that Einstein? No, I did not write this app nor I know the developer. But reading your comments in this article, it is clear that you have certain grudge against the developer. Look, if you do not need or want to buy this app then it is your choice. But just saying that it is "Non-useful app and its paid!!!" You are downgrading someone's hard work. And also letting everyone know that you can't afford the price of this app and you rather have it for free....really?
    And just in case, if my humour got lost on you. My above comment to TiLoBrown was meant as a light hearted joke. Get it now?
  • Just because MS band is new in the market, no one should be allowed to exploit its expansion. A lot of BETTER apps are free. They addict and then they kill. That should be the scope. No need for be being any Einst.. (whatever!) but I preffer some meat first! Im sure you are not a geek and have been on a date! why date! just marry!  
  • Got you, Have been married for a while now with 2 kids already, how about you?
  • 12 years married and 1 kid!   And Apologies! I got you light-heartedness now!
  • Cool, just celebrated 25th and took vows again for next 25!
    No worries :)
  • Awesome!!! So (deducing....) you must be over 50!! My apologies again for being such a disrespectful person!
  • No worries, I don't take anything I read on these comments section personally. Nope, have not celebrated 50th just yet. Got married bit early for my liking :)
  • I would actually love that
  • In that case, I just might download the SDK and learn to write some code, just for you :)
    Jokes aside, actually I am also very active person and one thing I always forget is to drink enough water. I would love to have something that automatically measures amount of water/salt in my body and remind me. There was a some fitness tracker (can't remember the name, I think it was crowd funding project) few months ago that claimed that it will have this function and automatic cal count as well. Not sure what happened to that project.
  • Waterstones (a British bookstore) did something like that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klBLL4Y5f8A
  • I'm always walking so I don't need to be reminded. I always go over my limit
  • Its not a limit, its a target! If you consistently go over it, raise it.
  • But, but, I was to strive for the minimum in everything I do!
  • Its the American way!!
  • It is the interval of inactivity that is the point. Not sure I need it, but there are people looking for exactly this type of reminder.
  • Honestly im glad Microsoft created a product that can fill the windows store, now hope the Xbox is the next to do that once its added
  • hopefully the XBox will bring in more games... and also lets not forget Hololens... its a new category and based on current interest, devs may start developin for that too.. fingers crossed :D
  • I bought the Garmin vivofit for this feature and it drove me nuts. It was motivational for a day or two but after that getting up to walk just because became annoying. I sold my vivofit a few days later.
  • But as they mentioned in the article you can enable and disable this app..in other words, this app is more flexible.
  • You can enable disable, set a time frame so It doesn't ask you at 10pm to walk, won't bother you during appointments, our vivofit does none of that.
  • I need this app. When you work at a desk all day, sometimes you need a reminder to get up and move.
  • If I wanted an Apple Watch feature then I would just buy an Apple Watch and an iPhone. I would guess that most people who bought the MS Band are already active anyway.
  • The feature doesn't have cooties just because the Apple Watch has it. Why not have this in the band for those who want it?
  • I wonder how far this "health" stupidity will go.
  • This health "stupidity"? For people who live healthily it will go on for a few decades after your bitter unhealthy life has already ended. But who cares about living longer, there's always the next life, right?
  • I'm not paying a dollar for reminders I have alarms that can be labeled "walk" that need no additional software.
  • remind me to walk IF i didn't walk more than 100 steps. Can you set that reminder? With this app you can. Without it you can't.
  • Well remember your wallpaper on the band has the option to show step count. That should be reminder enough that you haven't met your step goal.
  • Your wearing it wrong, and one dollar for a forever purchase...people are cheap. Also I don't even know my goal is, I don't use my band like that. But my wife passed up the band cause it didn't have this exact feature. And she got a device she likes for nearly a 4th of the cost. So having this on a more expensive device is a good thing.
  • Can't you just use Cortana to set reminders throughout the day?
  • Yes you can
  • If you remember to and those reminders are non adaptive.
  • No, Cortana doesn't have support for "when I've been sedentary for x minutes."
  • Though this app could give Cortana this functionality of they add Cortana support in an update Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So many negative comments, bet if Microsoft added this for free people would be crying for joy. What a bunch of cheapskates.
  • While some people might find this useful it's not for everyone, me included. I just see it as adding a feature to immitate the Apple Watch although I do agree with you on the cheapskate comment as it's only $0.99.
  • I didn't know the Apple Watch could do this. Plus you have to get an iPhone to use the Apple Watch, so the Band is still a lot better. Not to mention the Apple Watch came out after the Band and the Samsung Gear, so who's immitating who?
  • Actually the jawbone had this feature in the days of the fitbit one. I'm happy that i can have the same feature and only for .99 cents. For me it's a great reminder to get up when i'm not very active. You could set up an hourly reminder, but this is better, it adds an "IF" to the equation. Remind me every "add time span" IF my step count is below "number"
  • It's amazing how many people won't bother paying £0.79 or £0.99 for a decent, helpful app. I used to think like that, but the older I get the more I value others hard work and talent. It's worth paying for truly decent apps.
  • Calling people cheap isn't going to encourage buying. Comments are to express opinions or thoughts. I welcome the dev to the store but, for some of us it isn't useful enough. Even if it was free it would be a waste for me and it would be too distracting from work.
  • And we wonder why iOS developers arenot rushing over...
  • Exactly!
  • A cheapskate is someone with other interests then you. I know cheapskates, for real and still they spend money on stuff I never knew existed...
  • I wonder what the referee to research defines as 'premature death.'
  • Brilliant !!! As article says "don't know why Microsoft didn't think of it". This was the 1 thing I wanted as I work in an office and get so engrossed in my work and forget to get up and walk. My Band is now complete.
  • Doesn't work on 2nd 10 preview Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great idea. It would be cool if Microsoft bought these features from the developer and incorporated them into the health app.
  • Wow, a lot of negative comments about an app that is nothing but a plus to the Band app catalog. There are plenty of people who would gladly forego an extra soda to get an app that reminds them to take a walk if they haven't for a while, as opposed to an hourly alert to walk even if you have been. Apps like this are the difference between a smart device and a glorified alarm. If you don't need such an app, save your dollar and don't get it. And since I know of someone who recently bought a Vivofit 2 primarily for this very feature, I think it's availability is nothing but a good thing for Band sales.
  • Bossy, how about "Shift your fat arse"? :D
  • I just published a similar app that will keep track of your daily pace in calories.  It compares to a goal you set (separate from your band goal, that can't be reached AFAIK) and shows you whether you are under or over your pace (With a live tile that changes color).  Check it out if that sounds good to you, so far it's working well for me...   https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/band-calorie-pace/32bf5231-...
  • I would love to check it out, however it doesnt seem to be available in the UK.
  • That's weird..  It shows that I've made it available in the UK (this is the first app I've ever published so I'm not too sure).  I've found that you can search for the app with the term "band calorie" so maybe that would help?
  • Won't let me set background task, staying greyed out. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong
  • You need to press pin tile first. If this gives an error, you are probably at the maximum limit of tiles on your band. The fix is to go into Microsoft Health app and remove a tile, then retry. The developer should change the error message as "MissingManifestResource" is not at all user friendly. It ought to tell you that the band tiles are maxed out and that you need to remove one first. Might be worth someone tweeting the developer to suggest it @alexkven (I don't have access to Twitter at the moment). Hope this is useful. I'm not affiliated with the application, just a fellow app-user who ran into the same issue. WindowsCentral Staff - Might be worth adding this to the main article. A lot of people are using their band at full tiles capacity I would guess.
  • So had problem, removed tile, now on band but all settings greyed out. Removed app from phone started from scratch (with tile space available) same problem.
  • Did you press "pin tile" in the app? Did it give any error message? Is the tile visible on your band? Have you tried "restart background process" button?
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  • Tried all above. Tile is visible on band. Restart background task button not doing anything. No error message. Very baffled
  • Is anyone else having a problem getting this app to work.  I can't seem to pin the tile to my MS Band.  Keep getting an error message saying "MissingManifestRe Arguments:"    
  • Mine isn't working even with space for a new tile Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Have you made a space for the tile on your band. That's the error message I got till I made space. However, still can't get mine to work, all the background task stuff is greyed out :-(