The Walking Dead zombie sweepstakes

Windows Phones are used by the walking dead as well as the living. AMC and Bing are running a sweepstake that will see the lucky winner take part in The Walking Dead season 3. For more information on how to enter and what the rules are, head on over to the sweepstake page below. Note that this is open for U.S. residents only.

Source: The Walking Dead (opens in new tab), via: WMPU (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Thanks!
  • Nice. The Walking Dead is such a good show!!
  • so I guess it's safe to say that Microsoft said #)*$# standard adverticement, and just went and targeted all of the top tv shows.Walking DeadPsychedHawaii Five-OSCISKeep it coming MS!
  • How could ANYTHINGbe more fun??? Best show on TV! Wonder if ya win and get to be a zombie if they would let ya pick how you would die?? I want my head cut off with a meat clever, while my Wife is voting for a knitting needle in her eye ....
  • They film here in Atlanta and they have spots for zombie extras quite often. I have to wonder what kind of role it is.