Wapple (www.wapple.net) is a mobile and cross-screen marketing company providing design, device delivery technology and consultation to worldwide clients. The company is looking to address the "rapidly expanding Windows Phone and tablet consumer base" by ramping up resources to increase support for businesses, delivering apps to both Windows Phones and tablets.

Announced in a press release, Wapple quotes a recent report from Kantar Worldpanel, which showed Windows Phone experiencing substantial growth to hit just shy of 10 percent in Europe. Windows 8 is also on the rise in the tablet and PC market, grabbing almost 8 percent according to StatCounter. This data is firing up the furnaces for more content to be created.

Here's what Anne Thomas, CEO of Wapple, had to comment on the announcement:

"These are incredible gains for Microsoft who have previously been criticised for making a late play in the tablet and smartphone game. They show no signs of slowing down and could even snowball.  Brands are going to have to establish apps for these platforms to ensure a successful cross-screen marketing strategy and marketers should act fast because there is a fantastic opportunity right now for businesses to capitalise on this growth whilst the Stores remain relatively free of competing apps."

There's also the whole Nokia Microsoft deal going down, which would provide Redmond the means to further develop its mobile platform in-house, taking full advantage of what Nokia's hardware division has to offer. Wapple will be looking to work with brands who wish to build content for consumers on Windows and Windows Phone - great news for those who seek more official apps.

Didlr Windows 8

We've already seen more official apps make their way to the platform, not to mention Instagram well on the way. With support like this becoming less of a rare sighting, you can expect to see many more brands following suit. Wapple has already worked with the likes of Didlr, a popular cross-platform doodling social network, with apps available on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone.