Coming a week after the game's launch, Watchdogs 2 is finally set to roll out its seamless multiplayer experience to everyone. Ubisoft announced that the seamless multiplayer experience has already rolled out to Playstation 4, and the experience will roll out to Xbox One later this evening.

Watch Dogs 2's seamless multiplayer going live on Xbox today

According to Ubisoft, seamless multiplayer will enable the following features via the Multiplayer app:

  • Invite friends to co-op or search for new co-op partners
  • Hack into a rival hacker's world
  • Find targets for Bounty Hunts or trigger a bounty on themselves

Ubisoft notes that it is continuing to keep an eye on the performance of seamless multiplayer, and it's holding back a couple of features for now. Should all continue to run smoothly, other multiplayer features will be added, like Bounty mode without using the app, and encountering other players for co-op missions and DedSec events.

In any case, you should expect seamless multiplayer to go live for Xbox One within the day.