Watch HoloLens bring a map to life in mixed reality

While there have been a number of demos of what developers can do with HoloLens, many of those have been presented at Microsoft events. A new video demonstrates what developers can do with the headset when left to their own devices. Coming from Romeriaux on YouTube, the video shows off a simple geographic information system (GIS) app running on the HoloLens, projecting a campus on a table as though it were actually there.

This is an interesting use of HoloLens that we haven't really seen before. GIS applications, often used to map out buildings or terrain, seem well-suited to use with an augmented reality headset. It's certainly a nice proof-of-concept, and we look forward to seeing what other independent developers can come up with for HoloLens.

Joseph Keller
  • Reminds me a bit of the construction examples they had in early videos for the HoloLens.  Architecture/civil engineering is definitely going to be one of the biggest commercial uses... along with medical...
  • That was by a Company called Trimble...
  • They should also work on a GPS system. It could lay out directions for walking or driving by putting a yellow line on the road (follow the yellow brick road).
  • Remember it only works indoors. It needs to be able to map the room. However if you can now target specific surfaces, then this has lots of new opportunities
  • I think there are some car companies working on something similar to that.  Like highlighting pedestrians, animals, etc, on a windshield display, so I'm sure they could use it for GPS directions as well.  I like that better than the idea of a self driving car.
  • Would love to see the Bing maps 3D using this!
  • it looks very good, for sure this is the future but to behonest this version is a bit ehmm... average? Imagine google glass with holo lens technology, that would be better
  • "this version" to what are you referring?  This version of Hololens or the demo this person was giving?
  • Can you really compare the 2? I don't think that would be fair for Google Glass... Posted with the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or Surface Pro 3
  • Google glass didn't have the sensors to do this type of thing. But no doubt Hololens will eventually shrink down to a similar size.
  • Are you aware that the video and picture captures of what the user sees is much lower quality than what you actually see while wearing a HoloLens? But anyway, comparing it to Google Glass is pointless, the HoloLens is not something you would walk around town with creeping people out and looking like a ******, it's a piece of equipment that you can actually do amazing things with rather than just a gimmicky failed project. Posted from my Lumia 950
  • Hololens 2 should be able to mix the hand with the holograms, as soon as the hand was behind the hologram the magic broke :( Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • I agree. It's like seeing a mic boom in a movie. I don't think there's any reason it can't be done they have depth sensing cameras. It could even be solved with software....when something hand shaped goes across the hologram, cut the shape of it out of the hologram.
  • It's a little more complicated. The spatial mapping isn't realtime. Every few seconds it refreshes it's environment. I'm assuming either the depth cameras are power intensive or the processing algorithms are.
  • Send small mapping drones to map out hostile terrain/ buildings. Use the data to brief soldiers with actual 3D models of layout and scale.
  • Wow. Yeah that could actually happen. Or better yet, how about you map your own neighborhood, then create a video game from it on the hololens, then export to Windows 10 to play!
  • I always thought they should make something like that for racing games.  Mount something to your car, a' la , Google streetview, and map out different roads.  Then import it into your Xbox.  It would be even better if you could share the maps with your friends, and see who can get the best time through your neighborhood, lol.
  • This article is no coincidence, leap motion came out with their own AR. They claim better graphic but they didn't tell of theirs is tethered or not.
  • this along with wireless continuum..looks like Tony Stark's lab 
  • The future is now :D
  • I actually have a need for this...