Watch Microsoft discuss Surface Neo, Surface Duo experiences at today's Developer Day

Surface Duo
Surface Duo (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Developer day will show off the Surface Neo, Surface Duo, and Windows 10X experiences.
  • The event starts at 11:30 ET and will be live-streamed by Microsoft.
  • There's a full day of developer sessions scheduled, and you can check out the agenda at Microsoft's event site (opens in new tab).

Today's Microsoft Developer Day is a chance for developers to learn how to optimize app experiences for the Surface Neo, Surface Duo, and Windows 10. Microsoft will discuss using SDKs and emulators for the devices and operating system, designing apps for dual-screen devices, and building dual-screen experiences for the web.

Microsoft first shared information about Developer Day when it announced the dual-screen preview SDK. Microsoft summarized some of the key points it will discuss at the event:

  • Get the most out of these SDKs and emulators
  • Use cross platform tools and languages
  • Design apps for dual-screen devices
  • Build dual-screen experiences on the web
  • Connect your apps with Microsoft 365

You can get a full look at the agenda at Microsoft's virtual event site (opens in new tab). The day kicks off with Microsoft discussing how Windows 10X runs UWP and Win32 apps. Later, Microsoft will show developers how to get started with Microsoft Emulator and Windows 10X.

Microsoft will also discuss how to build dual-screen experiences with Windows UI and Windows 10X and dual-screen app UX guidance. Several items on the agenda cover using different methods to create apps, including creating cross-platform dual-screen experiences with Xamarin, building cross platform experiences with React Native, and how to build dual-screen experiences for the web and web apps.

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  • Please Microsoft do something about those 2014 bezels. Can't the screen be taken up the the hinges?
  • I disagree in a way. For me a device this big needs them but maybe not as big as they are.
  • I could argue that if the bezels were on the sides, due to "holding" the device, but top and bottom don't make any sense. Although like I mentioned below bezels aren't make or break for me.
  • That bezel makes it look dated. The screens could be so much bigger with the same footprint. What a waste of space.
  • In general, I think people make too big of a deal about bezels. Same thing with notices/pinholes/etc.
  • I don't care about bezels (I mean bezelless is nice, but it's only a bonus, not something I actively seek), I care about holes in my screen. If I had a phone with a notch/pinhole, I would want an option to have the screen stop before that blemish because if I'm watching a movie or playing a game I don't want an irregular screen shape and I certainly don't want part of the viewing screen to be cut out.