Sea of Thieves is a polarizing title. On the one hand, players yearning for a more traditional RPG experience have been decrying the lack of progression in the game, while millions of others have been sailing the seas, indulging in social experiences utilizing the intersecting mechanics offered by the game.

I saw this video from groble on Twitter, and just had to share, as it truly represents the magic that Rare has managed to capture in Sea of Thieves.

In the video (you might have to disable adblockers to view it above), two young chaps drop free chests on groble's boat, noting that they're doing "good deeds" for Good Friday. Watching the video, I was expecting groble to slay them, or for the lads to blow up a powder keg and destroy the boat, or... something. I was expecting something mean to happen. But no, the wholesome pirates swim back to their boat, humming a merry tune.

In a world where gamer toxicity is persistently in the limelight, it's important to remember that kindness does exist on the world wide web. Rare seems to have built a game that, while designed from the ground up for piracy, theft, and, well, evil, that somehow, it is inspiring positive behavior that isn't often equated with multiplayer games.

Sea of Thieves is available now for Xbox and PC for $59.99, and $9.99 on Xbox Game Pass.

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