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The We Are JUXT Lumia 920 photography experience: Tips and tricks for getting the ideal photo

Photo by Abdul Aziz

We briefly mentioned the Windows Phone partnership with We Are JUXT, a community of mobile photography enthusiasts ( Recently, ten of the most influential members of the We Are JUXT community were challenged to shoot exclusively with a Nokia Lumia 920. 

The group were asked to shoot exclusively with the Windows Phone for an eight day period and share a few tips on how to take the best pictures. The end result: a respectable collection of tips on not only how to take better photos but how to approach mobile photography as a whole.

Read on for these great tricks on how to better hone your mobile photo skills!

The photographers who have posted their tips were impressed with the Lumia 920's camera's performance as well as a number of photography apps available for our Windows Phones.   Each photographer seems to approach things a little different than the next, giving us a broad perspective on photography.  Here are a just a few samplings from the tips these mobile photographers had to offer.

Holly T is a wife, mom, and homemaker in northern Indiana. She describes her photography as very random and shoots what catches her eye but is always drawn to a good sunset.  She tried the native camera app and then tried Clever Camera where see commented,

"Then it happened. I opened Clever Camera and took a shot. And I got that feeling. I fell in love with that camera so hard it’s ridiculous. I’m actually dreaming of taking trips to different countries just to shoot with Clever Camera. No joke. Autofocus is great, but manual focus really lets you get in closer. I love being able to control it."

Photo by Mike Hill

Mike H. hails from Orlando, Florida but was born and raised in New Orleans. He loves the idea that he can take a photo and edit it with something that is in his pocket and always have it with him. His photography is of urban exploration and and abandoned places. He keeps things dark, detailed, moody and gritty.

One of his many tips,

"The editing process starts when you see the thing you want to photograph. Pay attention to your light and framing. If you’re like me and mostly shoot in black and white remember that your subject will be reduced to it’s most basic forms and textures. Pay attention to those, the way the light hits them and the little dance they do."

We Are JUXT is a fabulous resource for mobile photography for those just starting their adventure in photography to those who are more seasoned. One of the tips offered by Wilmington, Delaware photographer David N. is one of my favorites.

"Bottom Line, learn the device, and you’ll enjoy using it. Dedicate yourself to the camera you are carrying and go see the world."

You can find all the tips and wisdom of the We Are JUXT mobile photographers here and the full We Are JUXT: Windows Phone Experience photo gallery here at Flickr. (opens in new tab)

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Source: We Are JUXT, Lead Photo Source: Flickr (opens in new tab)

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

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    Congrats on another great pic!  
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  • My 920 is my point and shoot left a Kodak 12.1 mp for the Lumia and don't regret it. I'm not a photographer but I can beautiful pics. With my 920 kids beach and night
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  • Something must be wrong with my 920, low light pictures are not great and it seems even regular pictures are a bit out of focus. My wife has an 8X and it takes better pictures. I think it's time to go to the MS store and see what's going on. Sorry for the tangent, those are very nice pictures!!
  • Mine is the same way... I think its just because I've dropped it a ton and I've messed up some sensors or the springs for the OIS
  • Impressive photos. Is amazing how these pictures were taken from the lumia 920.
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