We can only hope this is how apps are born

Let it never be said that the Windows Mobile dev team doesn't have a sense of humor. Peep the video after the break.

Warning: This Facebook video about Windows Marketplace may contain scenes that are inappropriate for small children, eagles, octopi, other furry creatures and anyone who doesn't like to hear NSFW language bleeped out. For everyone else, prepare to laugh your buttocks off.

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  • *whistle* How about's we just get the cool apps made, Microsoft? I hope they did this off the clock, and not as an ad or something... let's just stick to getting apps MADE, eh, Microsoft? We're falling WAY behind in light of the pre, iphone3, and andriod 1-5...
  • are you kidding me? dont attempt to be such a stickler...cuz MS is honestly not that far behind when it comes to their app store. i guess you dont really understand the big picture here...this is a goofy pitch to encourage developers to jump onto the windows marketplace platform. of all the top downloaded apps for the iphone, and android how many do you think are actually developed by apple, or google. thats NOT how the game works, and not a successful business model for any company. and in all honesty, apple claims to have the biggest app store, and the "app for everything" but windows mobile has undoubtedly just as many if not more apps for it than the iphone does. just check out the unofficial stores like handango for more info (mind u handango has about 20k apps...and its not even an official store) *by the way, as far as numbers of apps or the pre...though theres hardly any...MS is will ahead of them as well, being that the SDK for the webOS isn't even out yet for the pre.
  • It IS nice too see a personal side to M$. Just please, name one cool, neat, or innovative app from Microsoft that has no third-party involvement.
  • How about Microaoft Recite or Live mesh?
  • Or, um, MS-DOS? Or even Windows? (Flame on!)
  • "The Windows Mobile dev team doesn't have a sense of humor." At least they know two more beautiful women than I do.
  • That Asian chick is hot.
    Makes me want to go code something
  • Nice to see a human side, the personality. People who look like they've seen sunshine. And, women? Wow, who knew? Our drink calculator will make it to the marketplace soon. Something fun.
  • wtf? where'd the video go? more cowardice from the soft?
  • Eh, dunno, but there's a YT version on here now.