We may learn more about the mysterious WhartonBrooks Windows 10 Mobile phone on Sept. 10

WhartonBrooks, the company that announced in August plans to launch a Windows 10 Mobile phone, will hold a "meet and greet" event at a Microsoft Store in Connecticut on Sept. 10.

The company revealed its event plans on its Facebook page:

We are hosting a meet & greet event at the Microsoft Store in WestFarms Mall in CT on September 10th at 11AM. Join us to learn more about our plans for Windows phone.

So far, WhartonBrooks has been keeping most of the details about the phone to itself, but claiming that it will "radically change the mobile computing industry." In addition, WhartonBrooks has launched its own podcast, with two episodes so far. The podcast features the company's president and CEO Greg Murphy and its Chief Strategy and Planning Officer Derek Egerman. In the first episode, Murphy talks in general about the features for the phone, which he says can be used as a PC and tablet, as well as a smartphone. He also hinted that the phone will come with its own built-in kickstand, and that it will have advanced camera features.

The second episode has both Murphy and Egerman talking about the beginnings of their phone plans. Apparently, the original plan was to create Windows apps, but they changed and WhartonBrooks decided to go all out to make a Windows 10 Mobile phone.

Hopefully we will actually get some concrete details about WhartonBrooks's Windows 10 Mobile phone at this event next week.

John Callaham
  • New OEM.
  • Unlikely. A couple guys with no prior experience in phone business does not OEM make. More like kickstarter I would guess.
  • At least they're excited to show what they're made of.
  • Another whiner; complain about not having phones yet when someone announces one we make sarcastic comments. If the phone looks good and has a cheap price I'll buy one to compliment my surface phone of out comes out.
  • He's obviously so much better than them. Probably more successful as well, he could take over the smartphone market in the blink of an eye.
  • It's a scam. Their website looks like it was made yesterday: www.WhartonBrooks.com
  • ...by Dale and Brennan
  • Looks okay to me... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • There is phone number and email.  Not fake. 
  • Nice to see some Windows Phone options & I hope this is a premium phone.  
  • Love the enthusiasm!
  • Inb4 another Snapdragon-6xx-720p-mid-range device...
  • Holy crap Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Interesting!
  • Hmm very interesting.
  • Now, now what can this be....
  • Well if anyone here attends please remind them that "advanced camera features" MUST include a physical camera button!
  • Lol
  • This Posted via
    Trump 2016
  • Get us cheaper Continumm phones and you'll get our attention.  
  • They'll get YOUR attention.
  • Nuans Neo is an option if you want to try Continuum:{Cheaper Phone}
  • Sorry, i need to see it to believe it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Vapourware !
  • Only Windows phones worth buying are Lumias !
  • Good luck buying a new one of those, then.
  • I think microsoft is changing direction.  Lumia brand ended.
  • Built in stand, the one feature that I have been waiting for and hope the "surface phone" will hopefully have, if it ever comes out that is.
  • I miss that, had it on my HD7 Posted via
    Trump 2016
  • Can't wait to see what they have to show us :)
  • Hope they aren't planning on selling more than a few hundred. Even that would be generous. Just ask NuAns how well Windows phones by no name manufacturers are received. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nuansneo/nuans-neo-windows-10-mobile Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • NuansNeo.  5" HD, Snapdragon 617.  not good.  Nobody want to buty that.  expect something better. I would get syncphone, and there were buyers, but project ended in limited time.       
  • I guessing some even more special way of runnin X86 in that ! HP already does it but who knows.
  • I'm excited. We have Jade Primo, Elite X3, Vaio, NuAns, Mouse Computing, more and more are building Windows Phones!
  • If they can show off a prototype or final model of what they have, I'm satisfied with it. Will I buy it? Unless it's x86 probably not since I'm not seeing a reason to upgrade from a Lumia 830.
  • 830 is a good phone
  • Fingers crossed it's a good one!
  • If they have a chance in hell....They cannot use Wharton Brooks!  that would their killer right there!  Interesting.  If that is a photo of the phone,  I love the blue aluminum color!
  • Has anyone every heard of this company before? Any examples of previous projects?
  • It looks like they're new. Their FAQ has an entry for "Is this real… seems like you were born yesterday?" and this is their answer:
    WhartonBrooks and our desire to build a Windows phone was conceived on November 22, 2014.  We have been working at this ever since.  We announced our plan on August 25, 2016. As part of that launch process, we created the nodes for people to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud. It seems like we are new because we are! No worries though, Windows phones are our passion and we aren’t going anywhere.
  • It seems like their main page for this project is: From their FAQ: http://ceruleanmobile.whartonbrooks.com/
    What is the ultimate smartphone? Is it the ultra-spec’d out device at a cost of $800? Or is it a smartphone that is accessible to everyone?  Or is it a smartphone that does the best features of Windows 10 Mobile and is beautifully elegant?  Does it have the right specs and memory capacity to be highly performant?  Is it thin, light, and highly portable? Is it from a company that is a fan of the platform and built around a community joined in the story to make something special? (Listen to our story today) For us, a beautifully designed smartphone that is highly performant with untethered access to the PC experience, with accessories and partnerships to support the platform, and is accessible to EVERYONE is the ultimate Windows Phone. With that said, we are just beginning and we have a FANtastic starting point.  Future phones will be driven by your feedback and comments.
  • So...we are already on Sep 11th....Anything on this supose meeting or event or whatever?