The Weather Channel hits v1.5, gets iWitness Weather feature

Good news for you Weather Channel fans as that app gets a bump to version 1.5 today. Not too much has changed but there is a whole new section called iWitness Weather (cute). Basically it's localized pics people took of, well, the weather in your area. Sub-sections include nearby, featured and categories. Oddly enough, there doesn't seem to be a way to upload photos to the feature, which makes it a one way street for now.

The photos are kind of interesting, though we see some shots of dogs and people too meaning "verification" seems lax. Not exactly a killer feature, but nice anyways. And is it us or is the animated-weather new? You can grab the update in the Marketplace here.

(Thanks, David M., for the heads up!)

Daniel Rubino

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  • I see there is now a splash screen that you'll miss if you blink. Curiously, the version display on the splash screen is 1.5.1.
  • Animated weather was there before 1.5 :-)
  • But it didn't work worth a damn though, not on my Trophy anyway. It's better now, but still feels awfully slow.
  • Well, it worked on my HTC HD7.
  • There's no mobile upload because you need use a account to do it. So they need to add login functionality to the app. And FYI, you can go to to browse all pics and to upload something once you have an account there.Stange that only 9 pictures show up for me, and that they're all beauty shots of mountains, water, sky, etc. I'm near Seattle, and when I browse on the iwitness site, I see plenty of city shots like the Space Needle and so forth. Not sure why those wouldn't show up on the app as well.