Popular app Weave News Reader receives copyright claim from French company, may be delisted

We’re not IP lawyers by a long shot, but we know when a company appears to be making a spurious claim. Such is the case with the French site Weave.eu, who have filed a complaint against the developers behind Weave News Reader on Windows Phone.

The claim looks to be IP trolling for a few reasons, including the fact that the French site isn’t a news, or a news aggregator that uses RSS technology. What’s more, their "community trademark" was established in 2012, which is about two years after Weave hit Windows Phone way back in 2010.

The company appears to have several trademarks on ‘WEAVE’ but they do not leverage them as actual products, products which could be confused with Weave News Reader on Windows Phone. That’s sort of the definition of patent troll, and Seles Games believes they may be acting on behalf of RSS competitors that originate in France.

Regardless of the logic and seemingly nonsensical claim, Microsoft has informed Seles Games, who are behind Weave News Reader, to “fix” their app ASAP or risk having it delisted from the Store with 24-hours. So far, Microsoft has been reluctant to get in the middle of the dispute, and instead are just going through the motions, assuming that the complaint is legit.

Like we said, we’re not IP lawyers, but the claim looks to be specious from our perspective. Hopefully all the parties can come to an agreement, or at the very least, Microsoft won’t fold on this without good reason. But if Weave News Reader suddenly disappears from the Store, you’ll know why.

You can follow Seles Games on Twitter, where they’re trying to raise support at @SelesGames or by tweeting @microsoft and @windowsphone. Download their apps (while you can) below:

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Daniel Rubino

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  • I read this earlier today from a post made by a member on the forums. Its bad news as the app has been doing really well in the WP store. Wonder if they would battle out the infringement or just step down.
  • Really sad. I have been using weave since wp7/ Samsung focus days, its awesome. It was the original news app before Bing etc showed up
  • We are definitely trying to fight this via social media, contacting Microsoft, and anything else we can think of. A lot of people calling their office might help too.  Via their contact page http://weave.eu/contact/ Trademark troll's phone number: +33 (0)1 58 44 58 44
  • +1020!!!!! (+41)
  • Reading this from the weave app. Which is my favorite app. Don't let them win.
  • I don't understand how they got granted the patent when you had the namer first..... F*ck them   I dont use the app never even heard of it but sure as hell hate patent trolls   I would fight it out in court
  • If you are calling from the U.S. to France, the correct way to dial the number is: 011 33 1 58 44 58 44
  • Kinda sad since Weave is one of my top apps on my phone since WP7. I pray the developer will just get a new name and make the app stay with us :(
  • Funny... I just quit using it yesterday, in favor of Flipboard and the official WPcentral app.
  • Official flipboard app?
  • Flipboard is never coming at this point
  • Just read last week that they are still working on it for WP.
  • Probably on windows 8, not windows phone
  • Explain me wats its used for ?
  • http://tinyurl.com/nowk2q3
  • I'm a guy that knows when to bookmark a link sir, well played!
  • If I am not mistaken Tom Warren tweeted after build 2014 on flipboard running on WP 8.1
  • oh no :( still among my top favorites
  • Damn. I bought this app.   I hope this can be resolved. It is a pretty good app, even if lately my usage of it has declined a little bit.
  • I left it 2 months back for magnify. loved it !
  • Not relevant.
  • NO! :-o It's a must have app for me! Its amazing! FIGHT WEAVE! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!
  • Let them sue, if they were set up after real weave, winning the case shouldn't be a problem.
  • No doubt Seles would win, but it would cost a lot of money. That is the bullshit aspect of patent,trademark, and copyright trolling.
  • We could all send useless emails to weave.eu and complain. Is there a way to report this kind of bs to the EU?
  • If they did not register the name and the claiming party can make it stick that selesgames using then name in some way damages them they will loose the name..  
  • They're not making products apparently, Seles Games is.
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Those mother duckers!!
  • Weave is getting famous and 4 years later they wanna take it down those mother duckers.
  • It's one of the most used app on my phone. :(
  • I am calm as NextGen Reader user.
  • Nobody here gives a shit, as we're talking about Weave mmmkay?
  • +Like
  • Rename it just to "Wave" and case closed!
  • How about this alternative: "Trademark this, you bunch of trolling bastards - RSS news app"
  • I don't use weave but I HATE tactics like this!
  • Bastards! My favourite RSS app since the wp7 days.
  • Mine too, and the worst part is, I had to hard reset my phone today and it's not in the marketplace any more....I freaking paid $9.99 for this app, I want to use it...
  • If you're using it and have it installed, you don't ave anything to worry about.
  • Ya you do.  If the app is pulled we're not going to keep supporting it.  If you like the app, fight for it.  Email Microsoft, email these patent trolls, email the law firm.
  • In other words we don't really care enough to put any effort in.. great attitude you guys show there.. If you did not register the name likely you will loose becaue of it and it would appear you will then just dump the title.
  • I guess it's more of a principle thing - if MS doesn't support them, then they'll stop support of the app.  But MS is in a no win situation here, they have no real choice but to respect copyright/trademark issues and follow procedures even thought it is obvious trolling in this case. 
  • Actually MS is not in a no win situation. If this French company takes Seles to court and wins - then Microsoft needs to step in. They don't need to step in unless there is a court order. This is just ridiculous. Just because MS has decided to not fight any trademark disputes lately doesn't mean they need to bend over for every single "strongly worded letter" a company receives. This is pretty much garbage at this point.
  • We are literally hammering away at every avenue available to us to fight this, and have already filed the necessary forms with Microsoft.  The more people messaging Microsoft about this, the more likely they are to address it.  It is very easy for them to ignore it if no one speaks out. Not to mention we were in the middle of a giant server update, and this whole thing is taking us away from being able to work on the actual product.  If we wanted to be laywers, we would have gone to law school. Err, wait were you trolling us to?  
  • He had to have been. Where is a good avenue to contact Microsoft? I blame them really for choosing to instantly side with this claim and wag their finger at the developer.
  • MS doesn't make it easy to contact them, or at least to direct it to someone relevant. It would be awesome if we could email Joe Belfiore, but I don't have his email.  His twitter handle is @joebelfiore We've also been trying @windowsphone and @microsoft on Twitter
  • If the letter posted above is legit, that their trademark was granted in 2002 for class 38, I don't see any options for them...they'll have to rebrand.
  • As well a quick search shows this company trademarked the name in 2008. But don't see the point really, it's not as if people are getting confused by this are they? if they had an app called weave that did the same as sele games weave then I could understand.
  • Nice picture in that picture.
  • That's the only reason why I clicked on this article. Then I came to support weaves cause when I saw them comment here.
  • I thought about getting Weave back when i had my Titan II, but when they decided to increase the price of their app from 1.99 to 9.99, I passed.
  • The application wants to attract people with girl's bikini ))
  • Great app.  Great picture.
  • Nice picture Daniel.
  • For now my news app are Magnify, newser, and Bing. But this used to be a personal favorite, sad news
  • NOOOOOO Weave is the best news app in the Store right now.  It's the only news reader with OneDrive integration (no stupid Google account required).  I hope they can simply just rename the app.
  • Noo, don't let this happen Microsoft, it's on a top position on my Windows phone start screen.
  • They shouldn't bother, just rename the app and save the money. Call it "Knit" lol. I use Weave as my main news aggregator, its really one of the best apps, especially since it doesn't use Google Services and it also syncs effortlessly between Windows and Windows Phone. I just want the app to stick around. I'm not sure how much value there is in the name, but from the amount of news I see seems like NextGen Reader has better brand recognition vs Weave right now. Hopefully their app and services stick around.
  • I totally agree with you.  I don't understand why NextGen gets better recognition.  Weave (especially the latest version) is super fast, and is the only one that syncs flawlessly using OneDrive (without any need of a Google account).  Love it.  I hope they simply rename the app.
  • We will not be renaming the app.  There are a ton of apps called Weave - no one bothers to sue the others because it's just... cowardly.  Anyways, we officially renamed the app to "Weave News Reader" years ago, and that is how it is listed in the store
  • F em. Trolls.
  • Couldn't have chosen a more appropro photo?
  • +1020
  • News like that make me think that IP laws have to be rewriten. That's absurd.
  • That's not the issue here. Its MS' cowardly reaction in support of a simple assertion of violation without any due process that has decided there is one that is the issue.
  • Might get delisted, you say? Time to download!
  • Nooooo! i love this app
  • Boobs photo bomb
  • Damn it, they should have trademarked "weave"...that would have put an end to this nonsensical trolling..
  • I hate things like that...