Inbound Weave update brings Pocket support, redesigned Share screen and more. Here’s your first look

If you’re a fan of Weave, the popular news aggregator app for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, get ready to start checking for updates. Version 8.6.5 should be hitting the Store anywhere between the next few hours and tomorrow. That’s the Windows Phone 8 version and it has some swell additions, making it one of the more visually appealing news readers at your disposal.

Version 8.6.5 is not a major overhaul, but it does finally bring Pocket support ( With great apps like Poki or Pouch on Windows Phone, we find ourselves using the Pocket service more and more. With this update, when you hit the Share button, you’ll have Pocket and Instapaper as saving options. We’ve also heard there’s room for “one more” service, so look for that in another update.

Not only can you use Pocket but the app will auto-tag the articles for you based on the category the article was present under. For example, saving an article from our site will give you the tags ‘windows phone’ and ‘’. We like convenience and that feature fits the bill.

Besides adding Pocket support, the whole Share screen has been redesigned to be more touch friendly. It’s also looks super nice, as you can see in our lede photo.  Here are a few other changes with 8.6.5 that are noteworthy:

  • Mobilizer view has been re-stylized.  Enjoy the beautiful new reading experience!
  • Fixed a bug where the app would close when it shouldn't have upon pressing the back button
  • General bugs relating to overall app stability have been fixed
  • Numerous other bug fixes

Weave has been on Windows Phone since November 2010. You have to give the developers behind the app some credit for sticking with the OS for so long, constantly improving things as the technology changes. While you can add your own RSS feeds to Weave, it launches by letting you choose categories with pre-selected feeds to get you started. It’s a great way to get into news readers and visually speaking, Weave is top notch.

Weave comes in two version: paid or free. The paid version goes for $9.99, which is quite expensive, but if you use it every day, it’s certainly worth it. The free version is ad-supported, but otherwise fully functional. As a bonus though, the free version is ad-free throughout the month.

Pick up all versions, including the Windows 8 below:

Note: the 8.6.5 version we discuss in the article is not live yet, though it should be appearing in the next 24 hours. Download the app now and you’ll get an app update for when it arrives to try out the new features!

QR: Weave Free

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Greaat!!!
  • Looks beautiful.
  • That's awesome coz the ie bookmarklet still doesn't work for me
  • I love this app.
  • 9.99$ for no ads,wpcentral u wanna embezzle money.
  • Or some of us have disposable income and don't mind paying for things we like. Regardless, there's a free version with ads. (I should also mention lots of people bought this app before it went to $9.99, so for them it's a no brainer). If you believe in the free market, then either the $9.99 will work for Seles games or it won't. 
  • I don't even recall the original price but glad to have adopted this early. Still my favorite news reader.
  • Just tap an ad then hit back on your phone to close the resulting browser window and bam, ad-free experience the rest of the session.  Takes all of 3 seconds per session and you effectively have an ad-free version.
  • fwaits is correct, super easy to get the ad-free experience even in the free app.
  • What's up with that ugly gradient/fade on the share screen? Please remove it :(
  • Some apps are worth their weight. This one is a great app. I was looking for a good reader when i got WP7 to get all the RSS feeds from Windows phone, gaming, and US news. After trying about 10 of them, I found Weave to be the best of them all. I have even tried others while I had Weave, nothing replaces it. Free with ads but, I decided to support the dev and buy it when I had WP 7.8, as this is the best reader I have used hands down. No question in my mind, the best RSS reader in the marketplace hands down. I use this app every day and I am looking forward to this update. Yes, I did pay $9.99 for this one...
  • I love this app, use it more than any other. Yes, the price for removing ads is higher than normal, but to me it was worth it. Its very usable with ads, so its not necessary to pay. Either way, you are supporting this great dev.
  • On Windows Phone, it really is a different "experience" for reading the news, etc. I'm a big fan.
  • Daniel, how does this compare to Phonly? 
  • Phonly is real nice too but requires a Feedly account, whereas Weave doesn't. Weave is more of a standalone app that pulls in feeds, let's you add things and sync. Phonly is a front end for Feedly, which is itself just a service. So it's different approaches, even if the actual experience (pulling down articles) can be similar.
  • thanks!
  • Weave is great and keep in mind the ad version gets rid of the ads for that session if you click one.  Very easy to just tap one, then hit back to close the browser window that opens and bam ad-free experience for the rest of your session.
  • Got this app when it first came out. It used to be $1.99 I think? Either way its a great app that I use every day.
  • Hope pocket support means ability to read pocket saved articles too unlike nextgen rather than just sharing
  • Have you tried Poki for reading content saved in Pocket? Yeah it's a separate app from the news aggregator, but it's really good.
  • This. Poki (and Pouch) are the best Pocket experiences. Not fair to ask Weave to re-create that in their app, imo.
  • Poki and Pouch are great, and as Daniel said they are the best way to read your Pocket articles.
  • I have found myself really liking Owl Reader.  Poki is good but feels like it's still a work in progress (I don't mean this in a bad way).  Pouch just doesn't cut it for me.
  • i used to use weave before moving to Nextgen reader.....waiting patiently for Flipboard but i think i am losing interest on it.....
  • Weave is turning up. Nice.
  • I love WEAVE. This is a double tile on my 1020
  • Since Weave only supported Instapaper,  I had *just* set up an IFTTT recipe to automatically push my Instapaper updates to Pocket.   Minutes later, I see this article.   Thanks for taking the wind out of my sails, SG!    :^)   Seriously though,  great to have native Pocket support.
  • When is WPCentral content going to work with the mobilizer in Weave?
  • If all goes as planned, in about two hours. The fix will work for all new wpcentral articles viewed in Weave going forward
  • Awesome ! Thanks !
  • Thanks! It's working now!
  • much needed update , Thanks !
  • Daniel - You forgot to mention it's the only news reader app that fully supports OneDrive :-)... no stupid Google account required!  It syncs great between my WP8 phone and Win8.1 PC.
  • ^ This! ^
  • YES :D
  • Weave is one of my favourite apps. I bought it back in 2012, since it's so well-done, and the developer is very responsive to users.
  • Too bad WPCentral does not work in the mobilized. Is it your Google ads blocking you, Daniel?
  • It's that can't mobilize it for whatever reason. But we are applying a workaround in about two hours courtesy of a library that was made by the developer behind Poki. So some nice WP style synergy :)
  • Can you please add whatsapp integration? I regularly share the links to articles with my groups on whatsapp. At present I need to open it in the browser and then share it.
  • Also, on a slightly related note, will the W8 version be getting an update anytime soon? The ability to select specific articles to mark as read would be SWEET.
  • Does this update fix the bug where app had to be reopened in order to get live tile to stop showing unread articles even though they were marked as read?
  • No, that fix requires some server-side changes.  We've had to delay the fix while we were working to get the stuff that will get announced next week completed (not trying to be cryptic but it's NDA) and also we've been working on Nokia X and Asha versions
  • Any idea when that fix is coming? (Estimate is fine.) That's the only annoyance with Weave that bothers me.
  • We're hoping end of this month or first week of April.  It would be part of a large server rearchitecture, so no small undertaking
  • Thanks! I'm looking forward to it. The app will do everything I want once that is fixed.
  • Could you add the options to sync articles via Microsoft Account also for WP 7.8? I want to get rid of my google account and feedly. Thanks!
  • First impressions look good. Would like to experience the new article layouts and hopefully better reading. The addition of instapaper is probably something more for the US, but less interesting for the rest of the world. Hopefully things are also more cleaned up and less "double" in the main pivot page layout. Would indeed like to see it more...newspaperlike.
  • Its a good app for sure......but......they're asking £7.99 for it in the app store!! That ranks it amongst of one the most expensive apps available....even more expensive than Grand Theft Auto, which I thought was a bit pricey at £5.99 a few weeks ago. The weird thing is I downloaded Weave two weeks ago for free. How can something that was free suddenly become about 600% more expensive than any other rss reader in the store. I think the devs see really going to have to rethink their price point if they're looking to grow the user base.
  • There are 2 versions in the store. Free (ad supported) and paid. The free version can be virtually ad free simply by tapping an ad in the first article you read, then hit the back arrow to close the browser that opens. Ad free for the rest of the session now.
  • By the way, about Pocket clients. Guys, if you value actual functionality more than bells and whistles check out the not mentioned great client named Owl Reader. Much better, IMO
  • I use Owl Reader regularly, and its stellar. Way better than Pouch, which is still quite buggy in my experience
  • So circles are the new thing in WP? Facebook messenger.. Cortana.. Weave share icons.. I feel a trend.
  • Too bad, in my region, Indonesia, it's not available. the paid one only is used to be there, but currently it's no longer the case.
  • Anyone got it? Denmark not yet!
  • Just got the update here in the US
  • I still miss some important features in Weave. That's why I created Feed Viewer.
  • I like the new Big Images layout. I had been using Cards layout, but Big Images is better for me, since I find the dark background easier on my eyes, especially since I use my mobile more at night than during the day.
  • How do I get to the next page when it has more than one page on most of what I read?