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ESPN postpones Apex Legends broadcast due to U.S. shootings

Apex Legends characters
Apex Legends characters (Image credit: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

ESPN is a big name in the esports world, bridging the gap between old and new media (TV and online) by broadcasting esports events and covering the industry as a whole on its website. Unfortunately, for those expecting to see some intense action this weekend, the broadcaster announced its Apex Legends programming would be delayed "out of respect for all the victims and all those impacted by the recent shootings" in the U.S.

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While some could put forward the notion that broadcasting a tournament that sees players compete against one another may not be tasteful viewing in light of recent events, one has to argue that video games simply aren't the cause of violence, which is why this move by ESPN has been met by criticism from the gaming community.

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Interestingly, coverage can still be found elsewhere on the ESPN network. This affects TV alone. The majority of large esports tournaments are based around shooter games, be it Fortnite, Apex Legends, CS:GO, or even Call of Duty.

Kellogg's to sponsor amateur and semi-pro tournaments


Baptiste (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

The same Kellogg's that produces your favorite cereal is now an esports sponsor, teaming up with N3rd Street Gamers for an Overwatch Esports tournament. As reported by Yahoo!, the Cheez-It Grooves snacks will be advertised through the esports tournament.

The NSG network manages amateur and semi-professional events and this series, in particular, will sport a grand prize of $15,000. The partnership will also cover National Championship Series Academy Tier events in markets including Dallas, Kansas City, Nashville, Spokane, and Colorado Springs in the U.S. with the aim to bridge the chasm between amateur and pro circuits.

Upcoming live events

  • The International 2019 - August 20 - 25, watch on Twitch.
  • Age of Empires II ECL - August 30 - September 1, watch on Twitch.

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  • Funny how video games are now being highlighted as an influencing factor for the recent shootings in Ohio and El Paso. They will be the scapegoat for mental illness not being flagged when backgound checks being ran or lack of background checks being ran at gun shows. I admit there's violence in games, but they're not what sparked the El Paso shootings and now big businesses who probably back the NRA are projecting games at the public as basically the root cause.... Wow!
  • These games are available in the UK, but we don't have mass shootings here
  • No but you have mass knifings and people being run down by motor vehicles.
  • i love this argument cus it automatically showcases how stupid someone is, not even vaguely comparable numbers there kiddo
  • Guns don't make violence. They are merely tools. There are 300 millions guns owned in the US. Not every day is there a mass shooting
  • Then control the people not the gun... I'm sorry but I love guns... But the NRA should be forced by law to shoot one of their healthy member every time there is a freak with a gun that goes through.... I don't care if you own a gun or two hundred thousands... I care if you are stupid, can't handle a gun basically a danger to yourself or other... So from that standpoint if you want a gun a dangerous tool in the inappropriate hands you should be controlled scrutenized and evaluated yearly.... You like gun fine accept to be checked and I'll be fine... But don't come to me with the fact that gun don't kill people do and you are also against controlling people that potentially kill with gun that don't kill without them.... It's one or the other but he'll no guns and people without control is not safe... But to be faire guns do kill are dangerous and are in direct correlation with the volume of gun accident or violent act in a population... You can try to flip it how ever you want... Less guns=less dead by gun wounds... Fact...
  • It doesn't matter how you feel about guns. Owning a gun in the US is a right granted by the Constitution. Period. You have to change the US Constitution to take the guns away and that requires ratifying the Constitution - a very difficult task. Won't happen.
  • The Constitution doesn't prevent certain gun types from being banned, you just can't ban all guns. The '94 assault weapons ban would have been overturned otherwise. The Supreme Court won't even hear those cases. That ban should be put back in place with universal background checks on all transactions.
  • I've not even heard anyone in the US call for a blanket ban either.
    People talk like every kind of firearm is legal to own right now.
    Guess the people who are affected by games, aren't the people doing the shooting, but the NRA and politicians who believe in the zombie apocalypse so think need semi automatics to protect themselves.
  • Right. There are calls to re-instate the assault weapons ban though. Even Biden just published an op-ed calling for it.
  • Hard to know if people are just trolling or believe this type of equivalence.
    You could possibly argue a 'hand gun' has a use of a personal safety equipment.
    Cars and knives, can all be used to kill people but have legitimate primary uses that have nothing to do with killing. Not even including fact that not all knives are legal, or even allowed to walk around with them.
  • I'm just going to leave this here:
  • Why not protest TV's and the violent shows/movies. What about the violence in sports ESPN? Stop blaming video games.
  • Don't worry it will never work... Gamers in the world are more powerful than gun lovers in the US and in far bigger numbers... I' m not worried for the industry.... Let's put it this way there is more chance for the NRA to vote for gun control than for a few senator and politics in the US to hinder even a bit the global video game industry...