This Week in Xbox - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 prepare for war

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Welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Xbox One News.

Call of Duty and Battlefield go to war!

Infinite Warfare vs. Battlefield 1

FPS titans Call of Duty and Battlefield have broken cover, revealing the latest games for their flagship franchises. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will take the record-breaking series into space, to a future where robots and orbital warfare are commonplace. The Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare will come bundled with a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the game that pushed the series' into mega-stardom. Battlefield 1 has moved in the opposite direction, taking their epic open-world combat to World War 1 – a rare setting for an AAA shooter.

Here are their respective trailers.

While Call of Duty is known for breaking records, this latest accolade is a little less desirable than Activision is perhaps used to. Infinite Warfare's trailer is already one of the most viewed YouTube reveals of recent memory, but it is also among the most disliked non-music videos on YouTube, with well over 600,000 dislikes, to around 200,000 likes (as of writing).

Battlefield 1, on the other hand, seems to have capitalized on shifting attitudes towards World War shooters. At one point, it felt like there was a thorough saturation of games based on World War 2, but after a sizeable ceasefire, it seems as though gamers are ready to welcome historical shooters back into the fold. Kickstarted Xbox One shooter Battalion 1944 recently achieved a significant amount of buzz and crowdsourced funds, and rumors of Battlefield and even Call of Duty returning to the early 1900s have been circulating for a long time.

While Battlefield's tactical, open-world gameplay is barely comparable to Call of Duty's run n' gun arena shooting, many gamers will be choosing between the two when they launch this fall – can Battlefield 1 finally end Call of Duty's holiday shooter dominance? Time will tell.

As a side note, don't forget to sign up to become a Battlefield Insider to gain early access to Battlefield 1's beta test.

Battlefield 1 will launch on October 26th, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will launch on November 4th.

Where does your allegiance lie? Do you play on both sides or neither? Let us know in the comments!

Uncharted 4 and Quantum Break developers hug it out on Twitter

Quantum Break

Console wars be damned! Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann on the PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4 made a classy move on Twitter, sending Remedy Entertainment's Sam Lake a signed copy of the game. Druckmann called Sam Lake's games (Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break) a big inspiration, noting that he was a long time fan. Sam Lake responded in kind, calling Uncharted 4 a work of art.

The comments echoed similar recent exchanges between Xbox head Phil Spencer and PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida.

Naughty Dog and Remedy Entertainment are often compared for their opposing platform exclusivity and their tendency towards highly cinematic, narrative-driven third person shooters. In an internet rife with angry console war commentary, it's nice to see sportsmanlike respect between the big players.

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ICYMI - Some of Windows Central's biggest Xbox articles of the week

New Xbox One game releases for the week ending May 7th, 2016

The Escapists: The Walking Dead - Strategy & Simulation - Team17 Digital Ltd

"Merging the award-winning, smash-hit, indie game The Escapists with the worldwide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead, comes The Escapists: The Walking Dead."

Shadow Complex Remastered - Shooter - ChAIR Entertainment

"ChAIR's fresh twist on classic side-scrolling design with modern, cutting-edge gameplay is amplified in Shadow Complex Remastered, featuring all of the content from the award-winning original game, updated with graphical enhancements, all-new dynamic melee take-downs, and additional Achievements and Master Challenges."

Battleborn - Shooter - Gearbox Software

"A tremendous band of badass heroes fight to protect the universe's very last star from a mysterious evil in this next-gen shooter by the creators of Borderlands."

The Park - Action & Adventure - Funcom

"Set in a creepy amusement park hiding a dark and sinister secret, The Park is a one to two hour long first-person psychological horror experience focusing on intense storytelling and exploration instead of combat and action."


"Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT is the FPS in which time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It's just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing the weapons of fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets."

And that's a wrap!

This week I've been playing SUPERHOT. It is one of the most innovative shooters I've played in years. I've also been playing Battleborn ahead of our comprehensive review, and copious amounts of Overwatch beta – which I just can't seem to get enough of.

For those who listen, we had a major technical problem with the OneCast podcast this week, leading to us losing an episode. We'll be back next week though to discuss Battlefield 1 and much more. As always, submit your #AskOneCast topic suggestions to for a chance to win a game of your choice at the end of every month.

What have you lovely people been playing this week? Let us know in the comments for a chance to win a pre-order for DOOM on Xbox One or PC!

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