Weekend entertainment with Xbox: Interpol, Edge of Tomorrow, Sons of Anarchy and more!

There's so much good stuff on Xbox Music and Xbox Video. How do you keep up with what's new and worth checking out? You don't have to; we'll do that for you. Every Friday we'll grab the hottest albums and singles on Xbox Music. We'll also let you know what movies and television shows are out to watch on Xbox Video. It's the weekend, and we'll help entertain you.

Xbox Music

Interpol – El Pintor

El pintor

American rock band Interpol released their fifth studio album this week. El Pintor is the first album from Interpol since bassist Carlos Dengler left in 2010. Critical reception is positive so far with most liking the first track All the Rage Back Home. [Indie rock, post-punk]

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Death from Above 1979 – The Physical World

Death from Above

Canadian band Death from Above 1979 dropped their second LP this week. It's worth a listen if you like punk rock. Check out the single Trainwreck 1979 to get a small taste for what's in store if you listen to the whole album. [Punk rock]

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Jhené Aiko – Souled Out

Souled out

Jhené Aiko is an up and coming R&B artist. Souled Out is her debut studio album after releasing a critically acclaimed mixtape a few years ago. Critics and listeners are really liking this album (so am I to be honest). Check out the singles To Love & Die and The Pressure to get a quick taste for the album. [Alternative R&B]

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy was probably the best movie of the summer. No spoilers here, but you'll find Xbox Music has posted a hypothetical Awesome Mix Vol. 2 as a playlist for you to check out. Look forward to great songs from artists like Electric Light Orchestra, Chicago, and War.

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Xbox Video

Edge of Tomorrow

My favorite sci-fi film of the year? Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt (marry me please?). I'm not alone either, the film is rocking a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is now available to buy on Xbox Video. Rather wait to rent than buy? You'll have to wait until October 7 to rent it. But Xbox Video has a 10 minute free preview. Check it out and grab the movie if you're interested. [PG-13, 1 hr 53 min]

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Sons of Anarchy - Final Season

The seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy just started this week. Xbox Video now has the season pass up. Buy it to get the episode already available, plus get the remaining episodes once they air. [Unrated, 8 episodes]

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Captain America: The Winter Solider

Captain America fans are going to want to catch the latest installment this weekend. You can finally rent the Winter Solider on Xbox Video. This film has Captain America struggling to find his fit in the modern world. It's a solid superhero flick and currently holds an 89 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. [PG-13, 2hr. 16min.]

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What are you watching or listening to this weekend? Share your recommendations with everyone else below!

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Sam Sabri
  • Edge of Tomorrow? Don't you mean "Live. Die. Repeat."? ;) That's what it seems to be called now... Looks good, but I'll wait for the rental, as I don't buy movies.
  • Loved that movie Edge of Tomorrow.  It was a mix of Groundhog Day, Matrix, and Inception for me.  :)
  • Edge of Tomorrow. One.Epic.Movie.
  • Definitely.
  • I have to watch that movie.
    I'm still listening to Young Jeezy's album.
    Btw, you gotta check out Holy Ghost remix with Kendrick Lamar.
  • For rock music lovers..listen to "no sound without silence" album by the script.. Awesome
  • Looks like zen studios released a few more 360 tables for import.
    Earth defense, Excalibur, marvel blade, iron man, spider-man, wolverine
  • El Pintor is really good, I'm loving it
  • Interpol, DFA1979, Sons of Anarchy. Great selection!
  • Microsoft needs to have regular 99¢ rentals on Xbox Video, like a Red Stripe Deals of the week or Deals with Gold. Rentals are just way too overpriced.
  • Wish Microsoft would let you rent a movie, and whatever you pay for rental, can go towards buying the movie if you decide to do so after seeing it.
  • This.
  • Rentals and purchases are overpriced. There needs to be a fantastic Gold discount for members, they need to make digital entertainment worthwhile. Google, iTunes and every other digital seller out here in UK is beating them handily on price, that's why I refuse to buy our rent just yet.
  • Yep, when I can walk 100 meters up the road and rent two new releases for 7 bucks, I'm going to do that instead of watching low quality downloads which, with my Internet, pause to buffer occasionally anyway. I'm definitely not going to buy from there, I can get new releases on bluray for 20 bucks. They need to get the entertainment sector in line with deals for gold. It doesn't have to be ludicrously cheap but they have to provide some better incentive.
  • Say what you want about Tom Cruise, the guy can pick scripts/movies. His bad movies are better than 90% of the ones out there. Edge of Tomorrow... Another good showing by him.
  • Nice Samuel
  • So, anyone on here heard of Steven Wilson? Heard there's a new one dropping in the spring. This may be unrelated to current albums right now, but I would strongly encourage anyone into progressive / metal / acid jazz / singer songwriter / classic rock to check out their last album, "The Raven That Refused to Sing".
  • I'll be listening to the new album by The Kooks. It just came out this week, though I didn't know about it till the Album Releases app notified me today.
  • I just wish Xbox Music store would let you browser by Recently Released like you used to be able to... I miss so much new music now...
  • I really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow. As soon as I read that the Xbox One was getting an update for 3d Blu-ray, I pre-ordered the 3d Blu-ray / Blu-ray / DVD / digital copy
  • Love Interpol since Turn on the bright lights.
  • Soooo good!
  • I love that you guys do this. It's one of my favorite WPcentral articles every week. A great way to discover new content.
  • I love that you love it! Thank you!
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier does the amazing, political commentary hidden in a good superhero action flick.
  • People keep saying rentals are overprice but if the movie just came out your not going to find it any cheaper on cable in the store or anywhere. For instance edge of tomorrow is for sale right now for $19.99 and you can't rent it. Wait about a week or two and you will be able to rent it for $4.99. I just have a problem with finding awesome anime like vampire hunter D one and two, ninja scrolls, Akira, fist of the North star etc . I will search but all I get are a few corny titles with the exception of ghost in a shell.
  • Someone should make an anime video game for Xbox thats fantasy/role-playing or the game runs the same story line as the movie. Like for instance vampire hunter D has many boss fights and at the same time he has several supernatural powers. It has to be done right. Same with fist of the north store.
  • First two albums wont stream in UK. 'Cant fetch rights' message appears following link from app.
  • Interpol's new album is decent. It's not as good as Turn On the Bright Lights, but it's certainly still good. DFA 1979's album is decent as well, but doesn't really hold a candle to their older stuff. The dynamic range is terrible on both albums, especially DFA's. Look up the loudness war if you don't know what I'm talking about. The low dynamic range makes them a lot less enjoyable to listen to, especially with the volume up.
  • I'm routinely spending more time trying to create my music library than actually playing music with Xbox music. Lately it had been ridiculous with wrong album art, and wrong names for albums...sigh at least Xbox video is keeping me entertained.
  • GODZILLA!!!!
  • I just wish the Xbox One would let us download the movies. I can download on my phone from Xbox video, but the One makes me stream, really?
  • So, one really annoying thing about that 10-minute preview is that it then permanently shows up in your Xbox Video movie collection. They really need to make it so that one can delete things from showing up in the collection.