It's hard to believe that September is already half over, and it's already time for another Software Wrangle. See what's new, what's been updated, and what's available for free for your Windows Mobile device. Let's get started!

This week, WM Standard new software is Sunnysoft Calling Card and StyleTap Platform for Smartphone. Updated software includes MemoryUp Professional - Mobile RAM Booster and TerraTrack Recorder. The free app this week is mDiamondz.

WM Professional new software are AudioBay Podcast Player and SMS Reports Eraser. Updated software includes phoneAlarm and VsNotepad 2. Freeware is Stopwatch v1.0.1.

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is Sunnysoft Calling Card - Smartphone v1.1 from Sunnysoft. Do you travel much internationally? If so, you may look into using calling cards for your cell service if you aren't doing so already.

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This application handles the whole process of using prepaid calling cards to make cheaper calls for you. All that without having to type in a single number.Just choose the destination number you want to call directly from your Contacts list.

Features: - Quick management of calls with ANY type of prepaid calling card. - Create profile for your prepaid calling card (define name, PIN number, your provider etc) and define call sequence (describe step by step how the call will be made). - Enables creating as many profiles and sequences for as many calling cards as you wish. - Supports any service provider or operator. - Automatically detects your location (where you are currently) to choose type of call you need to make (International or Local etc.). - and more.

Get Sunnysoft Calling Card for $18.00 here.

The next new WM Standard app is StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile Smartphone v1.1 by StyleTap, Inc. Did you migrate from a Palm OS device into the Windows Mobile world? Do you miss some of your favorite Palm apps?

StyleTap Platform is a Windows Mobile application that creates a virtual runtime environment that enables you to run most applications for the Palm OS