Welcome to Software Wrangle 20! There are several new, updated and a couple free apps to feature today.

This week, WM Standard new software is ExpenseIt and Farkle. Updated software includes Extreme Agenda - Your Organizer and mDesktop. The free app this week is FetchIt!.

WM Professional new software are Vehicle Master and MASPware GuardMobile. Updated software includes BlackJack Deluxe and Pocket Mechanic Professional. Freeware is Tiny Twitter v1.8.4.

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is ExpenseIt by Cohosoft. If you are a business traveler and need to keep track of your expenses for reimbursement, then this may be a must-have app for your WM Smartphone.

Information such as a description, category, amount, city, payment method, attendees, notes, etc. can be entered for each expense item. A trip summary screen will display all trips in the main database with a total balance and user-defined status.

ExpenseIt also has the ability to export selected trips in HTML report format for viewing or printing from a standard web browser. In addition, CSV files can be created for importing into an MS-Excel spreadsheet.

Get ExpenseIt for $16.95 here.

The next new WM Standard app is Farkle by Escape Gameworks. Want a fast-paced game of chance that's fun to play when you have a few extra minutes, like standing in the DMV line?

Escape Gameworks is excited to bring you our first game for the Windows Mobile platform. Based on the popular dice game of the same name, Farkle consists of six dice rolled and held in combinations of three or more to score points. Rolls with no scoring dice are "farkles" and cause you to lose your points and your turn. The first player to reach the goal score of 5000 or 10,000 points wins!

Get Farkle for $9.95 here.

WM Standard: Updated

Extreme Agenda - Your Organizer v3.41 by Birdsoft is our first updated software for WM Standard this week. How 'bout pumping up your Windows Mobile PIM on some serious steroids?

Extreme Agenda features Powerful Agenda Views, Photo Contacts, Todos, Search, and even Notes and a Secure Wallet in one easy to use package!! And with complete customization and great high-end features found only on other platforms you can't go wrong.

And now we have taken Extreme to the Extreme in new Version 3.0 with a Project view, Innovative Spinner Selection screen, timeline week view, and so much more.

Get Extreme Agenda v3.41 for $24.95here.

mDesktop v2.0.2 by MotionApps is the next updated app this week. Enjoy the convenience of having your Smartphone on your desktop and controlling it fully with your PC.

Integrate your smartphone with your PC via mDesktop and make calls, send SMS messages and use your smartphone's data and applications from your PC's big screen and keyboard in a comfortable, practical, fun and user friendly way.

If your smartphone is your favorable medium of communication, mDesktop will clear the channel and make your work easier and more comfortable.

Get mDesktop v2.0.2 for $19.99 here.

WM Standard: Freeware

The free app for WM Standard this week is FetchIt! at www.smartphone-freeware.com.

The fast and easy way to get news, sports, entertainment, blogs and podcast on your Smartphone.

Features: - Any RSS, ATOM or Podcast feed will work. - Speed Reader. - AideRSS PostRank News Filtering. - The Latest Worldwide Weather. - and much more.

You can get FetchIt! for Free right here.

WM Professional: New

The first new WM Professional application for this week is Vehicle Master from PPC Utils. With the dollar sinking and gas hovering around the ZOMG! level, it's not a bad idea to use an app like this to help you track your vehicle expenses to better help you budget and manage your money.

Vehicle Master enhances the performance of your vehicle and trips by managing Dealer, Fuel, Repairs & Services, Breakdown, Expenses, Alarm Reminder, Check List, Emergency Kit, Parking Manager, Trip, Preference and attractive icons.

Features: - Increase the performance of vehicle. - Manage 'N' number of vehicles and trips. - Vehicle Master integrated with multiple functionality. - Manage your vehicle picture. - and more.

You can get Vehicle Master for $19.99 here.

Next up is MASPware GuardMobile by MASPware. What if your precious WM device falls into the wrong hands?

MASPware GuardMobile is a security and control system for Windows Mobile devices. Its a silent, hidden program, which (e.g. after a theft) executes commands remotely initiated by the device owner.

Some examples of what you can do with this app: - Initiate an alarm and lock the device - Locate your device (GPS receiver is required) - Hard reset remotely to erase all data! (Use carfully!) - and more.

You can get MASPware GuardMobile for $14.95 here.

WM Professional: Updated

The first updated WM Professional app this week is BlackJack Deluxe v1.01 by Deluxeware. Hone your Blackjack skills on your WM device before you ever set foot inside a casino and lose your hard-earned dough!

Black Jack Deluxe is the first computer Black Jack game to accurately simulate Casino-style play while also offering features that will help you become a more skilled Black Jack player - essential for beating the house in a real-life Casino environment.

Features: - Enhanced digital music and sound effects - 2 types of play : Quick play, Career - Excellent 16 bit graphics - 3 casino for play - Statistics

Pick up BlackJack Deluxe v1.01 for $9.95 here.

Next up is Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.95 by Wizcode LLC.

Frustrated by annoying Pocket PC crashes, freezes and slowdowns? Try Pocket Mechanic Professional