Humble Bundle has countless Paradox classics available for $12

Humble Bundle currently has a Paradox package available, starting from just $1. The first tier unlocks Magicka 2 and a few others, while $7.21 gains you access to some more, including Pillars of Eternity. Finally, $12 adds Stellaris into the mix. That's a bunch of games for just a little over $10. What makes Humble Bundle such a special platform is the fact that most of the proceeds go to charities.

Gamers continue to be shown in a negative light by the media and it's projects like Humble Bundle that prove the community to be more than happy to support good causes. $12 for a bunch of solid games, including Stellaris, is also an excellent deal. The latter title alone has absorbed hundreds of hours of my spare time and continues to draw me in with continued development support from Paradox.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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