Welcome to the new WMExperts!

Welcome to the new WMExperts!  We've worked very hard to keep everything you loved about the old WMExperts here and awesome, including review archives, podcast listings, forums, and more.  What we've done is added a bunch of great features on top of that -- not to mention the new look.  Come on in and see what's new!

Unified Login

First up: a unified login.  Whether you're on the front page or in the forums, you'll login in a single place and your username will work across both the forum discussion and the front page comment system.

We've had something similar to this before, but it was a pretty kludgy hack and the current solution is much more elegant.

New Comment System

Next and most noticably: a new comment system!  Now when you're logged in, you will be able to more easily comment at the bottom of articles.  Comments can now be threaded so you can reply directly to an individual poster instead of to the world at large.

Also new to the comment system -- you can now comment without logging in or creating an account!  Just provide us with a name and a valid email address and you can drop your thoughts right here on our posts, no muss, no fuss.

We've also separated out the comment system from the forum system as well -- which makes the whole thing a bit cleaner on both ends.  We're also listing a whole bunch of recent comments over there on the righthand sidebar so you can see who's talking.

Forums matter too, yo, and so they've gotten the same new look that the entire site has.  We've also slapped a "new to the Forums" section over there so you can see what's hot.

Improved Search

See that search bar in the upper right-hand corner?  It's better.  Without leaving the front page you can select a tab to direct your search where you want it: at our front page articles and reviews, at the forums, at the accessory store, or at the software store.

Search results are also slightly improved and we're going to continue to work to refine them.

More Usable Tags

We have some more clean-up to do on our tagging system, but going forward you can expect to have more consistent and usable tags.  Heck, we even have one of those fancy, dynamic tag clouds over there on the righthand side.

More Social

Yeah, it's a buzzword and we feel bad about that, but the bottom line is that every WMExperts story now has an "email this" link at the top and a "digg" link at the bottom.

Heck, you can now tip us with an easy to use form instead of having to hassle with remembering our email address.

Better Mobile

We've updated the mobile templates for both the front page and the forums.  We've even made the links shorter: https://www.windowscentral.com/ and https://forums.windowscentral.com.  We're especially happy about the new front-page mobile template, which will (finally!) allow you to read and post comments about each article and review.

A New Look

Like it?

Much More to Come

Not to get too nerdy on ya, but the new site look and new site features are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do on this new system.  We have a lot more planned -- features we've been dreaming about since before WMExperts launched back in 'aught six.  Trust us, it won't happen right away, but it's going to happen a lot faster now that we're on the new system.

...So, what do you think? 

Dieter Bohn