WhartonBrooks' Windows 10 Mobile efforts are facing delays due to regulatory issues

WhartonBrooks, the Connecticut-based Windows phone manufacturer is experiencing the not-so-uncommon factory delay.

In response to a question on Twitter the company's @CeruleanMobile account gave the following statement.

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It is unknown at this time what the full scope of the factory delays are or the effect it will have on the company's self-imposed launch timetable. Greg Murphy, WhartonBrooks CEO, is on record with giving a Fall time frame for the release of his first Cerulean Mobile Windows phone.

As a Windows phone fan, Murphy founded WhartonBrooks so that he could bring Windows phones to the market that fans will love. Given the cost and business focus the HP Elite x3 and the recent removal of Lumia's from the market, the launch of Cerulean Windows phones could not be better timed. Conversely, a problem with production probably could not come at a worse time.

WhartonBrooks has yet to prove its mettle to skeptical Windows phone fans. We will update you with further details as this story continues to unfold.

Jason Ward

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