What apps are missing in the Windows Phone Store?

There’s no denying that Windows Phone is the mobile operating system in third place. A distance third, but third nonetheless. It’s still got a lot of work to do in order to catch up to iOS globally before it even can have Android on its radar. The latest numbers from the IDC put Windows Phone at 3.6% marketshare, while Android and iOS are at 81.0% and 12.9% respectively. What about apps? 

Marketshare is just one way to measure success. Another is the number of quality apps in a particular ecosystem. Windows Phone had a slow start, but 2013 was a big year for getting high-quality apps from big-name companies and startups. Like marketshare, there’s still a lot of work to do in order to close the (quality) app gap. What apps do you really want to see make the jump from Android and iOS to Windows Phone?

Last weekend, we informally asked via Twitter what apps you still want on Windows Phone. We won’t get into the specifics today, but we’re going to be doing some cool stuff with Nokia for the top requested apps.

We have a pretty solid list from that Twitter poll, but we want to make it a little more official. In the comments below, list some apps that you really want to see make the jump to Windows Phone. 

Have a great weekend everyone! We'll share more in the coming weeks. 

Sam Sabri