What are Halo Infinite Fracture events?

Halo Infinite
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What are Halo Infinite Fracture events?

Best answer: Fracture events are recurring week-long events that give players opportunities to earn wacky non-canon cosmetics, such as the samurai-themed Yoroi armor set.

What are Fracture events?

While the standard $10 Halo Infinite Battle Pass will refresh at the start of each new in-game season, players can also expect rewards from a recurring event called "The Fracture." The Fracture will go live for one week every month, and while it's active, players will be able to earn special rewards that are weird and wackier than typical Halo cosmetics. This includes the samurai-themed Yoroi armor set that will be available as part of the "Tenrai" Fracture event in Halo Infinite Season One. The developers have stated that Fracture rewards are non-canonical, while regular Battle Pass rewards are still considered part of the Halo universe.

Since seasons are three months long and The Fracture returns for one week each month, players will have three weeks over the course of each season to earn Fracture rewards before new ones come out in the next season. It's unclear how players will earn Fracture rewards yet, but we expect that they'll be tied to Halo Infinite's daily and weekly challenges.

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We also don't know whether or not players will have an opportunity to earn Fracture rewards once the season they were originally available in ends. 343 Industries may want to keep Fractures rewards exclusive to specific seasons to encourage players to play, but the developers may also add a special store that occasionally offers Fractures rewards as well. Ultimately, only time will tell.

Note that unlike Halo Infinite's standard Battle Passes, Fracture events will be free for all players. This means that everyone will be able to earn rewards like the Yoroi armor, regardless of whether or not they own the $10 seasonal Battle Passes.

Note that the first Fractures event, called Tenrai, begins the week of Nov. 23. Now that Halo Infinite's multiplayer has launched early on the Xbox 20th Anniversary, players will be able to earn the Yoroi armor set and other samurai-themed cosmetics during that week.

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