What are Mixer Sparks and how do I use them?

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What are Mixer Sparks and how do I use them?

Best answer: Sparks are a currency of sorts that you can use in Mixer. There are two ways to get them: by streaming or by watching others stream. With Sparks, you can support partnered streamers, create Teams, launch Skills, and more.Premium experience: Mixer Pro ($8/month at Mixer)Start streaming: Elgato HD60 S ($180 at Best Buy)

What are Mixer Sparks?

Mixer Sparks are the basic currency used for interactions on Mixer, Microsoft's streaming platform. You earn Sparks for streaming games or for watching other streamers' channels. The base rate you'll earn Sparks at is 50 per minute for watching or streaming. If you subscribe to Mixer Pro, you'll earn 100 Sparks per minute while watching, and if you subscribe to a particular channel, you'll earn 250 Sparks per minute watching that channel.

How do I use Mixer Sparks?

Sparks can be used on a variety of different things. One of the primary uses is for Skills, which are divided into Stickers, Effects, and Rallies. Stickers are essentially large emojis, Effects are special gifs, and Rallies are special events that the entire chat can take part in. Usually, the more complex the Skill, the more Sparks it'll take to use it.

There are other uses for Sparks, though, as you can also use them to create a Team on Mixer. Teams take 5,000 Sparks to create and are used to have a group of friends that stream together. You can be in a maximum of three Teams. Finally, Sparks can also be used for Spark Patronage, which allows you to support partnered streamers without spending any money.

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