What do you do with a cracked Windows Phone screen?

It is a situation none of us wants to go through. We lose our grip and find our Windows Phone bouncing down the sidewalk or we find ourselves in another nightmare situation that sends our Windows Phone into harm's way. The end result often finds our screen cracked or shattered.

Windows Phone Central forums member coip has started a discussion asking what to do with a cracked screen. His wife dropped her Nokia Lumia 928 and cracked the screen. With 9 months left on the contract, the options they are considering include living with the cracked screen, buy a used Windows Phone to make it to the end of the contract or upgrade early to either the HTC One M8 or Lumia Icon.

The response generally support upgrading with it being close to 50/50 as to which would be the better choice, the HTC or Icon. I may have missed it but there were no recommendations to live with the cracked screen or to replace the screen and continue to use the Lumia 928.

Continuing to use the Lumia 928 with a cracked screen can be a dangerous endeavor even with a screen protector covering the cracked glass (as illustrated in the video below). Personally, I dropped my Lumia 1020 and cracked the screen across the bottom quarter of the screen rendering the phone unusable.

I opted to replace the screen at the local UBreakIFix store. It was cheaper than getting a new Windows Phone at non-contract pricing but the phone never felt the same. Everything works fine but the feel of the phone just felt odd. I ended up picking up the Lumia 925 and probably should have just done that from the start.

But what say you? Is a cracked screen the cue to get a new Windows Phone or something you live with or fix? And while we wish no harm on any of our readers, if you did crack your screen and opted for a new phone what would it be?

Feel free to jump in on the conversation through the Forums link below.

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